Western Free Press Interviews Kirk Adams, Candidate for Arizona’s 6th Congressional District

Western Free Press’ Brad Zinn interviews Kirk Adams, former Arizona Speaker of the House and prospective candidate for Congress. Kirk Adams is running in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District, which is currently held by Jeff Flake who is running for Jon Kyl’s Senate seat. Adams has been endorsed by retiring Senator Jon Kyl.


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  1. SomeonePinchMe! says

    This is a great interview, best answer was the immigration one. He’d make a great Congressman!

  2. MesaConservative21 says

    I really like Kirk Adams. Hope he wins.

  3. Conservative Guy says

    I have always been impressed with Kirk Adams. He has tackled some tough fights over the past years. Can you imagine if the US Congress was able to do what the Adams led House was able to do and cut spending by about 30%? I am happy to support Mr. Adams.

  4. From a veterans standpoint, I think Kirk Adams will be a good Congressman who will care about military members, their families and veterans. I really encourage East Valley friends and voters to take a good look at Kirk’s campaign. I’ve always known Kirk to be an honest, forthright person.

  5. Alan Soelberg says

    Kirk Adams is the real deal. The guy does what is right, not what is convenient at the time. We saw this displayed in his success with entitlement reform, in pension reform, budget balancing, and jobs bill. Character candidate if ever there was one.

  6. Kirk Adams’ experience and record are exactly what we need and exactly what conservatives are looking for right now. I first met Kirk as he addressed a group of small business owners and for once I felt like he was a politician who gets it. He is conservative to the core and has the know-how, experience, and guts to get the job done.

  7. Mr. Conservative says

    Solid interview from Kirk. I think the guy will tackle big problems just like he did as Speaker. With the recent debt-ceiling debacle, we are only reminded of how much we desperately need more “idea” people in Congress a la Paul Ryan. Kirk fits the mold.

  8. karen Gevaert says

    True the Vote–I have not receive any info re: training in our area (Mesa) can you help in this area, or a contact e-mail. Thank you, Karen

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