We Are Change AZ behind AR-15 Incident

Hat tip to Gila Courier for chasing down the truth on the gentleman who carried the AR-15 assault weapon at the Obama protest.

Here is the video the guys at WeAreChangeAZ shot of the “incident.”

“Chris” who wore the AR-15 is a Libertarian and ardent defender of the 2nd Amendment.

One interesting confirmation is during the video clip there is an exchange between a blond woman and Chris. You will see her refer to her feeling and how the big black gun makes her feel uncomfortable. This is a classic example of how the liberal worldview is driven by emotions and not logic.


  1. Yes, liberals are driven by emotion, as opposed to the icy logic and calm demeanor demonstrated by the assorted teabaggers, gun nuts, and other cranks that are crawling out from whatever cesspool that spawned them.

  2. I hope you guys realize that you are being manipulated by a bunch of nutcases. I am as big a supporter of gun rights as anybody else, but these guys did this just to get attention.

    Just take a look at more of Jason Shelton’s videos (the 4409 guy) and you will see what I am talking about. 9/11 truthers and the whole nine yards….

  3. Tucson Vice says


    you talk like you have some cool, experienced, collected understanding of firearms based on a military service record, yet I get this feeling that you never served (please correct me if I’m wrong).

    You also talk as if liberals aren’t capable of achieving the same understanding. I can tell you that during MY time in Iraq and Afghanistan, I actually needed my big black gun and, if my hunch is correct, learned how to use it far more affectively than you ever could or one of your gun obsessed screamers ever could.

    I’ve learned that the republican thing for firearms amounts to little more than a childlike fascination…like a child who is overly impressed by fire or knives.

    You know that if you actually join the military instead of talk about it, you can actually get payed to play with the neat black gun? The bonus for republicans is that you’ll probably have to open fire on a brown person one day.

    Don’t worry about my emotions, they held up fine in my war zones. Worry about your own because unless I’m wrong, they didn’t even get you to the recruiter’s office.

  4. The one word that keeps coming to my mind about this whole thing is “peacock”.

    I remember growing up and watching peacocks strolling around the orange groves in Florida, feathers fanned out, thinking they’re badass when they were still just peacocks.

    I’m just amused at the FAIL of all this. No one shied away from a debate with him, no protestor left or slunk away, and he went along way to paint the opposition as barely holding onto their sanity.

    Thanks Chris!

  5. Tucson Vice,

    Six years, U.S. Navy – Nuclear reactors aboard USS Enterprise. I also have a son in the Arizona Army National Guard.

    Reference to the “big black gun” was facetious. I’ve met a number of left of center people who tend to be terrified by the mere sight of a gun. Big knives, baseball bats, pitchforks, etc. usually don’t generate the same type of reaction.

    And for the tangent record, I am also a supporter of the Posse Comitatus Act.

  6. Tucson Vice
    You nailed it. It’s not like conservatives are the only people who own or are comfortable around firearms, but most people understand these are tools for something but a number of people have this odd veneration for guns which likely stems from a childish fascinating with playing with guns.

  7. Brendan Doback says

    “This is a classic example of how the liberal worldview is driven by emotions and not logic.”

    Give me a break, Shane.

  8. kralmajales says

    Yep…just more proof of what this movement is. It has now been proven that the Tea Party is an instrument of Freedom Watch. Something I said a month ago and people fell over themselves here to say “no its real.”

    This is a radical conservative “movement”, it is far outside the mainstream of normal Americans.

  9. Brendan,

    I guess you haven’t figured that out yet. The key word is “driven.” That is why liberals and conservatives have difficulty communicating. We speak two different languages.

  10. Tucson Vice says


    Good service, thank you for it.

    Do you not think that conservatives are driven by emotion? Religion? Abortion? Guns? The basis of these issues is found in emotion. It’s not that conservatives are using logic and liberals aren’t (there isn’t an ounce of logic to be found in the bible) it’s that conservative and liberal emotions are spurred by different things all together.

    Incidentally, Rick Sanchez on CNN just interviewed the guy who interviewed “Chris.” Turns out it was basically staged, planned out ahead of time, not spontaneous.

  11. Tucson Vice:

    Your irresponsible character assassination and dismissal of others’ well-thought-out, sincere, often logical and scientifically based belief in the Bible, the second amendment and the sanctity of Life is the reason that there is such a HUGE backlash right now from conservatives.

    The Liberals cry out, “Why is there such an angry response now to all of our liberal ideas? Is it because the president is BLACK?!!!”

    No, it’s because the Liberals are in control of everything and will run over the rest of us in an orgy of spending, big government and irresponsible behavior instituted with the force of a very powerful government.

    We will not allow you to characterize us with your vitriol and dismiss us with illogical rhetoric.

    This is the genesis of the anger.


    Logical enough for you?

  12. Travis
    What scientific basis is there for belief in the Bible?

  13. kralmajales says


    I would have a whole lot less fear that the liberals are going to run you over. To me, that is just not happening. The blue dogs are preventing it. I mean… I am VERY dissatisfied that we are NOT running you over and to me, the President has the power to, but is listening to you and caving left and right for you.

    You should be thanking your stars that you have Barack Obama and not Hillary Clinton. She would have said…screw the Republicans, lets just vote!

  14. Just my opinions:

    I think the gentleman packing the AR-15 should have had the trigger safety switched ON.

    I don’t like the practice of open carry in urban situations just because it’s legal, but I do like that this gentleman exposed the fact that guns are harmless by themselves, and that he provided an occasion for “guns in the media” where no one was harmed in any way.

  15. What a ridiculous redneck moment. says


    Free television exposure for our redneck habits in Arizona!!!

    Um, budget?

    And to the moron talking about liberal running amok, wtf is wrong with the conservatives that run our dingbat legislature?

    Uh, the CONSTITUTION that they took an oath to mandates a balanced budget- and EVERY SINGLE BUDGET SO FAR HAS NOT BEEN BALANCED!!!

    If you can’t cut, then you fund. If the voters told you not to cut THROUGH THE BALLOT BOX PROPOSITIONS, THEN RAISE THE TAXES AND TELL THE VOTERS ITS THEIR FAULT.


  16. kralmajales says

    Uh..that was better than I ever could have said #15.

  17. I sure seems like the liberals have been going crazy posting on conservative blogs. Could this be an organized effort?

  18. First, I think that the guy with the AR-15 was showboating and lacked common sense.

    Second, Todd, you asked a question that deserves an answer. Check out some links on biblical archeology for starters (assuming that you consider archeology to be a science). You will find that the more people dig into the past (literally and figuratively) the more empirical evidence there is for the authenticity of the Bible.

    Though not a science, history is also supportive. There are numerous extra-biblical, historical references to many of the same people and events.

    If you are looking for evidence from the hard sciences such as physics and chemistry, I’m afraid you’re out of luck w.r.t. the Bible and essentially all historical documents. They are outside the scope of such hard sciences.

  19. Tucson Vice says

    Travis there is absolutely no scientific basis for the nonsense you read in your special book…none but what people like you have invented. It’s sad and stupid.

    By all means, ask your invisible friend in the sky to smite me.

    As far as backlash goes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: in the same way that faith in a christian god requires no thought or reasoning skills, it takes ZERO intellectual fortitude on behalf of the individual (or hoard as you people prefer) to buy into the crap that your party and it’s extremists are selling. The Republican party as it exists today is a simple minded group of patsies being controlled by the very elites that they claim to hate.

    No Travis, it wasn’t logical enough for me. You lost me at ” well-thought-out, sincere, often logical and scientifically based belief in the Bible.”

    Now…turn the other cheek. It’s what
    JAY-ZUS would do.

  20. Tucson Vice:

    I notice you didn’t address my statement on the vitriol. Well, perhaps you did.

    As a matter of fact, your statement has been very enlightening. This is not about healthcare, budgets or clunkers, this is about bigger things.

    You made this point when the discussion is about politics and policies and you choose to attack God and others’ belief in God.

    Your agrument is nothing but name-calling, hateful rhetoric and irrational ranting.
    Interestingly, this is the cornerstone of the recent Democrat attack machine.

    You’re right on topic then.

  21. “First, I think that the guy with the AR-15 was showboating and lacked common sense.”

    I don’t think there’s a “think” about it anymore:


    As for science in Bible – I’m Catholic, so I believe in the historical basis of it (New Testament, anyway), but science ain’t in there:

    Quick example:

    Matthew 5:13 – But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted?

    Salt can’t lose its savor. It is always salty. If it’s no longer “NaCl”, it’s not salt, and doesn’t have the savor.

    I know it’s a metaphor, but that’s the point – we have to stop treating the Bible like the Farmer’s Almanac. Religion is religion, science is science.

  22. Field Marshal Trelane says

    Travis, you brought this nonsense up about religion, not T. Vice. If you want to have the reasoned discussion you claim to crave so much, then leave superstition out of it.

    I also notice that for all your whining about unfair characterizations, you do the exact same thing: make wildly inaccurate and outright false accusations regarding the beliefs and behavior of certain groups. Here’s a bit of advice: instead of instinctively flailing out with the ad hominems at the slightest hint of something different from yourself, actually take the time to formulate a coherent argument. Then perhaps your posts might not reek of hypocrisy so much.

  23. Klute:

    And true religion blends faith and reason.

  24. Carlist,

    Exactly – which is why I can understand the use of metaphor and poetry in the Bible is just that. The Bible is not a scientific document. It is a relgious text, a historical record (in parts), an atlas, a philosophical jumping off point.

    Anyone who says there is science in the Bible is trying to prove something to themselves.

  25. Field Marshall:

    You’re wrong. I didn’t bring the Bible and religion up first. There’s a written record on this thread with time stamps.

    I didn’t insult anyone, I pointed out irrational and insulting behavior.

    T. Vices response was hateful, namecalling. Your post was untrue. My response was to a point and founded.

    This is obvious to everyone except T. Vice, Klute and you.

  26. Travis,

    I’m not sure what I’m missing – other than not refering the Bible as a scientific text (and pointing out a fairly obvious example of where it’s not), I didn’t respond to you with hate, namecalling or any other charge (unless, of course, “disagreement with Travis = HATE!”).

  27. Klute: (on this thread)

    Namecalling: “Peacock”

    Insulting: “Anyone who says there is science in the Bible is trying to prove something to themselves.”

    Not to the level of T. Vice and FMT, but none-the-less, as advertised.

  28. “Insulting: “Anyone who says there is science in the Bible is trying to prove something to themselves.”

    Man, have you got to get some thicker skin if you think that’s an insult.


    Now *that* was an insult, and I stand by it – especially in light of how it’s now been confirmed that it was a staged publicity stunt – to the point where Chris and his organization went to the police to coordinate (in a delightful ironic subversion of the 2nd Amendment).

  29. Tucson Vice says


    “Anyone who says there is science in the Bible is trying to prove something to themselves.”

    This isn’t insulting, it’s reason. Give it a try sometime. You are seeking scientific basis for something that can’t be supported by science. You are looking for PROOF. You aren’t supposed to need it. Your faith is supposed to support you, it is a pillar of most monotheistic religions.

    Your attempt to assign scientific basis to your superstitions (intelligent design is a bold-faced lie and a stupid one at that) subverts the premise of your religion…belief without proof.

    It shows an obvious lack of faith, and an astonishingly weak mind.

    Stop playing the persecuted christian card. It’s pathetic. Turn the other cheek, forgive me and pray for me. I’m sure it’ll make you feel better.

  30. kralmajales says

    My momma taught me never to talk about religion and politics.

  31. Viscount Trelane says


    Apologies for being obscure. I meant the nonsense that religion is scientific in any demonstrable way. I know you’re bent on playing the christian martyr, but you may want to choose what you get into a self-righteous huff over; you may end up looking stupid.

    As far as insults go, you accuse liberals of running this country into the ground. This is absurd, especially considering that A) it is only 8 months into the current presidency and B) you can possibly say this after 8 years of the sheer Caligulan incompetence your boy, Bush Jr., wreaked on this country. Liberals aren’t running the country into the ground; we’re digging it out (a job that would be much easier by the way if you lot weren’t kicking and screaming like children the entire time).

  32. T. Vice:

    You continue to make my point. Liberals cannot keep the topic on point. This thread is about politics and policy. You all made it about religion, namecalling and hate. I’m not going to play your game. I’m calling you on it.

    I think my point has been made over and over by you guys. The Liberals have a playbook that includes insults, irrational hatred for all things for which they do not believe and they try to change the subject and bully people to get their way.

    It’s not working here and it’s not working across the US right now.

  33. Tucson Vice says

    Oh right, Travis. Right.

    Wouldn’t it be a better world if everyone was a white conservative republican? This way, our hatreds would not be irrational, because god hates gays and minorities too, right?

    Brother Travis, I wrote one line of one sentence that mentioned religion which you decided to address and continue addressing. Two points stem from this.

    First, you had nothing to say about the original post…you only chimed in when I doubted the existence of your imaginary friend. Don’t pretend to care about this thread being hijacked. Read back. This thread was about firearms until you showed up.

    Second: at this point, I’m responding to see what idiot fairytale you will defend next, I don’t think I’m changing your mind. That would be a waste of my time. You have rewarded me every repeatedly. You are playing my game. Feel free to stop.

    Colossians 3:13
    Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

  34. T. Vice,

    You’re wrong on nearly every point – again.

    This post was partially about the 2nd Amendment. I addressed that point in my first post. I then addressed the liberal playbook – very relevant and started by you.

    No, I’m on topic. I don’t hate you. I’m not mad. I’m just pointing out your irrational behavior because it is so prevalent in Liberal circles – also relevant to this thread.

    Also, I’m not playing your game because I don’t call you names, wish you ill, hate you or lie about you. I’ve never made wild assumptions about your religion, race or gender or other unrelated beliefs. You’ve done all those things – that’s your game.

    Responding to you isn’t playing your game. It’s called responding. It’s what people are free to do – unless Liberals get their way and investigate and threaten everyone who dares oppose them and shut down all dissent.

    Keep posting, it’s telling and if I feel like it, I’ll respond, because for now, I’m free to do so.

  35. Mad Gramma says

    This lil’ ol’ lady was packin’ with a CCW permit and it was loaded not like Chris’ who carried unloaded. My gun will only be pried from my old cold dead fingers. The problem is the gun became the issue by the morons that don’t understand the 2nd ammendment and fear guns, GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE DO!

  36. Tucson Vice says


    It’s funny when the party of Arpaio, Bush, Gonzalez and Rove are suddenly concerned about civil liberties.

    Hypocritical in the extreme.

    Anyhow, we can go continue this in other threads if you like, I promise to provide you with plenty of opportunities to defend your imagiinary friend in the sky if you want to. It usually comes up when I find coneservative christian-folk claiming intellectual superiority over others. This tabloid makes a habit of it, so I’m sure we’ll talk more.

    At the end of it though, we aren’t convincing each other of anything. You will continue seeking proof to shore up your faith, and I’ll continue laughing at the idea of talking snakes and zombie messiahs revealing mans purpose and the mysteries of the cosmos to a bunch of farmers in the middle east who spent most of their time killing each other over land disputes.

  37. What the heck business is it of yours or mine or anyone’s what Chris chooses to do on his own time? He’s not breaking the law, hurting anyone nor insulting anyone. End of subject.

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