We endorse Arturo Gabaldon for CAP Water Board

In a presidential election year it is easy for excellent candidates to get lost in the down ballot elections, especially for something as obscure and CAP Water Board. In Pima County one candidate has the experience and temperament for the job, Arturo Gabaldon. We heartily endorse and recommend a vote for Arturo if you live in Pima County.


  1. Jean McGrath says

    If you want Arturo to win, please ask everyone to single shot him.

  2. Excellent Point Jean!

    Single-shoting Arturo will not dilute the vote.

    People may also consider doing that in the ACC race as well.

    The Democrats are a bunch of crackpots funded by Sperling. Call them The Dope Pusher, The Dope Smoker and The Dope.

  3. kralmajales says

    Arturo has water experience, but so do many of the others on that list. Single shotting does a total disservice to your vote. I would read the candidate statements and make an informed decision. You should too.

    By the way, after doing so I voted for Wong in the ACC race. They guy is smart, has experience on the matters the Board deals with. Is it likely to give a Republican a vote, sure…he earned it.

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