VP Remorse

The majority of Democrats won’t admit it but if you listen to all the political talking heads today, you’d hear a sense of anger and remorse in Obama’s choice of VP.

Financial Times
ABC This Week
Fox News Sunday

The good news for John McCain is that Barack Obama had a chance to checkmate McCain with a Queen and instead moved a rook to some benign position on the political chessboard.

John McCain now has an excellent opportunity to make a VP pick that will move his campaign closer to victory while the Democrats continue to seethe over Hillary’s absence on the ticket and a party that is still not united.


  1. Well, he could also issue a text message flip flop (hint to the Text Priest at Obama HQ in text shorthand that would be Flp-flp), that would be almost as eagerly awaited as the pronouncment from the “messiah” on Friday.

    Legions are preparing to do the Obama fainting routine in response.

  2. I see that McCain has launched his Hillary beat up of Obama in a new ad upon the heels of the Biden announcement.

    Don’t be surprised if Obama and his camp comes out with a similar ad on McCain doesn’t pick Romney.

  3. I didn’t realize that the Financial Times, ABC This Week and FOX News Sunday employed all of the political talking heads on television. There is bound to be dissenting opinions within the party, but (despite what FOX may have told you to think) the huge majority of dems are perfectly happy with Clinton off the ticket. It’s one thing to try to rally the good ol’ boys into believing that the crack squad running the McCain campaign has an even chance but really, you shouldn’t have to do it at the expense of your dignity. The lying to oneself, the denial…while the rowdy class of third graders that comprises your readship may buy it, it still debases us all. Blatantly stating things that are easily verified to be false is one thing. You folks do that all the time, out of ignorance. YOU have done it, KNOWING it was false, out of some herd instinct. That makes YOU a lemming. The conservative droids that read your blog BELIEVE it, which makes THEM pathetic.

  4. This post is designed to fan flames that are nowhere to be seen! Hillary has already rebutted McCain’s desperate ad and is also preparing to release her delegates so that Obama can be nominated by acclamation. Both she and former President Clinton will make speeches in Denver that will further help the Democrats to unite.

    Meanwhile, the GOP is forced to defend eight years of a failed presidency and the growing public awareness that McCain will mean four more years of ineptitude and malfeasance. Your presumptive nominee knows he loses to Obama on the issues and on overall judgment, so he is starting to employ some of the gutter tactics well known to those of us who have observed his career in Arizona. Moreover, he plots some his attacks using minions who were employed against HIM eight years ago, when his wife, adopted child and military career were all trashed by George Bush’s smear machine. McCain won’t even denounce the Corsi book, which GOP apologist Mary Matalin has had the temerity to tout as a scholarly work!

    Joe Biden is your worst nightmare because he will be very effective in turning the tables on the Republican attack squads. He will be at his best when he uses your words against you, as he did with several McCain quotes yesterday in Springfield. However, the greatest strength he brings to the ticket is a renowned record for fighting Republicans on behalf of the the working and middle classes, the very people who have been hurt the most by Bush-McCain policies.

  5. Here, here.

  6. Biden is at his best when he quotes what others have said without giving them credit.

  7. Wow, Brandon you sure seem to have some pent up anger. Hmmm…Either you are one sick pup or you just like to put harsh things in writing to feel stronger about your weak political position; my guess is the latter. I hate to break it to you, but it isn’t going to get any better.

    Americans, not lemmings, sheeple, or whatever pejorative you assign to those who choose to think differently than you, are watching. They are vetting this guy, Obama. They know McCain, love him or not, they know what they get. Obama…the chameleon, will begin to unravel. He will make one too many cute quips or serious statements, in contradiction to his previous sound bite op, and it will become his downfall. Late night comedy at its best. The arrogance that seals his belief that the public is not smart enough, clever enough, or even caring enough to notice…well that joke will be on him.

    It will become pitiful to watch him crawl and scratch his way out of the very hole he dug for himself. All the while piling on the dirt.

    Joe, well, God bless him. He really has a great story and should be proud of what he has done as a father and a public servant. I hope his daughters are proud of their dad. They should be. Too bad he is so liberal; what is it, 5th most liberal in the US Senate? Four spots behind the #1 most liberal Senator…Obama.

  8. “Wow, Brandon you sure seem to have some pent up anger.”

    Yes, Annie, I do. I have witnessed so much kowtowing in the last 8 years, so much blind followership, to a man who has repeatedly demonstrated his complete and total ineptitude at every single turn that I sometimes wonder how you folks manage to formulate a single independent thought in your heads…if I didn’t know any better (and I I’m not saying I do) I would assume that you people had adopted some kind of hive insect mentality-incapable of thinking, saying or doing anything that doesn’t benefit the Queen.

    “Hmmm…Either you are one sick pup…”

    A distinct possibility, Annie.

    “…or you just like to put harsh things in writing to feel stronger about your weak political position; my guess is the latter.”

    If I write things that hurt your feelings Annie, it is because you folks, by your baffling ignorance, deserve it. I have to do this because I don’t have the patience to teach this stuff to you like you were in kindergarten (you have Fox news for that). My goal here, if I have one at all, is to get your attention…that the next time Fox news tells you to go play in traffic, you don’t actually do it.

    “I hate to break it to you, but it isn’t going to get any better.”

    I think America can do better. It’s sad that you don’t. Fear not, Annie. I have enough optimism for the both of us. I’m an optimistic guy. Hell…conservative republicans might even have a chance as long as people like you stay out of the argument.

    “Americans, not lemmings, sheeple, or whatever pejorative you assign to those who choose to think differently than you, are watching. They are vetting this guy, Obama.”

    All Americans think differently than I do? Come back when Johnny Mac is ahead in the polls. The funny thing about it is that for all of their watching and vetting, Obama is still, by almost unanimous agreement (barring the morons at FOX of course) leading in the polls. How does that Jive, Annie? As for the lemmings, I was reffering to Republicans, not Americans; these days I feel inclined to differentiate. How dare you lump every American voter in with the sheeple (your word, not mine)? To say that every American voter is an ignorant, uninformed, knuckle dragging, mouth breathing blockhead is monstrous. I believe in the American people (at least the ones not busy following Dubya off the cliff) and their ability to vote rationally. It is appalling…Nay! Contemptible! It is contemptible for you to suggest otherwise! For shame, Annie!

    “They know McCain, love him or not, they know what they get.”

    DO they? McCain hasn’t just tacked to the right, he has completely changed course and assumed ramming speed. The McCain of eight years ago would kick the holy crap out the McCain we see today. As far as I know, McCain wasn’t a Reagan loving, abortion quelling, homophobic neocon until he sat down with Pastor Rick and began expelling the conservative fecal debris that you people call an agenda all over your collective face on national television (the attendees in the front row were all wearing ponchos)which, by the way, you all loved…pervs. I wonder…when the first smattering of dung hit your face, were you suprised? Or did you know what you were getting, as you said?

    The rest of what you wrote I will simply attribute to mild brain damage, and not just another in a series of ape like temper tantrums in which you pound on the keyboard until the spellcheck says you’re good to go. Blah blah blah Obama is too smug, yadda yadda yadda I can’t identify with him, he thinks too much…it’s the same old song and dance. Someone from the RNC came up behind you, pulled the string in your back, and I don’t care to hear whichever of the five right wing fantasies they installed in you when they put that tracking chip in.

    I’m glad we could at least be civil, Annie and I think we agree on most things here.

  9. I got soul says

    He is ahead in the polls. Like it or not McCain polling within 3 or four points means he wins. If you are as smart as you claim you are Brandon you would know that.

    Well stated Ann. I am headed out to the Rep. Convention now to support the eventual president.

  10. Brandon, I really feel sorry for you. You are so full of hate.

  11. CNN now says they are tied. So much for the Biden bounce.


    CNN is a Democrat news agency, just like Fox is the Republican.

  12. You got soul but you lack intelligence. They aren’t even if you bother to look at more than one national poll. It’s ok, friend. I’ll help you.

    August 25th, 2008:
    Rasmussen: Obama 264, McCain 247
    Pew Research center: Obama 46%, McCain 43%
    USA Today/Gallup: Obama 48%, McCain 45%

    Yesterday (the 24th)

    ABC News/Wash. Post: Obama 49% McCain 45%
    ABC News/Wash. Post (again):
    Obama 48% McCain 42%

    Gallup and CNN have them tied at 45% and 47% respectively. Try reading. Reading will make you more intelligent. It will teach you to write and think at a level higher than that of trained monkey.

    FromNYC, I must be in bad shape when someone on this website feels sorry for me. Please, don’t. I am not full of hate (cliche of the century by the way, shows obvious lack of independent thought). Like I said to Annie, I am doing this for your own good. So that when the RNC finally
    convinces you to start running down immigrants in your pickup truck, you don’t actually end up with blood on the bull horns affixed to your front fender.

  13. He cannot be worse than John Edwards or Joe Lieberman. Granted, that’s a low standard.

    Neocon William Kristol, by the way, in his NY Times column, “A Joe of His Own,” suggests this means McCain should pick Lieberman for HIS vice presidential candidate.

    I think liberals and conservatives can agree that Kristol must be insane.

    At least the last Republican presidential candidate from Arizona had a much better choice. Who can forget William E. Miller?

    (Note to both parties based on ’64, ’84 & ’96: New York State congresspeople don’t help the ticket.)

  14. Lieberman for VP? I think Kriston is carrying the trial balloon for McCain.

    My prediction: the ballon won’t stay in the air for more than 24 hours.

  15. Sorry, Kristol

  16. Brandon, when you’re within the margin of error, its considered tied. Admit it, Obama is a loser of a candidate.

    Talk about “tired cliches”. Your stereotypical intolerant liberal rant making bigoted remarks about people who disagree with you is so typical of the angry left.

  17. Kenny Jacobs says

    Nice try, DSW, but AZ Republicans still must deal with their RINO vs. Conservative vs. natzi infighting locally. Nationally, Republicans should nominate someone for President who is running FOR the office and not just AGAINST Obama.

  18. “when you’re within the margin of error, its considered tied”

    So what do you call it when every single poll puts Obama ahead of McCain? Even with the margin of error it’s safe to say Obama is in the lead.

    “Obama is a loser of a candidate.”

    And you base this on what exactly? What you read on a blog? Or maybe what some pundit on Fox told you? I’m going to give you some advice, Nick. If you’re going to assert something, be prepared to back it up. Ad hominem attacks aside, Brandon backs up his assertions with proper evidence. When you can do the same then maybe you’ll be ready to play with the big boys.

  19. Kenny Jacobs says

    Ann, Senator Biden has one daughter (not two as you stated) from his second marriage and two sons who survived the car accident that took his first wife and infant daughter. Being wrong doesn’t make you a “sick pup,” Ann, it just makes you wrong.

  20. Kenny you are right on the children, I thought about it this morning and realized my error. The point was the same, I hope his children are proud of him. Thank you for the clarification.

  21. CNN has the race tied.

    Zogby has McCain +5

    Rassmussen has the race tied.

    Gallup has the race tied.

    And the RealClearPolitics average is Obama +2

    Two months ago, Obama was up 7.1 points.

    The momentum is clear.

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