Wes Gullett releases plan to cut red tape

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 22, 2011
CONTACT: Daniel Scarpinato

PHOENIX – Wes Gullett released his “Less Red Tape Means More Jobs” plan this morning, the centerpiece of which is a plan for same-day permitting.

Under Gullett’s plan (attached), a qualified customer can walk into the city and, meeting the requirements, walk away with a permit on the same day. The plan was unveiled at Copper Star Coffee, a local business that has faced significant challenges in obtaining permits in a timely fashion under the city’s current process.

The plan is supported by four current council members: City Councilmen Sal DiCiccio, Tom Simplot, Bill Gates and Jim Waring, who all appeared with Gullett at today’s press conference to support his plan.

“The City of Phoenix must be ready to move with agility to help our business and community partners get back to work – not stand in their way,” said Gullett. “Streamlining government, reforming the permitting process and updating city regulations and procedures to move plans through the pipeline will dramatically reduce the time and cost of doing business in Phoenix.”

In addition to same-day permitting, the Gullett plan calls for all city departments to engage in a top to bottom review of all regulations and delete those that are unnecessary; a comment period and sunset review on all regulations; consolidating the Planning and Development Services Departments with the Economic Development Department to allow for more direct and immediate support for small businesses; expanding online services for permitting and business services; establishing a single point of contact for major development projects; updating zoning ordinances; and reducing permitting fees.

“The importance of this plan and what it means for jobs, productivity and business could not be clearer,” Gullett said. “We must lead on these issues and build a foundation on rock – not sand. Otherwise, Phoenix will find itself continuously falling behind other cities that are making reforms to ensure economic development. We cannot afford the status quo.”



  1. Gullett is also proposing a “special fund” that he will extort from banks to make capitol available to small businesses. This is socialism at its best! He thinks that forcing banks to lend to less than credit worthy start ups is the way that Govt will grow business. What a crock!
    The City has done 3 versions of his “streamline government” plan already over the past couple of years. Thats why they had that Business Advocate office on the first floor to walk small business owners through the process and explain the requirements. I know that Gulletts version of the world would give a trophy to every t baller for trying, but there are many businesss requirements that are necessary and if you cant read a book and get the specs for a building upgrade then you shouldnt be in business. Pull up you pants and be a man and get the permits like most other existing businesses have done. I know its a pain, but how easy does it have to be?

    Gullett is setting the ground work for every namby pamby artist with a flaky idea to walk in and create a “tattoo studio” in every corner of phx. It will also increase massage parlors and blood banks and every manner of neer do wells that want a hand out from City hall so they can start a business.

  2. The City laid off a bunch of those dsd and planning people (or didnt fill retired positions) because they didnt have enough work to do and Gullett thinks that he should streamline things? Does he have some real business data to back this up? or is he just making this stuff up?
    I can find some loser that puts his toilet in backwards so you have to ride it like a horse and then thinks that it is unfair that the inspector gave him a fail, but that doesnt mean that the inspector or the rules are wrong. For every one of a kind building like the Copper star place that needed special permission and didnt fit the rules cause it was an odd old building, there are hundreds of other businesses that complain becuase they need to meet fire code or some other reasonable rule. We cant just eliminate rules because some people think they are inconvenient or dont have the brains to work it out with a half with inspector.

  3. Wes Gullett announces free air for everyone and that his first act will be to abolish taxes and beauracracy.
    Details will follow once he is elected. Please pass this bill if you love him and you will find out all the details once he is elected.
    This guy runs as an outsider business man when he has been whispering in the ears of AZ leaders and pulling strings for all the big shots for more than 20 years. If any of this stuff he is promising was true, dont you think he would have made some of it happen while he was in charge of the US Senate office and the Govs office?

  4. Gulletts Client list :
    American Traffic Solutions – Photo Radar for everyone!
    Arizona Cardinals – free tickets for every corrupt elected official in AZ
    Home Builders of Central AZ – Build Build Build, oops, we overbuilt and pushed mortgages for deadbeats and crashed the housing market so everyones house loses 20% of their value
    Northern AZ University – More $$$$$$ for College Professors
    Apollo Group – more fed loans for a private school that descriminates
    Qwest – paid up with Wes the lobbyist, waiting for Wes the Mayor to cash in
    SRP – Lots of electric generating equipment to pay for with higher rates, thank you Mayor
    Maricopa County – Best Clients Ever!!! And boy do they pay!!!

  5. I have one word for you – SOLYNDRA
    Thats Wes Gulletts hero Barack Hussein Obama reducing red tape and “helping” businesses create jobs.
    Solyndra the solar panel company whined and complained to the white house that there were too many rules and lots of beauracracy and begged Obama to help them get thru all that red tape.
    Now the taxpayers are on the hook for hundreds of millions of $$s in loan guarantees because less than 1 year after the loan, the company went belly up!

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