What Has John McCain Done for Arizona Lately?

Here is the latest ad released by the JD Hayworth 2010 campaign:

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hayworth Campaign Launches New Ad: McCain on McCain

New Ad Asks, “What Has McCain Done for AZ?” Not Many Voter Answers

PHOENIX, AZ. March 3, 2010. A new video shows Senator McCain saying he is confident that voters will judge him not for what he has done for Arizona during his 28 years in Washington, but bizarrely what he might do for them. That might be a good strategy on the part of Arizona’s senior senator, as the video shows puzzled voters trying to answer the question, “What has Senator McCain done for Arizona?”

The video, called “McCain on McCain,” was released today by the campaign of JD Hayworth, the conservative challenger to the moderate McCain.

The video can be seen by clicking here.

In the video, Sen. McCain is heard saying that he is confident that the people of Arizona will “…judge me on not what I’ve done for them, but what they think I can do for them.” Most politicians who have spent as many years in the U.S. Senate as McCain has would be expected to run on their record – not their potential.

Vulnerable to the more conservative Hayworth on taxes, pro-life issues and illegal immigration, McCain has resorted to attacking Hayworth on spending, despite Hayworth having a better lifetime rating from Citizens Against Government Waste. Hayworth has a 98-percent rating from the American Conservative Union.

McCain also voted for the $850 billion bailout of the big banks which included $150 billion in earmarks, proposed a $300 billion bailout for mortgage lenders and, according to the Heritage Foundation, sponsored an amnesty bill that would have cost taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the long-term.

For more information about J.D. Hayworth or to donate to the campaign, please visit www.JDforSenate.com.


  1. What has Senator McCain done for the people of Arizona? JD Hayworth is sounding more and more like a particular President, currently in office with the “What can be done for me and my own personal gain?” mentality. If you have any reservations on McCains efforts you should visit any site that provides voting records, such as:

  2. kralmajales says

    What has McCain done for Arizona?


    Oh…and I heard JD on the radio today. Not my cup of tea, but he sounded GREAT. I think this is going to be a serious race.

    He is likely to get conservatives, tea partiers, and others….but what I heard was him reaching out to moderate Republicans too…and even independents…if the GOP will let independents vote.

    Just an observation.

  3. Ainsley – you are saying JD sounds like Obama?????? Really????

  4. I too am puzzled by McCain wanting us to conveniently forget, not what he has done for Arizona, but what he has done TO Arizona, and the rest of the country. I am not interested in what he is going potentially going to do TO us this time around. First, he has been in Congress way toooo long, and second he has renounced the solid Conservative principles that are the core of the GOP, just because he wanted to be elected Prez. and now again as Senator.
    I am wholeheartedly supporting JD whom I have know for years and who has never made self-serving compromises.

  5. Hayworthless says

    J.D. has a long way to go before he can truthfully claim he has done anything for Arizona. Now, he has done well for felon lobbyists and special interests alright. Is he counting on them to vote him into office?

    The Democrats are kicking Charlie Rangel to the curb. Ethics matter, especially now. Arizonas should not and will send this former congressmen with a history of ethical investigations to Washington, D.C.

  6. The Mole says

    Every six years he says the same thing. Here are the obvious facts. He hasn’t done anything good for us, he won’t in the future. If he truly wants to do something FOR Arizona for a change, he can retire.

    His own words are an admission he hasn’t done anything for Arizona. Most legislation he is known for was done with Democrats. His most famous legislation screwed republicans and was just found unconstitutional. And we all remember McAmnesty. The whole country came together to stop that one. Too bad he wasn’t up for re-election while that was fresh.

  7. Shall we dredge up mcCain’s Keating Five issues??? Maybe you should discover the difference between deomcrat campaign allegations and the results of the inquiries leading to all charges being dropped, JD was completely exhonerated. Is it ethical to accuse an innocent person??? Character matters sir. We need to bring an end to the era of McCain. The issues are what matter in this race not false accusations.

  8. The proof is in the record. As an unbiased voter, I am leaning towards McCain based only on records. As I previously stated, you can look up all legislation, etc. that he has been involved with, that has not only done good for our state Arizona but also been a huge part in protecting America and its Constitution.

  9. Hayworthless says

    The issues are what matter, I agree. Let’s take foreign policy as an example.

    John McCain is an expert in foreign affairs – from Afganistan to Zimbabwe. He has been front and center at every major international security issue and is a respected leader abroad.

    Can you imagine Foghorn Leghorn speaking with a British Prime Minister or Iraqi President? They could talk about sports, I guess.

    The world is too dangerous right now to not have McCain’s years of experience back in D.C.

  10. Sonoran Alliance paid for by JD Hayworth 2010….

  11. Ainsley 8 and Hayworthless 9, you reflect exactly my sentiments. The world is much too dangerous to let a town crier take on the responsibilities of a U.S. Senator.
    Compare the endorsements that McCain got with those the sportscaster got. Chris Simcox, my Lord give me a break. That guy’s endorsement comes in second only to Jack Abramoff.

  12. Stephen Kohut says


    McCain would not knwo the constitution if you handed hima copy. I think I’ll do that the next time the old boy comes out of hiding and decides to come out and play with us GOP PC’s. You can only stay behind the skirts of your paid endorsers and wheelchairs of retirees for so long.

  13. Arizona Ranger says

    It sounds like old McCain would rather we forget exactly what he has done “for the people of Arizona” and try to imagine what he COULD do for us! We should NOT forget what he has done!
    And that is exactly why we need to get rid of someone who is NOT proud of his life-long government job in Congress. This space is too small to list the huge number of liberal-progressive laws he has supported or originated. We did not elect a person to represent us that way.
    Now, more than ever, we really do need a man of proven character and one who shares the idea that EVERYTHING done by Congress should be based on the Constitution. Our representatives have completely forgotten this concept and now is the time to re-introduce it.
    We need JD Haywort as our next Senator. Lets all get behind him this election and allow McCain to enjoy a royal retirement (at our expense)!

  14. The Nobel Prize Committee awarded Obama solely based on his “potential.”
    How well did THAT positioning go over with the public?

  15. VSB Says:
    March 3rd, 2010 at 8:44 pm
    Sonoran Alliance paid for by JD Hayworth 2010….

    Not very effective at keeping off opposing views is it? Like allowing pro-McCain articles and press releases?

    It’s called “free speech.”

  16. The McCain supporters (paid and unpaid) are more than welcome to post their articles here on Sonoran Alliance. Once they’re posted, they can defend them and allow them to be judged on their own merits.

  17. I loved the answer from the man in the blue sweater.

    Very well done ad J.D.!!!

  18. How has “The John” been a benefit to AZ?

    Lets look at the record
    1. McCain/Feingold: directly aimed at social
    conservative election fundraising, luckily
    gutted by SCOTUS a couple of weeks ago!
    2. McCain/Kennedy: a re-enactment of the
    Simpson/Mazzoli disaster granting wide
    scale amnesty to illegals. This was designed
    to ingratiate himself with the liberal
    M.S.M and the CofC before his national
    campaign run. It also would have been the
    greatest voter registration Democrats would
    have enjoyed since Simpson-Mazzoli enabled
    them to take California. Fortunately
    “The John’s” bill was killed by his fellow
    Senate Republicans
    3. Cap N Trade another “green” disaster
    waiting to happen. Our boy, seeking
    re-election has pulled in his horns, but
    his spear carriers, Joe Lieberman and
    Lindsey Graham are trying to revive it.
    4. Creation of the “Gang of Fourteen”
    Altough he voted for Roberts and Alito,
    McCain fought the nominations furiously
    behind the scenes. A “no” voted would have
    torpedoed his upcoming second Presidential
    run, so he did the next best thing to mollify
    his liberal friends i.e. put together a
    coalition of Liberal Dems and RINOs to side-
    track any future conservative federal
    judicial appointments.

    And despite his “character counts” campaign slogan, there are all too many who remember
    who was a leading member of “The Keating Five”

    “The John” also takes defeats badly. Shortly
    after coming up short in his 2000 Presidential
    bid, he almost switched parties and in 2004 sounded out John Kerry for a place on the Dem ticket.

    So let’s give him a big send off in August so that he can return to his ideological roots and get a position in the Obama cabinet!

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy!

  19. Carlist,
    Please be reasonable. McCain Feingold was to put a ceiling on how much money Unions and Corporation cut throw into the campaigns of political Candidates.
    It was hailed as a conservative measure when it was enacted.
    You and everyone else could donate as much as $4600.00 to your favorite candidate.
    Most of you did never reached that threshold.
    I never felt it inhibiting my first amendment rights, and only once did I exceed that threshold but legally when the Democrats donated excessive funds to derail Jon Kyl and the Millionaire exemption took effect.
    The problem with the McCain Feingold measure surfaced when the Wisconsin Right To Life Incorporation tried to skirt the law.
    No further comment from my side!

    It is water under the bridge now, the unions took it to court, they won, I hope you can live with it. Case Closed. Enjoy the victory! I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoy McCain not being in the White House, meaning you enjoy B.O.B. in the White House.
    O.K. Next.
    Immigration, well, it is a disaster, how many illegals do we have? Does anyone really know? Are they part of the U.S Economy? Do they participate in the U.S. Economy? meaning paying taxes (also known as paying their share of what it takes to run this country?)
    NO! you don’t know, I don’t know, no one knows.
    McCain / Kennedy was to put order into this Chaos.
    This Chaos, that started under President Johnson in the 60’s needs rectified.
    I know that, because I am an economist, I am also an independent Investor, and I am not taking my cues from local County or whacked out conservative Xenophobes.
    But to my dismay, the xenophobes won and all they achieved is status quo. How stupid!

    Cap and Trade, the green thing. Global warming might well be a real thing. Is it caused by men?
    No one knows for certain.
    Are we sending excessive CO2 into the atmosphere? Yes we do. Is it harmful? We don’t know.
    Should we study and pay attention? Yes we should. Ignorance is not always bliss, you hear?

    The Gang of 14? Give me a break. Those of us who have done negotiations, like Donald Trump to just mention one by name know that the art to make a deal is negotiation, reject that and gridlock will rule the day.
    Carlist, if you have a better answer, one that has real potential to succeed, let us know.
    If you do not, please refrain from pissing on McCain’s boots because you know too little, much too little about what it is all about.You are regurgitating the stuff that Haney gave you to swallow, and that is exactly what causes it,you hear?

  20. Philo Publius says

    So we have some chick asking people what McCain has done for Arizona. Four people couldn’t say anything which clearly means McCain has done nothing in the Senate…ever. United States Senators are not supposed to bring home the bacon (unless you ask Harry Reid). McCain has been one of the biggest opponents of pork spending, so he probably hasn’t done much the way of pet projects. What he has done for Arizona is help keep our debt from growing at an even higher rate.

  21. Cap and Tax is pork for the U.N. Comprehensive Amnesty is pork for the DNC and LaRaza. Keating was pork for McCain. McCain’s opposition to pork spending has to do with citizens trying to bring home the bacon.

  22. Horst Kraus Says:
    March 4th, 2010 at 12:36 am
    McCain Feingold was to put a ceiling on how much money Unions and Corporation cut throw into the campaigns of political Candidates.
    It was hailed as a conservative measure when it was enacted

    On what planet?

  23. McCain has done SO much for our state, I’d say it’s unpatriotic and un-American of JD to suggest that he hasn’t done anything. He’s fought hard for fiscal responsibility and has been a major player in ensuring that the Health Care bill didn’t pass. JD needs to stop manipulating media clips and just give up already. You can’t fool me, JD!

  24. The Mole says

    Finn – of course you would say that, it distracts from the truth. McCain has done nothing for Arizona, but it isn’t JD saying it. The republican grassroots are and they vote.

    The Democrats love McCain for what he has done to Arizona. McCain doesn’t even want to run on his own record. Just more promises for the future. Same every six years.

  25. Yes…JD can talk on the radio…SO CAN OBAMA!!!! Talking on radio means absolutley nothing. Judge JD by his past and not how his voice sounds on radio! I am a republican, a very, very conservative republican- there is NO way on earth I would vote for JD and the more I visit sites like this one, the more I know why! Share your wealth rather then judge on ignorance-

  26. Melissa:

    You might be a “very conservative” Republican but you’re also a very, very naive one!

    J.D. had a 12 yr. American Conservative Voting Record of 98%, while McCain as a career total of 80%

    Furthermore any major pieces of legislation personally submitted by McCain were done so to bolster his status with the Liberal Media.

    1. McCain-Feingold
    2. McCain-Kennedy

    And since when has it been the mark of a “conservative” to support evasion of immigration laws, “cap n’trade” carbon taxation and embryonic stem cell research?

  27. Horst:

    Who are you trying to kid?

    McCain-Feingold was directed at the Evangelical Right because “The John” couldn’t get its endorsements. Ross Feingold would be the LAST individual to sponsor ANY legislation hostile to Unions or government entities!

    As to your side stepping the immigration problem, let me agree that if no one knows about its depth, John McCain and his CofC backers have devoted both time and money to make sure it flies under the radar!

    I DO know that illegals make up about 35% of incarcerated criminals in this state alone, and the amounts spent on illegal education and health service constitute a rather large segment of public monies. (Funds whose cost is borne on taxpayer’s backs, courtesy of your businees pals)

    Global Warming is to science what Bernie Madoff is to finance! Nuff Said!

    As to McCain-Feingold, there wasn’t any gridlock because “The John” got flack from the party leadership and needed support to run for President so as I stated before, he voted for Roberts and Scalia when the rubber hit the road, and later quietly disbanded the “Gang”

    But he formed it and worked against conservative nominations to please his real master, the Liberal Media.

    As pissing on boots, I’d rather do that than what you and the gofer Travis are attempting:
    i.e. pissing in the faces of your readers and trying to convince them its rain!

    Chuck the camp and return to your natural habitat….a used car lot!

    And take Travis with you as he’s a “dead ringer”
    for ‘Joe Izuzu’

  28. Name one thing JD has done for Arizona…if you were to ask that to people coming out of office buildings or a mall…catching them off guard..people are focusing on getting to their car. Only a select few would even know who JD is. John McCain on the other hand represented over 59 million votes in a national election and endorsed by the National GOP only two years ago. This ad is a bit elementary.

  29. Did Juan’s bumbling go unnoticed during the financial meltdown in September of 08? What an idiot.

    Did Juan’s amnesty legislation go unnoticed?

    Juan becomes anything that he thinks will benefit him; ie: changing his religious affiliation to Baptist while campaigning in the South.

    Has flipped flopped on issues such as the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

    Has made it perfectly clear that he will not cooperate with the current administration when he campaigned on his bipartenship record. However, he has voted 92% with his party on issues.

    Don’t forget his involvement with the Keating Five.

    Don’t forget his Navy career was because of his Dad – graduating at the bottom of his class. Seems he liked to drink and womanize.

    Juan has spent his life living off the American taxpayer and his wife’s clout.

    Last, but not least, he’s the main reason I have left the Republican Party.

    Arizona has given Juan more than he ever brought to this state.

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