Voter guides.

     The Clean Elections voter guide has been arriving in mailboxes this week.  My observations are as follows. 

     Mike Harris is a fool for not sending a picture and statement.  This campaign is doomed for other reasons besides this but missing out on the pamphlet is a huge mistake. 

     One of the main issues in District 8 Senate Republican primary is abortion and neither candidate will use the word.  Allen give a hint when she mentions that she worked with the National Organization of WomenRosati only says that she earned the Friend of the Family award. 

     Despite his changing status as a candidate Russ Jones has a nice photo and statement. 

     The Democrats have no chance of winning in District 26 and Charlene Pesquieva’s lack of a photo and statement will not help. 

     Toni Hellon says she represents Saddlebrooke in Pinal County but at a recent forum criticized Al Melvin because he was from Pinal County and implied that he would not be able to represent Pima County.  I’ve got news for you Toni.  If you can represent Pinal Al is more than capable of representing Pima County as well as all of his district. 

     Hellon goes on to list campaigns that she has worked on: Bob Walkup, Jim Kolbe, Jane Hull, and John McCain.  With a list like that of moderate/liberal Republicans I guess that she has written off the conservative vote. 

     The conservative candidate for District 26 Senate, Al Melvin, gets right to the point with his opening sentence “For too long we have been electing Republicans who campaign as Republicans and then go to Phoenix and vote like Democrats.”  Very clearly stated as well as TRUE. 

     More on the house races later. 


  1. Speaking of the guide, there was a minor and mildly amusing error in translation.

    David Jorgenson said that he has been happily married for 20 years to his wife, January (her first name). The person who translated this wrote that David has been happily married for 20 years in January (the month of). The translator used the word “enero” which is the Spanish word for the month of January. Additionally, apparently they don’t capitalize month names in Spanish.

    It’s a subtle miss and you could hardly fault the translator (unless the candidate submits the translation as well) since it’s not a common first name and unless you knew the Jorgensons it wouldn’t even occur to double check since grammatical errors are not unheard of in candidate statements that are used “as submitted”.

  2. I thought the AG candidate statements were perfectly juxtaposed – Gooddard’s and then right away Montgomery’s. You read Goddard’s and it sounds o.k. Then you go to Montgomery’s and you’re hit with a 1-2-3 punch! West Point Graduate, Gulf War Vet, and a Prosecutor! Has anyone done any polling, yet?

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