Weekend Vids: Schapira vs. Kavanagh, Lewis vs. Pearce & Gullett vs. Stanton


  1. Speaking of Pearce vs Lewis: Will Mr. Tolman be making a statement about the lawsuit that was just filed against him by one of his alleged “undocumented” employees? Will Mr. Ludder be addressing his sponsored robo-calls encouraging people to throw away their vote and write in a candidate of their own choosing? Will the scoundrels who have tried to rig this election see their just reward in a court room? Will we ever find out who paid for Cortes’ signs and signature gatherers? Will Jan Brewer figure out that Sarah Palin is not “Governor Palin” but rather “Reality TV Has-Did-Been Palin”? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Mike Triggs says

    WherewasI – don’t hold you breath!

  3. Oh, thought “Governor” was a legit protocol-correct honorific once earned, then kept. Like “Ambassador.”

  4. Mike Triggs says

    Wanumba – you are quite right. Once a Governir always a Governor, Even if you quit mid-term to take a higher paying job.

    • Yeah like Napolitano.

      • Or Sarah “I Quit Everything I Do” Palin. Hey, how’d that “goin’ roguey” work out for ya?

      • True Conservative says

        Exactly. Glad you finally understand. Palin did to Alaska as Napolitano did to AZ.

        • Shall we look at the state of each state’s budgets the day the respective Governors Palin and Napoliano stepped down? Alaska was in the black, Arizona in the red.

          • Who was in charge of the Appropriations Committee while Napaliano was governor, deciding how to spend the State’s funds? I’ll give you a hint – he is going to be “retiring” tonight…

            • Oh, so you are saying that because Napolitano is a “woman” her signature on legislation that arrived on her desk to veto or sign into law doesn’t count for anything?

  5. Watched the first video. Gads, after presenting a grumbling irate account about the insult of “coaching people what to believe,” the reporter and newscaster turned on a dime and coached the viewers as to what to believe.

    • I actually had no preconceived idea, ready to hear what they’d found, hoping for an informative report, but that was lazy crap.

      Surprised they found anyone who actually listened to the robo-call. They are ALL annoying, no matter the party.

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