WATCH: Lobbyist Matt Salmon Gives Money to Liberal Democrats


Our campaign has a great creative team focused on sharing our message of principled, conservative leadership while using the FACTS to highlight contrasts with my opponent. Yesterday, we released our newest video Lobbyist Matt Salmon gives money to liberal democrats, the first in a new series. In this video, we asked conservatives what motivates them to give to political campaigns and why my opponent contributed to liberal democrats like Congressman Joe Baca and Ed Pastor.

Our video has already been featured by Small Business Against Big GovernmentTucson Citizen, andWestern Free Press.

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  1. Gilbert Guy says

    Say goodbye to the tea party vote Mr. Salmon. Giving money to liberal democrats during the same time as the creation of the tea party and ObamaCare? Really? Good luck with that.

  2. Matt Salmon placed his friend Glenn Hamer over at the AZ Chamber of Commerce so he could lobby for amnesty on behalf of all the big AZ corporations that make money using the illegal labor pool.
    Salmon also sold us Wave Yard in Mesa, the boondoggle water park that would have used lots of Mesa money, but never got off the ground. It did cost the City of Mesa lots of money in planning and staff time to coordinate plans for the defunct water park, but I guess Mesa will just write off the loss of the taxpayers money because favorite son Salmon, did it.

  3. TruestoftheTrueAmericanConservative says

    Fishy indeed! He has A LOT of explaining to do – donating *personally* to the campaigns of the most liberal members of Congress. Is he NUTS????.

    Incidentally, if A supports B, and B supports C, then does A support C (by the transitive property)?

    Because, if Russell Pearce supports Matt Salmon, and Matt Salmon supports Ed Pastor, then does Russell Pearce also then support Ed Pastor?

    Salmon sure duped the “conservatives” (so-called) in the AZ GOP!

  4. Is this the same Matt Salmon that lost the Govs election by a hair and gave us 2 terms of Napolitano? And started her off on her career so that now she is in a Federal position in charge of the TSA to grope us at airports and the Border patrol that is so effective at guarding our borders?
    Im not sure about the electronic cigarettes thing that he supposedly did, doesnt seem right given his faith.
    Wow, Matt has done a lot for AZ.

    • TruestoftheTrueAmericanConservative says

      But don’t forget that “true conservative” Joe Arpaio ENDORSED Napolitano and gave her that razor edge margin of victory.

      Ego Joe must laugh himself to sleep every night when he goes to bed. He puts Nappy in power, who bankrupts the state then flees for Washington, and yet he launches some raids and suddenly is lauded as a conservative hero. I have to give it to him, he sure plays the AZ Republicans like a fiddle!

      • Conservative American says

        Well now, let’s be clear. Are you saying that you don’t want to see Arpaio remain Maricopa County Sheriff?

        • I don’t want to see him remain sheriff. He’s unstable. He surrounds himself with unethical people (who always seem to be thrown under the bus with each new scandal – the most recent being the misappropriation of funds by his right hand man and top deputy), the wrongful deaths that have occurred at the hands of his deputies have cost taxpayers tens of millions. What’s to like? He neglected hundreds of child sexual abuse cases (didn’t even investigate them!). He’s a poseur. He’s not a conservative. And, were it not for his love affair with Democrats (endorsing Napolitano for governor), we would not have had Janet as governor and may have avoided the fiscal disaster her out of control spending created.

          Honestly, whats to like?

          The guy is a bad sheriff but he talks a big game and spends a lot on PR.

          • Conservative American says

            So you stand with those great bastions of Conservatism, MARY ROSE WILCOX, RANDY PARRAZ, CHAD SNOW and RAUL GRIJALVA who want to see Sheriff Arpaio out of office. That makes it clear where you stand. Thanks for sharing! 😉

            • They’ll have their own reasons to want to see him go.

              Bernie Sanders wants to see Obama out of office. So do I. That doesn’t mean I stand with Bernie. It means we have our own reasons to see Obama go.

              Right is right and wrong is wrong. I’m not tribal. I don’t support unethical behavior just because the person engaging in bad behavior is supposedly on my “team” …

              You need to make your decisions based on what you believe, not based on the opposite of what your political enemies want. It’s a totally reactive way to live.

              I think for myself and act in accordance to my sense of right or wrong, regardless of who else is for or against it.

              • Conservative American says

                When we cut through all of the verbiage, explanations and hype we are left with the simple fact that MARY ROSE WILCOX, RANDY PARRAZ, RAUL GRIJALVA and CHAD SNOW want Sheriff Arpaio out of office… and so do you, Wish. The ballot doesn’t care what your reasons are. It only knows how you vote.

  5. Alan Soelberg says

    What possible explanation could there be for Salmon’s decision to contribute to such liberal candidates? Makes no sense. Campaigning as the tea party hard liner yet his behavior over the past ten years exposes his emphasis on influence peddling. Can’t let him continue his travel through the revolving door. Seriously, who is this guy?

  6. Conservative American says

    Now TruestoftheTrueAmericanConservative is talking about Sheriff Arpaio. She wrote this:

    “January 26, 2012 at 12:34 am”

    “But don’t forget that “true conservative” Joe Arpaio ENDORSED Napolitano and gave her that razor edge margin of victory.”

    “Ego Joe must laugh himself to sleep every night when he goes to bed. He puts Nappy in power, who bankrupts the state then flees for Washington, and yet he launches some raids and suddenly is lauded as a conservative hero. I have to give it to him, he sure plays the AZ Republicans like a fiddle!”

    Well, if you want to talk about Sheriff Arpaio, TC, let’s talk about Sheriff Arpaio then.

    So you said about Arpaio that, “He puts Nappy in power…”. Really? So Janet Napolitano wasn’t elected to office by voters, she was “put in power” by Sheriff Arpaio. Is that right? And you can prove this, correct? You have hard facts, hard data and hard numbers to demonstrate conclusively that Napolitano was “put in power” by Sheriff Arpaio. You wouldn’t mind sharing those hard facts with us, would you? I’m really interested in this factual cause and effect relationship. I mean surely your aren’t simply full of crap and shooting off your mouth. You can back up your claim, can’t you?

  7. I’m not sure how the previous comments about Joe Arpaio are relevant… All I got from this video, is that Matt Salmon cannot be trusted. I guess 10 years of lobbying can take their toll on anyone’s integrity. He lost my vote, that’s for sure!

    • Lost my support, too. No way I will support a guy who gave money to Joe Baca and Ed Pastor. How in the world could he ever justify giving them money and advancing the liberal democrat machine.


      Honestly, it’s insulting that he has tried to co-opt the tea party and brand himself as a tea party champion. He’s parading around with the constitution in his right hand, but with his left hand he’s slipping money to liberals.


  8. Nordine Crub says

    But Wish, he gave that money to Ed Pastor and Baca out ov the goodness of his heart. How can you honestly fault a former congressman for supporting the other side? When you’re s lobbyist you get paid to swing both ways…that’s your job. And besides he was probably reimbursed by the client. We all know, or at least I thought we knew politics makes for strange bedmates. Just say’n! Nordine

    • CD5 Conservative says

      Nordine, good thing I’m fluent in Sarcasim as well because I about choked on my breakfast reading your post. bahahaha

  9. CD5 Conservative says

    So many folks have hit this on the head – he just can’t be trusted.

    But one thing that really chaps my behind on this, is that Matt used to be the AZ GOP Party Chair. Oh could a former Party Chair sink so low to give money to ANY democrat.

    And if memory serves, Pastor had a republican challenger and Baca had a close race.

    As the video says, something smells fishy

  10. I want all you guys to contact the trade associations that help your businesses and let them know they’re not to give money to any D’s while they do their lobbying.

    If you are a CPA, for instance, you do know that the AZ and federal CPA PACS give tons of money on both sides of the aisle. So put your money where your mouth is and see what actually happens when they stop lobbying on our behalf.

    If you are Pro-Life, and don’t want to support D’s, then stop giving money to AZ Right to Life, which has endorsed certain Democrats.

    • CD6 Businessman says

      I think you pretty much made a great point against Salmon here. Trade associations and PACS donate to candidates who promote the same principles or their industry. A CPA PAC will never donate to an anti CPA candidate. AZ Right to Life will never donate to an anti-life candidate. That would go against the very nature of their mission. So… why would a “conservative” congressional candidate donate to liberal candidates?

      Does Ed Pastor advance the principles of Matt Salmon or just the industry he was working in? Either way it does not fare well for Salmon because he either has principles that are far from conservative or he is willing to forego what he believes in to promote his industry (lobbying) and pocket book.

      • Salmon’s lobbying FIRM didn’t donate to these people, SALMON did in a PERSONAL capacity.

        Wilson’s argument was weak, as you pointed out. But it’s even weaker knowing that Salmon donated in a PERSONAL capacity.

        It’s outrageous.

        • Well if his firm donated corporate money, that would be a crime.

          Lobbyists advance the principles of their clients. If the principles conflict, they deal with it. Democrats in office are just that…in office. If you want their attention and can get it with a couple bucks, by all means go ahead, there are bigger fish to fry.

          I understand there’s a war going on, and we have our spies and counterintelligence and special tactics. Just like the other guys do. Things that appear to be simple often just aren’t.

          Salmon used to work for the phone company. Everyone hates the phone company. But he was elected anyway and did a great job.

          If you want to support Adams go ahead, just keep trying to understand the world around you a little better.

          • Instead of standing up to a corrupt influence peddling system, he hired out his services to the highest bidder and advanced liberal democrat objectives as long as it made him a buck.

            That’s honestly what you are looking for in a representative?

            No thanks.

            I’ll take the guys who make their money in the free market, who don’t financially support the people trying to kill our country and constitution and rob us blind through higher taxes.

            The video had it right – there is something VERY FISHY about Salmon …

  11. Chandler conservative says

    Two facts that help this all make sense. 1) for the last decade Matt Salmon has been a registered lobbyist. 2) for lobbyists to be successful they must gather support from all sides.

    Obviously those donations to dems were in an effort to further his lucrative lobbying career.

    Point is, MATT SALMON IS A LOBBYIST. In an election in 2012 against Obama, why is he even being considered? I really thought the district would be done with this sentimental good ol boy mentality by now.

    This picture of Salmon says it all….

    • A hired mercenary who advanced the interests of liberal politicians if it made him a buck. That’s pretty low.

      Anyone supporting Salmon really needs to have a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves if they can trust him.

      I think it’s clear that he has changed in a very bad way and become part of the corrupt Washington system.

  12. Chandler conservative says


    “In an election in 2012 against Obama principles in Washington”


  13. Just think, Krony Adams would have easily cruised to a House Seat, too bad he is so heavily identified with the McCain-Flake Jerry Lewis-Randy Parraz bunch. As is it is, he has to sneak around gatherings, where only he thinks it is safe.

    • CD5 Conservative says

      Same old lies, inuendos and baseless accusations. Go away troll. Don’t you have some relative you need to help lose a maricopa county supervisors seat?

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