Washington Post Recognizes Sonoran Alliance

Huge thanks to Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post for recognizing and placing Sonoran Alliance on the list of “Best State Political Blogs.” Sonoran Alliance  was among four Arizona blogs that made the cut (see the list here.)

Thanks to all our readers and contributors for making us a success. We would not be where we are without your readership, participation, and dedication.


  1. Congratulations! Best of luck!

    With the Immigration Debate about to heat up again, y’all will be on the front lines.

    We’ll look for ya!

  2. Trish Groe says

    Congratulations on being recognized for what I already knew to be true.

  3. Reagan Coalition says

    Espresso Pundit should have been listed, it’s the other top blog here in Arizona.

  4. Reagan Coalition,

    I totally agree! I would have listed EspressoPundit and Seeing Red AZ as two of the best conservative blogs in AZ.

    Also gaining notoriety is Noble Notes and Gila Courier.

    The cool thing is that many of Arizona’s prominent blogs were incubated right here on Sonoran Alliance!

  5. Rightwoman says

    Now DSW– Y’know that the word notoriety means a BAD reputation–negative attention. We like Noble Notes and Gila Courier–really we do 😉

    As for espresso–love em but Greg’s gotta quit grumbling about the Republic–let it go…they’re dying anyway, why kick em?

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