WFP Poll: Who do you want in the AZ-6 race? Kirk Adams, Travis Grantham, Matt Salmon, or Chuck Gray.

Kirk Adams, Travis Grantham, Matt Salmon, and Chuck Gray are running for Arizona’s Congressional District 6’s open seat. Tell us who your favorite is and please follow the link to vote.


  1. Leaning towards Salmon for sure. Chuck is my second. Definitely not Kirk Adams. He’s as phony a politician as I’ve ever seen. Will say whatever just to get elected and always play it safe. We have enough of those type in Washington already.

    • ChandlerConservative says

      Not sure i follow your logic about Kirk playing it safe. Was it playing it safe when he ran to ouster the sitting Speaker of the house? Was it playing safe when he pushed pension reform? Was it safe when he was one of the people in front of SB1070? Was it safe in making the tough choices needed to balance the budget in this economy?

      Where has Salmon been the last few years when we needed leadership the most? Oh that’s right, lining his pockets with lobbying dollars from who ever would pay him.

  2. Matt Salmon.

  3. Salmon

  4. Phillip the Great says

    Pls shrink ur logo down you are stifling my screen.

  5. MesaConservative21 says

    Kirk or Gray easily. Not even a close contest who is more conservative. I am supporting Kirk but Gray would come next. Salmon’s ties to unions and lobbyist interests worry me a great deal.

  6. Yes Chad, as opposed to those convicted lobbyists who always take on clients consistent with their own high moral and philosophical standards. Those same contract lobbyists who always say what they feel and never just say things for the sake of their clients positions. Definitely not enough lobbyists in Washington.


    Travis Grantham is looking better and better…

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    @ChadAZ having known Matt Salmon for a long time, you just described him to the letter. Why do you think he couldn’t beat Janet Napolitano? Yeh, Salmon’s the guy responsible for 8 years of Napolitano’s reign as governor.

    Salmon is one fish we don’t need, his time has come and gone.

    • Oh no, that was Republicans for Janet, starting with Grant Woods, John McCains entire staff working to defeat Matt Salmon. Janet was also running with a conservative platform that was tossed out the window as soon as the election was over. Matt will be my first choice especially since the R.I.N.O.’s in this party will be working agaisnt him. Kirk is also favored by the NewTimes, now tell me all about that conservative RAG.

  8. Easton Kelsey says

    Honest, experienced. Intelligent. Not bought and paid for.

  9. Who is Travis Grantham?

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