Ward Connerly in Phoenix April 26

Several sources have confirmed that Ward Connerly will be in Arizona on April 26. Speculation is growing that he will be here to announce the inauguration of a ballot initiative to end preferences and double standards based on race, sex, color, ethnicity and national origin in government activities.


  1. Any word on where he’s going to be to make this announcement and whether it’s going to be public?

  2. kralmajales says

    Gosh…now all he needs to do is to try to convince corporate American to stop its consideration of diversity in the workplace. After all, it is the businesses of America that have done more in the past 10 years to promote inclusion and diversity than has government.

  3. Kral, can you get it right on ANY topic? Corporations have chosen to diversify without being forced to by affirmative action. You remember free will? Likely not…

    AA has served its purpose and is now a harmful relic. AA be gone!

  4. From the Right says

    Kralmajales is a Democrat activist. Why bother arguing with him? Waste of time. Responding to him is like going to Blog for Arizona, Arizona Congress Watch, AZ Netroots, Man Eeegee, Liberal Desert, Spiedelblog, Random Musings, or other local liberal blogs and picking a fight with them. Kralmajales really should stick to posting on his friends’ blogs. Waste of reading here for everyone else.

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