Vote for Your Favorite GOP Gents!

Editors note: It’s time to lighten it up a little bit here on Sonoran Alliance. Here’s a variation on a theme on our Pol-parazzi post. Have fun voting for your fave!

OK Republican ladies, we’d like you to vote for your favorite, conservative, Republican, elected, eligible, bachelor!

According to political pundits, these GOP gentleman are considered rising stars in their arena chomping on the bit of their next political career move. Who knows, they may even be one of our own future congressman or senator from Arizona.

Let’s quickly profile these chivalrous conservatives and no, this is not

Representative Jonathan Paton
Representative Jonathan Paton

Hailing from Legislative District 30 in Tucson, Representative and 1st Lieutenant, Jonathan Paton, is currently serving in his second term in the Arizona House of Representatives. Last summer, he donned his BDU’s and volunteered to serve a six month intelligence and reconstruction support mission in Iraq. He returned in February, just in time to join his fellow Republicans in pushing through critical legislation. Jonathan brings a strong international background to any conversation including a proficiency in Russian and German. According to his legislative bio, Jonathan’s “hobbies include reading, brewing beer (we are not sure if anyone has ever survived a taste-testing or not), working-out and writing.” Look for Jonathan’s State Senate campaign website to launch soon.

Representative Bob Stump
Representative Bob Stump

Straight from the westside (Legislative District 9), Representative Bob Stump is currently in his third term in the State House. Deemed by his colleagues as “one of Arizona’s most articulate and eloquent champions of conservative ideals,” Bob has obtained celebrity conservative status among such national networks as CNN, Fox News, C-SPAN and PBS. Bob has also distinguished himself as a legislative expert on bioethical issues such as cloning (if only we could clone more Bobs!) Representative Stump is also a graduate of Harvard University where he was in the brain trust of such scholars as George Will. He also ventured into the waters of Berkely where he studied philosophy and social thought and graduated with honors. According to his legislative website, Bob, “enjoys hiking, skiing and exploring our great state of Arizona.” 

Senator Jim Waring
Senator Jim Waring

North Phoenicians (Legislative District 7) can count on Senator Jim Waring as their conservative voice. Perhaps one of Arizona’s wittiest elected officials, Jim’s colleagues can always count on the good-humored Senator to deliver the right line at the right moment. Currently serving his second term in the State Senate, Jim is the likely successor to Congressman John Shadegg in Congressional District 3. Originally from the Land of Lincoln, Jim graduated from the University of Illinois before obtaining a Masters in Political Science, and a Masters and Ph.D. in Public Administration from Arizona State University. “Dr. Jim” is a popular toastmaster among GOP socialites, hosting occassional happy hour discussions at such fine establishments as Nixon’s at the Esplanade.

Now that we’ve profiled this cadre of conservatives, we’d like to have your votes. GOP gals, please take a moment and tell us what you adore in these patriotic pols and what you think their political careers hold.


  1. lol. i almost pee’d my pants when i saw this (i know, so lady like…) honestly, this is one of the funniest things i have seen in a while.
    my vote goes to JW. he was, afterall, my senator when i lived in az :o)

  2. I’ve been saying, if we had a presidential candidate like Rob Lowe on the show “Brothers and Sisters” he’d have my vote. That is someone I could watch for 8 years. 🙂

  3. I’d pick Jim Waring. Why doesn’t the GOP have a bachelor auction to raise money? Maybe include some of the other single guys in Republican politics too. I know exactly who I would like to bid on, and I’d fork over a lot of money for him.

  4. Jonathan Paton will vote for himself as soon as he takes a break from being a self promoting media ho…so please leave the polls open until his district figues out they need a real respresentative not a talking head…

  5. Aw come on anonymous, I thought this post was supposed to be fun.

  6. Oh, please! Jim Waring is the most eligible bachelor for illegal aliens! Waring was the deciding vote on the Senate floor in favor of open borders. In 2005, the Senate had to vote on whether or not to put troops on the border, which should be a no-brainer. Jim Waring broke party lines to vote with the Democrats in favor of illegal aliens. I found the vote online at during my research on Gabby Giffords . She and Jim Waring both voted in favor of open borders. The bill number was HB2439 in 2005 and failed by one vote. Anyone who votes for open borders is unfit for legislative office, let alone higher office. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised about Waring’s open border stance – Waring is a former staffer for John McCain.

  7. My vote is for Rep. Stump!

    Tucson is lucky to have Rep. Paton and he’s no talking head.

    Car Pool Mom, get a life! If you’re so intelligent and all knowing, have the guts to run for office like these three men did. All of you who do, get over throwing in immigration and anti-McCain rhetoric in every post. It’s Thanksgiving. Be thankful for God’s grace and what you were born into to be living in this country. NOT everyone was that lucky.

  8. so much for having a little fun. this is to “lighten up”- some ofyou out there need to learn how to do that.
    ps- i forgot to mention why i am voting for Jim…he has the best hair :o)

  9. I say, Vote for Jim Waring! Not only does he have the best hair, but is a cool guy!

  10. Hair is good. So is funny and the ability to laugh. I guess that goes to Waring.

    VSP & Lynn… good job!

  11. Jim Waring gets my vote!!! Just look at that smile.

  12. Y’all,

    Jim Waring is a stud….he doesn’t need to use an auto-dialer to find friends to come to his happyhours.


  13. Is it just me or does Waring look like Randy Pullen’s long lost brother

  14. That is a lousy pic of Bob…doesn’t do him justice at all. There’s just something about an athletic Republican Ivy Leaguer who wears italian suits…

  15. Randy Pullen would be lucky to have half Jim’s charm & wit.

  16. Uh, no. Waring is a great guy, but Pullen is hot. Period. Not sure if this image will show up – If not try this –

  17. Have you ever seen Pullen he person???

  18. I mean in person??

  19. That photo looks more like the brother of Ron Paul on the post a few above this one.

  20. Why hasn’t Barrett Marston voted for Paton yet? I’m shocked!

  21. Bob Stump is definitely the winner here. Not only is he attractive (Sue’s right, this picture does not do him justice), knowing him personally, I can say that he is the whole package. He is very courteous, pleasant, humorous, humble, not to mention an Ivy League Graduate (so clearly intelligent). Plus, just look at that adorable smile! I am sorry to the other two contestants, but there is no contest here…

  22. The Ladies love Bob says

    My vote goes to Bob, for all the reasons mentioned above. Plus, he’s got season tickets to the PHX opera. It would be just like “Pretty Woman”, only without the lady of the night.

    If anyone wants to meet him, there’s a happy hour monday…

  23. So who won?

  24. RussianWomenHeartPaton says

    I start new club: Babouchkas for Jonathan!

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