Welcome Phoenix Conservatives

Sonoran Alliance is pleased to welcome Phoenix Conservatives to the Arizona Blogosphere.

All you conservatives in Phoenix, be sure to visit this site frequently to find out the latest on Phoenix happenings.


  1. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many Phoenix conservatives left, so we liberals are stepping in to lend you a temporary helping hand.

    But this will be short-lived. Relief will come soon, as the Obama administation is trying to get Phoenix conservatives covered under the Endangered Species Act.

    Meanwhile, Phoenix conservatives: breed all you can!

    Then hope for the best.

  2. Tiredofthecrap says

    Isn’t Phoenix Conservative an oxymoron like upscale Mesa diner or the honorable Tom Daschle?

  3. Can't Recall My Clever Pseudonym says

    According to that blog, and our poster above “Tiredofthecrap,” there really is nothing to conservatism other than complaining about taxes, liberals, stupid people, and politicians. Please tell me there’s more to it than that.

  4. Tiredofthecrap says

    You forgot global warming, gun control and the merits of the designated hitter.

  5. Come on, we need some real conservatives to comment. That’s why most people love Sonoran Alliance: the sheer silliness of the posts and the true-blue, um, red, conservatives’ comments, like the blowhard who says when Republicans lose jobs, they don’t take governnment unemployment benefits, they just go out and get another job just like that while the Democrats eat bonbons and lie around watching “Days of Our Lives” while collecting their weekly unemployment checks.

    The funny part of these posts — like “McDonald’s is promoting homosexuality” by its diversity policies — is how clueless Sonoran Alliance members are to the real world.

    They live in la-la-land and so they’ve got these echo chambers where they can talk to others without realizing that normal people laugh at their buffoonish, cartoonish ways.

    So come on, right-wingers, start commenting more and giving us normal people some chuckles!

  6. A rant against beatniks would be a good start.

  7. Tiredofthecrap says

    As a clueless Conservative as Richard puts it I’ll step up tell you why I’m a Conservative.

    I believe the stimulus will only stimulate Chris Mathews leg. I believe it’s absurd to regulate CEO pay or bonus. I don’t believe in gay marriage or abortion. I don’t believe in gun control. I don’t believe the Fairness Doctrine is fair. I believe Barney Frank should have been kicked out long ago. I believe Californias money problems could be helped if they were allowed to drill and make money off their states resources. It’s not OK with me to teach a student how to put a condom on a banana but not allow him to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school. It’s not OK to teach Darwin as fact and Creationism as theory. I don’t believe Nancy Pelosi knows more about Catholic Theology than the Pope.

    Some other issues I have with Liberals.

    Studies show Conservatives give more to charity than Liberals. A NY Muslim woman gets beheaded and the NOW gang says it isn’t abuse but an issue of culture. The mantra was Bush lied and people died but I guess Obama can’t fib cause he’s a lib.

    There is so much more and I’m sure you’re much smarter than just a blue collar guy but from my view there aren’t many redeeming values to being a Liberal unless the quality of a person is their intentions rather than their deeds. Rip me all you want but know I really don’t care.

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