Voting has begun – Sonoran Alliance Endorsements

Ballots arrived in mailboxes as early as Friday. Some candidates have encountered people who have already voted. If you have any questions on legislative or Corporation Commission races check our endorsements.

State House Endorsements

State Senate Endorsements

Congressional Endorsements

Corporation Commission Endorsements

Arizona Right to Life PAC Endorsements

Center for Arizona Policy Voter’s Guide

PAChyderm Coalition Endorsements


  1. It is interesting you’re still linking to the PAChyderm endorsments. Howard put in a lot or work to score every vote, good job Howard. It appears that it is now a “LEADERSHIP PAC”. You have endorsed candidates that sponsored an off-highway vehicle tax along with property tax waver of a fun park in eloy.(Republican Values?) You have withheld your endorsement of hard line conservatives. Shame on you. I guess I will find something else to do one wednesday night a month.

  2. Thank you for your service, Senator. Don’t forget their endorsement of Rick Fowlkes for ACC, who like Napolitano supports embryonic stem cell research, supports granting unmarried domestic partners the same employee and health benefits as married couples, and opposes amending the US Constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one woman.

  3. There was a once monthly Wednesday meeting you didn’t happen to make Sen. Gould. That was the endorsements meeting. It would have been good to get your objection and enlightenment when it would have done some good.

  4. Al

    Are you saying you need senator gould to be there to make the right endorsements. That says a lot about gould. Maybe not so much about pachyderms

  5. Troubled Pachy says

    The endorsements from PAChyderms all appear to be in contested GOP primaries. Is Senator Gould in a primary we were not aware of? Or is he just a bit sensitive at this time? Perhaps the PAChyderms didn’t realize that it was shameful to not endorse people who were in races they could not lose because they had no opposition? Perhaps this small but hardworking group should spend less time in races they can make a difference in and more time in races where their time would be wasted? Perhaps that would satisfy the ruffled feathers of prima donna politicians who haven’t been stroked recently enough?

    Still, it is troubling the ease with which Senator Gould casts off friends and supporters. That seems to be an ability that seasoned politicians develop as they get used to the idea that they don’t need anybody’s help anymore. Until, of course, they do…

    My guess is that Senator Gould will return to many such meetings in the future, should he ever decide he has something to gain from it. This pachy will never forget.

  6. Come back Senator! We still love you, and we promise to serve some cheese to go with your whine at our next meeting!

  7. Monk and Troubled-
    I think Sen. Gould was referring to the endorsements of Fowlkes, Swapp, Hobbs over Conservative Republicans (i.e. Stump and Allen) in the ACC Race as well as the legislators that voted for the Eloy project. Their endorsements were purely political and not for the right reasons.

    The PAChyderm’s will be extinct by the next election, I predict… Especially after Carl Seel loses the fight in LD6. This will prove that the PAChs are a worthless organization, and have lost any semblance of an ability to get Reagan Republicans elected in this state.


  8. Let’s face it, Gould called it right here. Pachyderms did endorse more liberal candidates over conservatives. I mean, how can you endorse Fowlkes, Swapp, and Hobbs over Stump and Allen with a straight face. I also agree on the Eloy project. That was a disgrace.

  9. Kralmajales says

    Maybe those they endorsed were not just conservative but also good, proven, public servants?

  10. My point was that Howard spent all that time to rate every vote, then the Pachyderms threw it out the window and turned into a leadership PAC.

    As I recall the voters in my district elected me to be their Senator, not Bee, Verschoor or Huppenthal.

    When O’Hallern and Allen were done cutting at $125 Million (1.3 Billion shortfall) the cutting was over. Leadership didn’t have the guts to push back against the Liberals in the caucus.

    You folks need to figure out if you want support conservatives that will fight or the go along to get along, conservative at election time types that make up the majority of the caucus.

  11. On the ACC endorsements, they made it clear that they picked the folks that they thought were the most serious about free-market policies. That was the standard for that race and that race alone. Its a different job from the legislature and they used different criteria. Should it matter what your ACC candidate’s position on the 2nd Amendment is? Maybe yes, maybe no, but they considered ACC issues and came up with those names.

    On legislators, I’m curious. Who scored higher on the PAChyderm ratings this year, Farnsworth or Verschoor?

    Lastly, a lot of conservative groups (Right to Life, NRA, etc.) have endorsed Verschoor. I know Sen. Gould is upset about Eloy and that’s that for him, but a lot of conservative groups want a conservative like Verschoor to be Senate President. If Farnsworth wins, he’ll be a conservative vote as well, but he won’t be Senate President. That will fall to a Tibshraeny or a Leff. What a lost opportunity that would be!

  12. Verschoor won one of Pachyderm’s Spirit of ’76 Awards with a 91%, while Farnsworth rated below Anderson, Robson and Nelson with a 67%. Farnsworth usually votes right, but he missed almost four hundred floor votes over the last four years. It really matter how you would vote, if you do not show up to vote. And now, with that sorry record, he wants private sitizens to show up and vote for him. Some nerve!

  13. My apologies. It should have read “It really doesn’t matter . . .”

  14. Well maybe that will help Senator Gould to understand why PAChyderms would endorse a 91% score over a 67% score? If he compliments Howard on the scoring system, then its only right that the PAChyderms abide by it.

    Senator Gould may value the Eloy vote above all others, or even instead of all of the others, and that’s his right. But bashing an entire organization because they don’t abide by his definition of conservative seems unduly harsh.

    PAChyderms do seem to also think that Senator Gould is a great conservative, and I’m sure he agrees, so perhaps reconciliation is possible if they start on that common ground?

  15. Who would vote for someone that was endorsed by the AFL-CIO 2 times? Who would vote for a representative that voted to raise the tax on fuel in the state of Arizona? Who would vote for someone that let 3 school districts go BK under his watch?

    Just wondering how many Liberals are here trolling the site.

  16. Sonoran Alliance says

    If you look at any one of our endorsements in a vacuum you could find fault. On the other hand if you look at the totality, especially Pierce instead of O’Halleran and Melvin in place of Hershberger*, I think even Senator Gould would approve. Will it all happen? We’re not sure but our endorsements are very good when looked at as a package.

    *Comment was modified because we do not know who will be president of the senate.

  17. Verschoor vs Farnsworth will not decide the Senate President race.

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