West Valley Ronald Reagan Conservative Club meeting Monday evening with Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The Ronald Reagan Conservative Club is a new group in the Valley for conservative activists. The next meeting is 7pm on April 13th at the Maricopa County Republican Committee Office at 10050 W Bell Road, Suite 49, Sun City. The office is located in the Northwest corner of Bell Road and the office faces 99th Ave. Sherriff Joe Arpaio is the guest speaker. Please join us and come hear Arpaio discuss the feds witchhunts accusing him of racial profiling for enforcing laws against illegal immigration.


  1. I am curious, given that some people have criticized commenters who use pseudonyms, why you don’t post under your acronymic real name.

    Admittedly, I’m just a New York liberal who doesn’t quite understand the intricacies of Arizona right-wing poltics, but it seems that Howie Fischer has a pretty good reputation in conservative Republican circles, so I don’t understand why you feel the need for a pen (blog?) name when you post here.

  2. Reagan Coalition says

    lol do you really think liberal political columnist Howie Fischer is really right wing Chewie Shofir? That is hilarious!

  3. Well, you know I also think Bruce Wayne is Batman. . .

  4. Howie Fischer votes in Republican primaries.

  5. According to an article in the Phoenix Citizen Record-Examiner, Chewie Shofir is Howie Fischer.

  6. Reagan Coalition says

    Nice post, Mr. Grayson. http://phoenix-citizen.blogspot.com/2009/04/right-wing-blogger-chewie-shofir.html
    The anagram is kinda funny, but somehow I don’t see Howie Fischer posting meeting events for conservative organizations.

  7. Why not, Reagan Coalition? I assume that’s not your real name, either, so for all I know you are Howie Fischer/Chewie Shofir.

    Howie Fischer has not denied he is Chewie Shofir.

    Chewie Shofir has not denied he is Howie Fischer.

    Until we hear a denial, I think we can go with the scoop from the Valley of the Sun’s online newspaper of record, which broke the story.

    This is an anagram; it isn’t rocket science to figure it out. Your cover is blown. Do you think you can be both a conservative commentator on the news and an objective journalist? If so, why not just post on Sonoran Alliance under your real name?

  8. I see they are inviting Joe to be their inaugural speaker. I wonder if Ronnie would have endorsed a Democrat candidate for governor?

  9. Howie Fischer says

    i’ve been called a lot of things in my nearly 40 years in journalism. but i have to admit to a certain surprise that someone has concluded i am writing under a pen name which is an anagram of my own name.

    for those of you who follow my writings in various newspapers (and my radio reports), i have never been shy about calling things as i see them — and doing so under my own byline. and for those of you waiting for an official denial, i am not, have never been and never will write under the name “chewie shofir” — or, for that matter, any other pen name.

    anyway, if i were, i wouldn’t bother to leave clues (like an anagram of my name). i might consider writing under charles u. farley, or chuck u farley for short….

    — howie fischer

  10. Fine. I apologize and accept your denial and delete the post.

    But I would like to ask you: Why do you think the blogger posting under the name “Chewie Shofir” wrote using an anagram of your name?

    Was he trying to get someone to make the obvious inference that you are posting under an anagram of your own name?

    If so, someone at this blog is doing you a disservice, Mr. Fischer.

    The fact that “Chewie Shofir” is an anagram of “Howie Fischer” is still unexplained.

    As a journalist, Mr. Fischer, I would think you would be curious as to why someone would use an anagram of your name to post on a partisan blog.

  11. Unless, of course, “Chewie Shofir” is a Jewish Wookie – although I was unaware that “Life Day” was one of the High Holies.

  12. First clue to me was that Howie Fischer prints accurate, truthful, and investigated statements. Chewie Shofir on the other hand seems to struggle with that.

  13. “Chewie Shofir” is also an anagram for:

    Chef Owe Irish
    Chief Hire Sow
    Echo Fire Wish
    Rich Wife Hoes
    Feces Hi Hi Row
    Chef Shower II

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