Week of Mom’s Calling in Life as a Right for All

by Gayle Plato, M. Ed.
My son’s beautiful blue eyes look up, he’s frustrated that I am peeking in. “MOM don’t look it’s a secret!”  Oops, I spotted artist-in-residence Kindergarten creations, all in massive messy production; my son was busily making a mother’s day art project when I snuck in during class.
He’s a wild, bossy, alpha-male pied piper of mischief. My lil guy brings me joy, drives me crazy, rarely listens but always laughs off trouble, and mainly makes me feel old and tired on any given day.  He’s is a miracle, as all babies are.  But really, he is a miracle. 

Mother’s Day comes up in one week and I embrace it as a mother who was called to be a steward of LIFE.  It is my cause as I heard in my heart. Seven years ago I prayed with total devotion, asking God to help this one make it.  I had lost others, and was losing hope again.  An early ultra-sound showed definite pregnancy, but the doctor said not to get my hopes up.  I was  about eight weeks along and there was no sign of a heartbeat. Come back in two weeks and we’ll see.  I think my doctor assumed I’d have another miscarriage as he said it looked as if I had two blighted ova.

The two weeks were desperately slow, and I found my way to St. Maria Goretti in Scottsdale.  No one was there, just me, God, and I think my grandfather’s spirit stood by. I sobbed, prayed, lived in the moment with complete sadness.  I let it go as I did not have control. 

The ultra-sound was utterly frightening.  I am certain, I will face my death with less trepidation, and know I can handle any crisis after that day.  My doctor, with his abject dry wit, half-asleep countenence, and personality of a tortilla chip, looked at me with total surprise.  Where there was once two ’empty ova’ now was one perfect being, heart beating away.  As we looked at the ultra-sound, the little ten week old fetus moved.  It, became him-my son. He was a miracle- an angel: I named him Gabriel.

Right-to-life is personal to me. It is to every parent, but then, I have been blessed.  My pain and loss showed me the light and the heart of life. I will never sit on any fence again, I write in the open, and I live everyday trying to remember what I was given. 

Mother’s Day is a time to remember who gave us life, but also  it may be the time to value all life with active understanding.  While Swine Flu becomes an international fear-baiting illness, with pandemic bombs dropped by the media and our government, I think of who is dying right now.  Numbers are dropping in Arizona, but depending on which study, 8-10% or pregnancies in Arizona end in abortion.  If approximately 10,500 babies are aborted annually in Arizona(http://www.lifenews.com/state2621.html), that averages 28 babies a day– terminated. 

Abortion is a pandemic with nearly 50 million abortions performed in the United States since Roe v. Wade became law.  (http://www.nrlc.org/ABORTION/facts/abortionstats.html) This would be equivalent to the entire population of Canada, Australia, and Arizona combined ( wikipedia 2009 population  estimates). No flu pandemic is as dangerous.

With this Mother’s Day, realize that the vast majority of abortions are performed on adult women.  Women who feel trapped, financially strapped, and socially burdened may choose abortion.  Arizona is going through one of the greatest economic recessions of it’s history and financial strife is a leading contributor to termination of unwanted pregnancy.  We owe it to the children and the parents who are in turmoil to help women find good help.

Offer support and help women find good services.  Here are some agencies I have personally referred, and I know every single synagogue, church, and secular counseling agency can help.  But many counseling services are geared to pro-choice mindsets.  We need to protect and provide for women unsure.  Helping all of us have the best Mother’s Day ever is about helping more children come in and be a part of this world. Children are miracles offering us faith tenfold, inspiration to keep going, and a reason for all of this we do. Life matters  and peace always begins in the womb.


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  1. Emily_Carson says

    If forty million Americans under the age of 36 were added to our population then here are some problems we wouldn’t have:

    1. Social Security would be secure, even when the boomers retire.

    2. The strain on the health care system that is being caused by an aging population would be much reduced as there would be many more young healthy workers paying insurance premiums, medicare taxes and otherwise supporting the elderly.

    3. Speaking of taxes there would be more younger working people paying them and more young entrepreneurs creating jobs for those people.

    4. Much less of a problem with illegal immigration because there would be more laborers in the workforce.

    Sure there would be the criminals, the freeloaders and the druggies but on balance we would be much, much better off as a society.

  2. Grumpy Gus says

    Emily, do not mistake the moral for the practical.

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