Were You Invited?

Jack Brown

What Republican members of the legislature showed up?  Make your phone calls … and let us know!  Jack was known as one of the Tres Amigos from LD-5.


  1. What was the prior photo?

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    The prior graphic was a copy of the quarter page announcement/invitation ‘borrowed’ from the Capitol Times.

    Seems the Dems held a big Fiesta to honor their senior member of the legislature. Prices were steep too.

    We’re just hoping to take a peek at the guest list because some of the attendees may not have been Democrats.

  3. not so veritas says

    sorry, but it was “borrowed” (aka stolen) from the ADP website, not the capitol times. hence the wonderfully large photo of the President filling your screens here at the sonoran alliance.


  4. Veritas Vincit says

    I only wish you had changed the graphic when you had the opportunity. It would have been humorous to hear the reaction of the site owner where I found the graphic. The blow-back would have been grand!

    Oh, and I don’t see any wonderfully large photos of my President filling anything on this page?

  5. How did you miss the enormous picture of Obama? I was wondering why you changed the picture but after reading the blog post at the link above I see what happened.

  6. Kenny Jacobs says

    Veritas, how does lying to people, including folks who have a similar philosophy as yours, help your credibility?

  7. Veritas Vincit says


    There you go again. No facts no logical evidence just name calling.

    Is it impossible for your brain to fully grasp the fact that the graphic was a public invitation and was posted in more places then simply the one they told you about?

    How I wish you had put up a substitution. Maybe one of Jack riding Brokeback Mountain with his political soul mate. That would have been ripe!

  8. Kenny Jacobs says

    VV, the link used for the original post was traced to the Arizona Democratic Party. That is a fact. The second fact is that you are a liar. The Brokeback reference was precious, not clever, just precious. Muah!

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    Was traced through how many other sites? No one ever challenged the fact the home site of the graphic was the ADP. However, that’s not where I found the graphic posted.

    Your second *fact* is spurious, no matter how often you repeat it.

  10. Kenny Jacobs says

    “The prior graphic was a copy of the quarter page announcement/invitation ‘borrowed’ from the Capitol Times.”

    That’s you, V, on this thread attempting to claim an alternate source for the graphic in comment #3. Nice use of the word spurious, it just doesn’t apply here.

    You have no credibility.

  11. “Leg Salute” is a yearly fundraiser… get over it.

    Love the giant Barack head though. That was a riot!

  12. Veritas Vincit says

    And you Kenny are a schlemiel. Now have some more of the purple kool-aid and chill.


  1. […] Upon discovering this, the wags at the State Democratic party had a thousand really rude ideas of what they could replace the graphic with, since replacing their graphic would have resulted in the “hard linked” graphic changed on Sonoran Alliance as well. Cooler heads prevailed and they replaced the picture with a large photograph of Barack Obama. This now means that the very conservative Sonoran Alliance website features a gigantic, handsome, smiling picture of our Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama. […]

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