Welcome Tea Party Arizona & American Political Analysis

Sonoran Alliance is pleased to announce and welcome Tea Party Arizona and American Political Analysis to the Arizona blogosphere scene. Actually, both sites have been around for over a month but I had the pleasure of meeting their founder/creator, Keith Sipmann, today.

Keith is also partnering with me and Americans for Prosperity for the Arizona Tea Party scheduled next Wednesday, April 15th at the State Capitol. This will be your opportunity to send a message to all our elected leaders that they are taxing and spending our future and our childrens’ future into oblivion.

Please be sure to visit both Tea Party Arizona and American Political Analysis but even more important show up at the capitol on Taxday, April 15th!

I almost forgot in all my Phoenix-centrism, there will also be a tea party in Tucson on the same day beginning at 9 AM. Details are available at Tea Party Arizona.


  1. I’d suggest English breakfast or Earl Grey rather than Lapsang Souchang.

  2. Bigelow’s “Constant Comment” also appeals to many.

  3. At least I like Constant Comment.

  4. karen hayes says

    Why are the tea parties so homogenous? Looks like Republican, racist meetings to me.

  5. I was there… will post pics on myspace tonight.

  6. It is always refreshing to read your posts – thanks again and best regards

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