Warding Off A GOP Challenge in CD-5

Sonoran Alliance has learned that recent transplant from the Bay Area, Jim Ward, has no record of voting in a primary election in Arizona or anywhere else for at least the past 10 years.The lack of primary election voting history in Arizona isn’t surprising given that Ward has only been in the state less than a year and was a California resident during last year’s primary.

However, our sources tell Sonoran Alliance that going back several years in California voter history reveals that Ward never bothered to vote in a primary while a resident in California.

Now some can and will make the argument that whether or not you bother to vote should have no bearing on your fitness for office. That certainly is fair enough.

But it does appear strangely awkward for a candidate running in a primary to ask voters to turn out and vote when they don’t make the effort or can’t be bothered to do it themself.

We would suspect that the primary voting history of Sonoran Alliance readers would be fairly high and they should be congratulated for doing what so many don’t – exercising their right to participate in the political process.

Should our candidates for office be expected to do the same thing?


  1. I like Mr. Ward’s picture on website. He must think we are a bunch of cowboys out here in AZ. He’s got his cowboy boots on and I noticed there wasn’t a single scuff mark on the sole. Tells you how much he’s used them.

  2. kralmajales says

    Ya’ll need some new blood!

  3. That would make him an “Urban” cowboy in the 80’s and a “Metro” Cowboy in the 21st Century!
    Giddy up!

  4. Seriously? Do people really not realize that their voting record (or lack thereof) will not come back to haunt them? With the age and era of technology, we can know what someone’s voter record is in any state in the U.S. (providing they are a citizen).

    Seriously, if you take you civic responsibility seriously enough to consider runing for office, you should perhaps first exercise your right and responsibility to vote.

    Good luck. Now we need a serious candidate.

  5. LiberateCD5 says

    I think we are trying to make Harry Mitchell Congressman for Life with candidates like this guy.

    On the other hand, you can’t be too hard on the guy for not voting in Republican primaries in the Bay Area. In the Bay Area, the Republican candidate is usually just the sacrificial lamb who gets slaughtered in the general election. Are there even enough Republicans left in the Bay Area to even hold primaries?

  6. Oh My Gawd,
    Where is John Revere?
    The Carpet baggers are coming! Right from California.
    May the Lord have mercy on us.

  7. Republicans from the Bay area are likely to be uber liberal here (i.e. Democrats in AZ).

    He didnt vote in ANY republican Primary- right? That mean’s for President too (surely he had a choice between Romney, Huckabee, or McCain), right?

    I don’t think it really matters where he’s from. His record is already speaking for him.

  8. I can’t speak for the rest of the readers of SA, but come on! Never bothering to vote in a primary and then being arrogant enough to think you should run for office in the primary?

  9. Frank Coz says

    Before we go piling on, could Candie Dates provide something a little more authoritative than, “our sources tell Sonoran Alliance…”?

    You’ve gotten people to start throwing stones at Ward. Good for you. Now can you back up your claims?

  10. Hmmmmm. I see again that SA will once again devote it’s time and energy to David. How unfortunate. This will ensure Mitchell gets elected again.

  11. CD 5 is a 70+ Republican district. Any legitimate candidate should be able to overcome the Mitchell machine.

  12. Frank,

    Why don’t you go to Ward’s website, send him a message and ask him?

  13. Harry has been too smart with his votes to not get re-elected anyway. Schweikert was a pathetic candidate last time and will be again and this guy is a joke.

    I think what you have to hope for now is in redistricting Tempe and some of Mesa becomes its own district and scottsdale/cavecreek and fountain hills gets its own district. That way you have solid R district that can cancel harry out.

  14. Truthfully, Mitchell is as good as reelected. He’s voted more conservative than anyone could have imagined. He might be vulnerable if he were to make a few bad votes and we had someone better than Schweikert or the carpetbagging Ward. Anyone have any idea who the wizards of smart at party headquarters are backing?

  15. Frank Coz says


    Since there’s no source, going to Ward to address every rumor posted on SA would be the equivalent of calling every phone number scribbled on a bathroom wall that’s accompanied by a note promising a good time.

    This blog can do better. Asking for sources isn’t asking too much.


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  2. […] blog full of really interesting information, the site is now bloated with hack writers and full of Republican bashing and attacking their own.  Since when did they start letting lobbyists pipe off about their […]

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