Voters Abandoning Giffords’ Left-Leaning Agenda

Jesse Kelly

For Immediate Release: Friday, March 5, 2010

Voters are abandoning Giffords and her left-leaning agenda

Tucson, AZ. As Jesse Kelly walks door to door in District 8, he is noticing one clear theme. The voters of District 8 are rejecting Representative Gabrielle Giffords and her partisan agenda. “Not only are Republicans disgusted by one party gridlock, Independents are rushing to support my campaign to bring true conservatism to Washington. They have seen the Giffords/Pelosi agenda up close this past year and they are rejecting it in favor of my platform of limited government and reduced deficit spending.”

Jesse Kelly is even attracting support from Independents who previously voted for Giffords. “I supported Giffords because I thought she was being honest about her Blue Dog label. Now I realize that her words were just empty rhetoric. Jesse Kelly has the background and values to get America back on the right track. That is why I am supporting him,” stated Dr Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, Tucson physician and founder of HER Place.

Jesse Kelly is a Republican candidate for Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District in the southeastern region of the state. For more information on the Jesse Kelly campaign please visit

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