Weak Knee’dness Invites Challengers

It looks like there are a handful of Republicans who were’nt paying attention to what happened this last Wednesday.

As many of you know I am now working with the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity as their Grassroots Coordinator. Working for a strong taxpayer advocacy organization like AFP I am privy to what is going on at the Legislature and in particular the budget process.

As “Chewie” reported in an earlier post, there are a new handful of legislators who may be conspiring with Democrats AGAINST the best interest of YOU the taxpayers. The list includes the following names:

Senator Carolyn Allen – (R) LD-8  (Scottsdale, Fountain Hills)
callen@azleg.gov – (602) 926-4480

Representative Rich Crandall – (R) LD-19 (East Mesa)
rcrandall@azleg.gov – (602) 926-3020

Representative Adam Driggs – (R) LD-11 (Paradise Valley)
adriggs@azleg.gov – (602) 926-3016

Representative Russ Jones – (R) LD-24 (Yuma County)
rjones@azleg.gov – (602) 926-3002

Representative Bill Konopnicki – (R) LD-5 (Apache, Gila, Graham, Greenlee, Navajo)
bkonopnicki@azleg.gov – (602) 926-5409

Representative Lucy Mason – (R) LD-1 (Yavapai County)
lmason@azleg.gov – (602) 926-5874 

Representative Michele Reagan – (R) LD-8 (Scottsdale, Fountain Hills)
mreagan@azleg.gov – (602) 926-5828

Senator Jay Tibshraeny – (R) LD-21 (Chandler, Sun Lakes)
jtibshraeny@azleg.gov – (602) 926-4481

Representative Vic Williams – (R) LD-26, NW Tucson, Oro Valley
vwilliams@azleg.gov – (602) 926-5839

Perhaps these Republicans have forgotten what happened last election cycle when a number of former Republican legislators lost primary elections to strong fiscal conservatives after they buddied up with then Governor Napolitano – who is responsible for the current economic crisis we find ourselves in. Those former legislators ultimately got “fired” by the voters because they didn’t do their job.

I would not be surprised to see a number of challengers arise to these Republicans if they go along with Democrats to raise our taxes.

Heck, since I live in Rich Crandall’s district, I might even dust off my campaign materials, re-open my campaign committee and get back in the battle. We’ll be watching…


  1. Saddlemaker says

    If you truly believe in what you write you should run for office. You should quit threatening and put up or shut up…

  2. Since this is your first post where you’ve directly taken a stance, can you please tell me why it is better to borrow, essentially paying million more in the future, than propose a temporary tax?

    And taking the same stance as a Republican Governor who is proposing cuts and major reforms, the Arizona Republican Party, and many others; is a night and day difference than backing a Democrat Governor proposing an expanded government based on flawed revenue numbers.

    Unfortunately DSW, you have a job that pays you a salary and your opinions are now slightly biased since that paycheck somewhat dictates the opinion you present.

  3. And that’s why this is a blog and I still have a right to say what’s on my mind and you still have the right to disagree and go somewhere else to read what tickles your fancy. Fortunately, Sonoran Alliance does not rely on taxpayer money and we can say whatever we want regardless to our associations, affiliations and livelihood. Incidentally, I have always been an advocate for the taxpayer and AFP would not have brought me on board if my views had not been compatable.

  4. I see I forgot to answer your first question on borrowing. I adamantly oppose borrowing. You are absolutley correct in that we all pay more in the long run.

    The solution to our problem is to cut spending. Right now we are simply reducing the rate of spending.

  5. Forget about running against Crandall. He wants to run for Superintendent, that’s why he’s all about making noise about ed funding.

  6. The extent of the economic meltdown is such that just cutting spending is not sufficient. This idealogical position is not only going to hurt people, students, teachers and the future of the state, it is going to hurt Republicans who are acting like the see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil triumverate. The cuts are coming anyway. But the depth is alarming.

  7. I fully support you having your opinion and your blog. I guess I just held out that hope that the site could be an agenda free zone. It’s one thing when Chewie pipes off, it’s another though when you do because of your paid position. It just seemed to carry more weight before you were getting paid for that opinion.
    If this were a post about your stance on the tax proposal or your views on taxes in general I wouldn’t think a thing. It’s not though, it’s a “attack the RINO because we don’t think they are walking the line.”
    Where is the post with links to Burns, Pearce and others involved in this latest “borrowing” scheme? Why are you going to dust off your boots and run against Crandall and not Adams?

    There is a reason they aren’t cutting more. They can’t. Whether they are lying to you or you’re not seeing the whole budget picture, I don’t know. There is a reason the cutters are still short a half a billion dollars or more.

    Borrowing is an abomination and is everything we protested at the TEA parties. It will cost us millions more over the years and won’t solve the problems we have.

    And Brewer by the way is the only one with a proposal right now that will stop future spending crazes.

  8. Time For a Change says

    Right on, DSW. Crandall built his initial base of support in the public education lobby as a school board candidate and once your base of support is there, you are committed to high taxes and high government spending for your political life. All the rhetoric in the world doesn’t change that. If he sells out the people of Arizona and supports a tax hike in 2010, run against him and you will have a lot of volunteers.

  9. Tom Buggeln says

    It seems to me that spending could be cut substantially in the administrative areas within public health and education.

    What apparently is lacking is the political fortitude to take actual legislative program action to attain it!

    This has all too long been a GOP problem. Talk the talk before January and then scream “One Big Tent” and “reach out” when taking office and responsibility.

    Frankly, unlike Democrats, Republicans, when the rubber hits the road, lack confidence in their principles. This is why the center of American policy has drifted leftward since the 1930’s.

    Perhaps the party which was aptly described by the late Sam Francis as “The stupid entity” needs an congressional leadership enema!

    We could start by flushing the “three johns”!

  10. Tom Buggeln says

    I forgot to add the pro-tax types within the legistature!

  11. This myth that education has a lot administative cost that can be cut is simply that a myth. I spend a lot of time at my daughter’s school and the principal is concerned whether they will have enough money for toliet paper. I don’t like taxes any more than anyone else but the idea of 40 students in a classroom scares me and should scare anyone who cares about AZ. The idea of a temporary sales tax increase I find to be a very sensible idea. We still will cut what we can but the state’s budget is already been cut to bare bones levels. The idea some leaders have to borrow will just have us paying a lot more in the future.

  12. Tom Buggeln says


    Any comparative study taken comparing public educational institutions with private and parochial ones shows a huge administrative and bureaucratic fund spread for the government institutions.

    Perhaps you should visit the school district offices and state bureaucracy in addition to your daughter’s school!

    As to a “temporary” sales tax, as I’ve stated before, in my soon to be 66yrs, I’ve never witnessed one either here or New York and have never heard of any particular beast of this nature, from anyone else!

    This sounds like the old pol “p..s in the boobs’ faces, then convince ’em it’s rain” routine.

    Let’s see if it works once again!

  13. Tom –
    Start winding your way through Title 15 of ARS. Until the Legislature gets rid of the mandates therein, administrative overhead is necessary. But the reason they don’t is that everything in Title 15 was, at one time or another, considered highly reasonable in order to protect accountability – fiscally, criminally, and academically. As a Republican I want an inexpensive government, I don’t want a stupid one that can’t protect itself from scams and criminals. I don’t want my kids in classrooms with 40 kids either. It just doesn’t work and no one with any degree of intellectual integrity would agree that it does.

  14. Tom there is no way to get the cuts without directly impacting students. Look at the costs of the state universities. My wife and I pay a ton of taxes and of course I wish they were lower but AZ taxes are lower than many states and at a certain point there are services we need.


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