Voter Registration A Strange Campaign Issue For James

Lisa James’ campaign for State Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party has made voter registration and growing the party a centerpiece of her campaign pitch.  At a recent presentation, she spent a great deal of time lamenting Democrat gains and placing the blame at the feet of Randy Pullen.  She pledged, if elected, to reverse the Democrat gains.  Which all sounds good, until you actually stop to consider Arizona’s numbers relative to other states and, far more importantly, James’ own record in these two areas.

It will come as no surprise to readers of this blog (because you’re all political junkies) that Democrats made voter registration gains everywhere, not just in Arizona.  Republicans took a beating nationally and that was reflected in voter registration numbers nationwide. Arizona Republicans mitigated these losses by registering 100,000 new Republicans themselves, and they did so in spite of the fact that Arizona was not a targeted state (so there was no serious national money for voter registration as there usually would be).

Of greater significance to the race for Party Chairman is James’ own record, since she assures her audiences that she knows how to do the job.  James’ published resume points out that she is the immediate past First Vice Chair for LD8, an important position since the LD8 First Vice-Chair is responsible for voter registration and Precinct Committeeman recruitment.  Those are both important tasks for a district as well as the state party she intends to lead.  So how did James do on those two tasks?  The answer, according to LD8’s immediate past Chairman, is that she was an utter and complete failure.

In an email, former LD8 Chairman Royce Flora writes that James failed to register even a single voter and that she failed to recruit even a single PC.  Not a one.  James’ defense was in part that “she could not get anyone to help her despite asking many people.”  In fact, James’ performance was so atrocious that Flora was forced to ask for her resignation so that he could appoint someone who would actually do the work.  When James refused, Flora had to establish a committee under Dr. Harlan Stratton to do the job and, according to Flora, Stratton was very successful, both in terms of recruiting and registering, as well as getting people to help.  In fact, Flora gives Stratton much of the credit for LD8 electing more PCs than it has ever had before.

James’ campaign argues that 100,000 new registrations and an increase of 300 PCs is a failure and that any chairman who has that as a record should be replaced.  To close this sale, James will have to convince State Committeemen that her own record is superior. Mathematically, James has her work cut out for her.


  1. Goodyear GOP says

    So, if I read this right, the scoreboard reads:

    Pullen – 100,000
    James – 0

    and James is asking us to bench Pullen and put her in the game?

    Umm, no.

  2. nightcrawler says

    Consider the source here folks. Could it be that the past Chairman is still steamed about being shown the door during his re-election bid ? Soundly defeated. Not even close. The new PCs mentioned in this post were largely part of the Ron Paul movement and certainly were not recruited by the Chairman or his appointee. Shameless twisting of the facts for self-promotion. You can find pictures of both gentlemen on the back of a milk carton since losing the election, they are nowhere to be found.

  3. Maybe you’re right, but numbers are still numbers. Zero is zero, regardless of the source. The part I find interesting is that James couldn’t get people to help her, even when she asked. That doesn’t exactly scream “leadership”. If she can’t get a weekend voter registration drive in an LD, how does she propose to get the whole Republican Party working statewide?

  4. If LD8 is like my LD, they had their elections in December, or maybe late-November? If November, lots of LDs skip December meetings for the holidays. And most LDs aren’t having January meetings because of all of the other GOP meetings. So if “both gentlemen” that nightcrawler is referring to were shown the door at their election, there is a really great chance that there hasn’t been a meeting since then. So the “they are nowhere to be found” claim seems utterly worthless.

    Sounds good at first blush, then you think about it and it falls apart. Kind of like Lisa James’ pitch regarding voter registration? Hey wait a minute, have I identified nightcrawler’s real identity?

  5. nightcrawler says


    You are totally off-base and without a clue.

    Nice try.

  6. So how many meetings has LD8 had since their organizational meeting?

  7. nightcrawler says


  8. When was your org meeting and when were the other two? Y’all have too many meetings.

  9. saw it all says

    Let’s keep this in context. The point of the post is to say because James did not increase the PC numbers in 8 it is HER shortcoming. Could it be, well actually it was, Flora was such a nincompoop and downright hateful person as chair, NO ONE wanted to give him the time of day much less join in the fun?! He and a couple others would corner folks who didn’t do as they say and SCREAM at them, call them names, and Heaven forbid you get called at home. During the race for LD leadership, one of the “true believers” in Flora’s posse referred to (these are not my words)…”spics and homos” would be running the party if Royce was not re-elected. She was in a position where no one wanted to get involved with the mean spirited group in charge and the leadership they despised made sure to keep it that way.

    Let’s get this straight. In spite and despite their efforts, Lisa James worked hard, always on the lookout for ways to make the LD better. She was knocked down at every turn by Flora, Rosatti, and the ilk who could not allow her to succeed and bring in “her own recruits” or it would be the end to their domination. Well, too bad! They are out and new leadership is in. LD 8 is better for it and the state will be better with Lisa James as chairman!

  10. I’m not buying that. Folks who want to be PCs don’t always meet the LD chair first, so its not likely that Royce Flora ran off EVERYBODY. Moreover, folks who are registering to vote NEVER meet the LD Chair, so its impossible to blame zero registrations on the LD chair.

    Its convenient, for those of you who want to defend Lisa James, but its impossible. Zero is a total failure. If you can’t register ANYONE Republican, hiding behind folks who blame the LD chair isn’t leadership, its cowardice. ZERO folks, that’s total failure.

  11. Betsy Ross says

    The Repulican Party will not grow until it abandons the neoconservative agenda and globalism and corporate socialist party it has become. No matter who is in charge.

  12. You have got to be kidding. Pullen couldn’t register voters because he had no money? His anemic voter registration efforts were OK compared to other states?

    This is John McCain’s home state! Our senior senator was the Republican nominee for President, and Pullen still got outhustled by the Democrats by almost 2-1?

    No excuse for that. Pullen needs to go

  13. 1) Pullen and company didn’t register 100,000 new Republicans. Word on the street is that they also still owe their voter registration vendor several thousand dollars and have been avoiding all of her calls. Pullen hsn’t been returning calls…

    2) Lisa James, as the Arizona Victory Chair, was part of the largest voter registration drives in Arizona to date in both 2004 and 2006. Randy Pullen could learn a few things from Lisa.

  14. Nightcrawler, you are out of your mind. I am not hiding from anyone. I never have and never will. Unlike you, I am not even hiding behind a pseudonym. Neither is Doctor Stratton. The two meeting I missed were the poorly attended Christmas party at a bas Mexican restaurant and the January meeting. I was out of town for the party and my wife was sick the week of the January meeting. Why has your darling Lisa only attended a few meeting in the last four years? You are clueless and your agenda is clear.

    It doesn’t matter where the new PC came from; Harlan did the job when Lisa could not. Most of her excuses for not attending meeting or doing her other duties were she was busy with her kids. Very understandable, but she should not have accepted the job. How can she possibly have time for the State if she doesn’t have time for a district?

    Saw it all, you are just an outright liar. I welcomed everyone at district 8 and our membership of elected PC’s was the highest it has ever been. The problem is some of the “old guard” did not want to let conservatives have a voice at all, especially hard-line illegal immigration proponents. The district helped elect a real republican mayor in Scottsdale although some “republicans,” probably you included, supported a Democrat that was destroying the city and running of major revenue generators like Barrett Jackson. I opened a district office that helped other district push their candidates so we could hold onto and increase our majority in the legislature. The office worked very closely with the County and State GOP to focus resource where they were needed for success. There were many other accomplishments, but the district actually did something the last two years. Recruiting PC for the sake of large number is meaningless except to push an agenda by proxy votes. Harlan focused on PCs that actually worked for the Party.

    As far as your racial slur goes; no one that supported me ever made a comment like that as far as I know. Anyone that knows me knows I would not tolerate that kind of comment or attitude. You are also lying about Lisa. She had a year and a half to do something for the district. The back stabbing didn’t start until about six month ago. Lisa took over as vice chair right after she lost the last Chairman’s race. If you recall, I am the one that made it possible for her to run at all. I took a lot of heat for doing it but everyone deserves a chance. The same people that pushed for me to do it are the ones that are attacking me now. Don’t do what they want and they stab you in the back while talking about the “big tent.” I was voted out because I pissed these people off and the spread lies. They don’t like conservatives and support the cheap, illegal labor crowd. They convinced enough people to vote to take the district in a different direction and I lost the election. That’s what elections are all about and I’m fine with it.

    We had a County election today and the State election is coming up. Let’s see which direction the rest of the elected PCs choose to take. Like I said, that’s what elections are all about. Lisa was a huge disappointment as vice chair for the district and accomplished nothing. Randy worked hard and increased our majority in the state legislature at a time when republicans were expecting to lose seats. It was even predicted we would lose our majority in the House. Randy showed great leadership in the worst of times for republicans and has earned his support. Lisa has not. I stand by the comments attributed to me in the post and ask you all to support Randy. However it turns out, join together and help strengthen our Party. Support the Constitution, the Party platform and the rule of law.

  15. Dang, I guess that answers that.

    I had a feeling that nightcrawler was counting a Christmas party as a “meeting” just to pad his stats. Still, you can pad a “zero” all you want, but she’s gonna have to do better than zero if she wants to criticize Randy Pullen’s 100,000.

  16. nightcrawler says

    Shoot, I need a longer cable on the mouse to catch up to that diatribe. David, typically LD meetings get squeezed into the parties as well. Stats still hold.

    I will agree that Randy works very hard. He is a good man and worthy of respect. I won’t bag on him.

    Having said that, there is no proof the grand numbers you throw up at every chance are real and that they are a direct result of the Chairman’s activity. Just because you happen to be in charge doesn’t mean that you had anything to do with success. If that were true, you must also accept the losses. See Dist 11 as an example. Dems still won a legislative seat despite a voter deficit.

  17. Tom Buggeln says

    Seen it all and Nightcrawler:

    Sorry guys, you’re full of it!

    Lisa James represents all that’s currently wrong with the country club establishment in this party.

    She’s typical of the type who believes their social status entitles them to leadership.

    She did absolutely nothing to increase registration in Leg Dist 8 but she and her new found R.I.N.O friends have the gall to dump on Rob Haney who is a one man registrtion machine!

    The only time I ever saw Lisa in a combative moment was her nauseating heckling of Sen Russell Pearce when he was invited to address Dist 8.

    Her advertised pro-life credentials went by the wayside as she went to work for the Giuliani campaign.

    et’s face it, she’s little mone than a “pin up girl” for the fast buck illegal immigration crowd at the Chamber of Commerce.

    The last thing this party needs is a Nathan Sproul of Mack Magruder Republican as its state head.

    And I don’t hide behind a pseudonynm!

  18. Tom Buggeln says

    Sorry for the typos:

    Seventh paragraph should begin with “Let’s” and “mone” should be “more”

    And “or” should replace “of” in the third line of the eighth paragraph

  19. nightcrawler says

    Well Tom and Royce,

    You are in good company by going internet “commando”. Horst Kraus, Bob Haran and others would love to have you over at the ranch to just hang out.

    If you haven’t noticed, 90% of the posters and nearly 100% of the writers use pseudonynms and for good reason.

  20. Tom Buggeln says


    Well I guess Horst is in good company for a change, as I’ve noted that both Sen. Pearce and Chairman Pullen have often contrinbuted to this list under their own names.

    I do find your reference’s to Hosst’s ranch intriguing though!

    Given the title of your pseudonym (which usually relates to a behaviour pattern) you must have been a casual visitor. In any event I hope you don’t pick up a “dose” via the usual nocturnal activities.

  21. To hear the James Gang spin it, everything that was bad was Pullen’s fault and she’s going to make it all better. Everything that was good had nothing to do with Pullen and she’ll make it even better still. At least that’s the argument that James, Demenna, and the rest are trying to make. I guess that’s just politics as usual, but it is uninspiring, to say the least.

  22. Well if James and company want to saddle Pullen and crew with the blame, then they have to give him credit for the victories. That’s kind of the way it has to work.

  23. Veritas Vincit says

    Here’s the question:

    Are the Republican losses of 06 and 08 due to poor packaging and branding, or are they due to a less than quality product inside the box to begin with?

    Example: A large majority of voters nationwide wanted their borders secure and made a lot of noise about it. What were the leading Senators from Arizona doing to respond to the wishes of the voters? As one Arizona state “R” legislator put it a couple of years ago, ‘…we need all the imported labor we can get to keep the state’s economy going’.

    I ask you, is that consistant with what the voters want to find in the package labeled “R”?

    That is only one example. The product inside the “Republican” box must be in line with the product the consumer is wanting to buy (at the polls).

    Lisa James is excellent at the marketing of the “R” brand – but its what’s inside the box the consumers are concerned about.

    Here’s my bottom line for you to consider:
    After Pullen won the chairmanship in 2006, where was Lisa James in the fight to raise funds, register new Republicans and all the things she’s promising today???

    So, why can she do for the party now, what she didn’t do for the party then?

    I hope the editors put this question out to their readership and perhaps some of the other blogs within the Republican community pick it up.

    We can change the label and packaging all we want to, but if the product (think Newt Gingrich) in the box remains the same, when the consumer is interested in (for example) Sarah Palin, then we’re wasing our time and will contiue to deserve to loose elections. (As Nathan Sproul is so very good at doing)… sorry, couldn’t resist.

  24. AZRed: You said: “This is John McCain’s home state! Our senior senator was the Republican nominee for President, and Pullen still got outhustled by the Democrats by almost 2-1?”

    That may be your answer. I, for one, could not look someone in the eye and ask them to register Republican with McCain at the top of the ticket.

  25. Sherlock Homie says

    I seem to remember Mac Magruder having a fundraiser for Andrew Thomas. Based on what I read here, I must be mistaken, or are there in fact people on both sides of the immigration issue that get along with each other? Is it possible that Lisa James is such a person? Is Pullen?

  26. Veritas Vincit says

    After the chairman election in 06 why didn’t the James Gang and her pals close ranks and march with the elected chairman?

    With her pals and talent, I’m sure the party would have done even better than it did.

    Remember as a child the kid on your block who – when they weren’t picked to be the pitcher or captain of the team took their ball home so nobody could play?

    No matter how hard it was (that’s an understatement), once Obama had the nomination the Democrats closed ranks and marched into the White House.

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