What “Death Panels?”

Here’s what we can expect if Democratically-controlled Washington, DC passes the Obama health care plan:

And to you liberals that say, “It’s not in the bill,” why then did the Democrats vote AGAINST putting such protections in place during the committee vote?

It’s the underlying “quality of life” culture that has replaced a “sanctity of life” culture.

This plan has the stink of death all over it!


  1. Shocking that a bureaucrat somewhere makes a life or death decision irrespective of a person’s desire to live:


    Oh, wait, that was a business decision.

  2. What a ridiculous redneck moment. says

    So yet another talking point of idiocy- like insurance companies don’t essentially pull the plug on folks everyday!!

    Once again, you guys are still missing the biggest story of the day!!!

    What do I have to do- read the repulsive with my morning coffee to find out what is going on?

    Um, budget?

    And to the moron talking about liberal running amok, wtf is wrong with the conservatives that run our dingbat legislature?

    Uh, the CONSTITUTION that they took an oath to mandates a balanced budget- and EVERY SINGLE BUDGET SO FAR HAS NOT BEEN BALANCED!!!

    If you can’t cut, then you fund. If the voters told you not to cut THROUGH THE BALLOT BOX PROPOSITIONS, THEN RAISE THE TAXES AND TELL THE VOTERS ITS THEIR FAULT.


  3. Veritas Vincit says

    Massachusetts has those bureaucrats those bottom line bureaucrats who only care about the dollars and cents of a human life.

    Nice to see Klute is a “business decision”

  4. kralmajales says

    Massachussetts reminds me of, hmmm, OH YEAH…its GOVT PROVIDED HEALTHCARE…and who put that into effect….OH…YEAH…

    MITT ROMNEY!!!!!

  5. kralmajales says

    Keep those lies…utter lies…about death panels coming. Your lies…utter lies…are starting to attract attention and not the attention you all like. The only people left to believe it are total nutcases who bring guns to political events.

  6. VV,

    “Nice to see Klute is a ‘business decision'”

    Are you just mashing the keyboard now with your fist to make sentences?

  7. kralmajales: You’re constant leftwing wacky comments have become a bore. If Oregon doesn’t have death panels, what else could you call it? And Mitt Romney had to deal with a wacky leftist legislature in Mass. Agreed, that it was still the wrong thing to do.

  8. Antifederalist says

    Untersturmfuhrer Klute,
    I’ll leave health care decisions to corporate types WAY before I’ll let jack-booted Nazi government thugs make my health care decisions for me. Government types couldn’t decide their way out of wet toilet paper wrappings. EVERYTHING they touch turns to crap.

    Heaven forbid anyone remind the rest of the lemmings that we have 2nd Amendment rights. You leftists just LOVE to ignore the portions of the Constitution you feel are inconvenient.

    I’m HIGHLY skeptical that the legislature has yet reached the point where NOTHING more can be cut. There’s PLENTY of special interest groups out there protecting their sacred cows. I’d sooner tell them to hit the highway and kill their cows than raise taxes or borrow.

    As for Mitt Romney, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: NO Republican who is elected in as blue a state as Mass. is a conservative. Romney is a moderate AT BEST. Same goes for Ehrlich, Steele and anyone else that fits the bill. Quit equating those moderate retards with the rest of the Republican party. Conservatives don’t like moderates any more than you Democrats revile moderate Republicans (review leftist criticism of Ehrlich, Romney, Bush, and Nixon as a primer).

  9. Antifederalist says

    One more thing: the idea that government can reduce costs just makes me ROTFLMAO. The government IMPOSES costs, it doesn’t reduce them. You leftists believe the government can wave a magic wand and everything will be cheaper. That’s not how it works. Businesses expect a certain amount of profit. If they don’t get it, they either find other ways to meet their profit expectations, or business becomes not worth it anymore and they close their doors.

    Wanna cut costs? Get government OUT of the medical business and behead 100% of the leftist ambulance-chasing trial lawyers who drive doctors’ malpractice insurance premiums so high that docs have to pass their costs on to consumers. Oh, but NOOOOOOO!!! Leftists can’t do THAT!!! Trial lawyers are their buddies!!! That’s a *cough*independently wealthy*cough* special interest group that must be protected at all costs!!!!!

  10. Corporate Buttboy AF,

    “I’ll leave health care decisions to corporate types WAY before I’ll let jack-booted Nazi government thugs make my health care decisions for me.”

    If you didn’t saying this red-faced in rage, shaking someone by the collar, your spittle flecking their glasses, while strapped to dynamite, I’ll be disappointed.

    Yes, we all get it, you’re very against the government. I’m sure the neighbors of your trailer get the point too.

  11. Antifederalist says

    Nice give away, Klute. Know how I know I beat you? You had to resort to ad hominem attacks. A nice “whatever” might have been as effective a response, don’t you think? Come back and face me when you have a REAL, LOGICAL retort. I’m sure I’ll be in the grave before I hear from you again on the issue.

    …oh, and be disappointed.

  12. Corporate Buttboy AF,

    You misunderstand. I ignored you’re referring to me as a Nazi before (because, galumph, ain’t that funny telling the son of a Holocaust surivivor he’s a Nazi)… but after a lovely experience I had on stage at NPS, this year, I’ve decided to simply say “**** you” to your posts.

    It’s short, to the point, and from the heart.

    You’re a cartoon, nothing more. Veritas, Gayle, hell, Chewie Shofir has more salient things for me to disagree with. You? To quote Harry Lime, you’re just a bit of fun.

  13. kralmajales says

    My god…a Harry Lime quote…I am enraptured!

  14. John McCain support energy rationing panels through his support of cap and trade.

  15. “One more thing: the idea that government can reduce costs just makes me ROTFLMAO.”

    Then why do countries in which governments play a much larger role in health care then in the US also have much lower costs?

  16. What a ridiculous redneck moment. says

    Antifederalist- if you don’t have the votes to cut budgets, YOU DON’T HAVE THE EFFING VOTES!!!

    All that tells me is that you are another idiot who thinks that politics is all about my position- and the rest are dead wrong.

    A real politician, one that would recognize f*cking reality would have voted a tax increase with the Dems and then TOLD the Flipping Voters- YOU DON’T LIKE IT, THEN GET RID OF OF THE PROPOSITIONS THAT FORCE US TO TAX YOU TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU, THE VOTERS WANTED!!!

    I would have been done with this back in April if I was in the Leg- The Constitution REQUIRES a balance budget- the OATH that all those yoyos swore REQUIRES them to fulfill it.


    Do ya get it?

    I would support killing a bunch of sacred cows- starting with most of the credits in the tax code- do we really need to give back revenue and make other taxpayers support our pet projects?

    As for killing a bunch of government- well, that has already been done. Get rid of the last bits of corporate and individual welfare through the tax code, kill off the useless commerce giveaways, and move forward with a flat tax code on income, tpt, and use taxes.


  17. OK Gents,

    Here is a link to the Veteran Administration’s “Death Book.”

    This advocacy manual was killed by the Bush Administration but “resuscitated” by the Obama Administration.

    The Obama Administration has absolutely NO CREDIBILITY on this issue because it has already proven itself enmeshed in a utilitarian, threshhold-based, “quality of life” medical ethic rather than a sanctity of life ethic. If you look who they have put in charge of this arena of policy, it is extremely dangerous.

  18. DSW,
    This is a pamphlet that discusses how to create a living will, something that many people do because they want their wishes, whatever they are, to be carried out if they are unable to communicate decisions and also help their families understand what their wishes are. How on earth does this become a “Death Book” ? Having a living will seems like quite a reasonable thing to do and this pamphlet is not an advocacy for euthanasia.

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