Video: Wendy Rogers for State Senate – LD-17

Here’s a great, innovative, homegrown video from the Wendy Rogers campaign. Looks like we may actually reclaim this seat from the Democrats in 2010!


  1. Wendy is THE best candidate for this State Senate seat! Thank you for your diligence Wendy! An asset to the State Senate, this victory of Wendy Rogers will be!

  2. Thanks, Wendy! Thanks for:

    Not helping any other candidates.
    Trying to hijack LD17, with the assistance of Laura, from the PC’s in order to further your own campaign.
    Not having ANY platforms that are even remotely coherent….unless you call parroting other platforms from other candidates “ideas for change”.

    If anyone even remotely feels this carpetbagger can win, I’ve got several bridges to sell you.

  3. “Not helping any other candidates.”

    Who specifically has she not helped?

    “Trying to hijack LD17, with the assistance of Laura, from the PC’s in order to further your own campaign.”

    LOL! The PC’s don’t own LD17. The voters do. If you don’t like her, start your own campaign for state senate!

    “If anyone even remotely feels this carpetbagger can win, I’ve got several bridges to sell you.”

    Colonel Rogers is the real deal.

  4. Pretty cool especially for a legislative candidate. Its even better than some of the congressional stuff i have seen.

  5. James Howell says

    Rogers refuses to work with other candidates in LD17, like Republican Party First Vice Chair Augustus Shaw who is running for State House. Not that he needs the help with endorsements like Sheriff Joe and the Mayor of Scottsdale. Still, a coordinated effort may win both seats for the GOP!

  6. As someone who lives in Dist 17 and has known Wendy for over 10 years, I am proud to have a candidate that is going door-to-door and aggressively trying to win back this seat for Republicans. She lives in the heart of this district, raised her kids here and located her business here. Exciting things are happening in Dist 17 and it’s time to step up and support all the candidates who are working hard. I am looking forward to more innovative messages from Wendy!

  7. I am so proud to call Wendy a friend. She will be an excellent state Senator. Just as she has served our country with honor, I know she will serve Arizona with unmatched integrity.

    I hope everyone out there realizes the opportunity here— the ability to pick up a Senate seat in the legislature! Wendy doesn’t take government hand-outs, so if you want to support her, make a donation! She can win this Senate seat! And she will!

  8. And, BTW, “LD17”, whoever you are, why don’t you man-up and use your real name? Wendy served our country in uniform, and you’re too scared to even post your real name on a blog. Wow. The contrast between Wendy’s backbone and yours is remarkable.

    I know Wendy has raised her kids in Tempe, has maintained her home in Tempe, owns her business in the district, and employees people here. To say she’s a carpetbagger is just nonsense. Perhaps when you call her a carpetbagger, you’re referring to all the years she lived overseas while defending America? Is that it?

    I’ll support a real hero, and let the coward hide behind his fake name, as he throws attacks that just don’t stick.

  9. *yawn* any more shills, hacks or close family members of Knaperek or Rodgers care to fling their proverbial poo? You people bore me to tears. Oh. Danny. Yeah, big guy, I see you posting your full name. Get over it.

  10. Anyone who knows “LD17″‘s other postings knows that he can be dismissed out of hand. His opinion never reflects LD17 Republicans and he shows no knowledge of anything other than hate and irrational behavior. See post above.

  11. wanumba says

    Excellent ad. She covered a lot in a little time. Very interesting.

  12. I hate people who come in and talk up candidates in forums but I am going to do that now. I met Wendy one time at the county PC meeting and while she didn’t seem the best with people she was smart. If you talk to her she might seem a little awkward, and who knows she may have grown as a candidate since then, but she did know what she was talking about and she would be a great state senator.

  13. Wendy is the real deal. As a past LD17 officer I can tell you that she is one of the hardest working candidates that we’ve seen in a long time.

    She knows what it means to be a Republican. She is running self-funded and not looking for the “clean elections” handout.

    Let’s get behind her and get her to the AZ Senate.

  14. When will the Colonel be debating the better candidate for this legislative seat?

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