Video: La Raza Students Takeover of TUSD Board Meeting

(Sometimes it’s just best to show leftists in their rawest form.)

Here are the latest videos from the takeover of the TUSD Board meeting by La Raza students. These were loaded up on the Three Sonorans YouTube channel. One of the Three Sonorans is David A. Morales a Hispanic activist who promotes his anti-American agenda through his videography hobby. Mr. Morales is also a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona.

KMSB-11 Tucson covered the story here.
KGUN-9 Tucson covered the story here.
KVOA-4 Tucson covered the story here.
KOLD-13 Tucson covered the story here.

Other video that was shot:

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  1. Who taught those students to be so disrespectful to city governance protocols?

    • Gail Shoultes says

      @ wanumba… have the question reversed. WHO TAUGHT THE SCHOOL BOARD TO BE SO DISRESPECTFUL TO STUDENTS????

  2. God help America! Coming to a school near you.

  3. What’s your problem with grassroots democracy.

    You right-wingers applaud the tea-baggers whose Brownshirt tactics disrupted many Health Care town halls but you can’t stand a little of your own medicine?

    You do realize that Ethnic Studies student have a 3 to 1 better chance at college than their peers? You do realize that this attack on Ethnic Studies is just another weapon in the right-wing war against the poor and minorities?

    But I’m not worried. All of this posturing and legislation against working folk, poor folk and the growing Hispanic Majority will be fruitless. The days of white privilege are numbered and the antics in Phoenix are just the death throes of a dying regime. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha good riddance.

    • Poster “chetdude” apparently doesn’t know the difference between citizens questioning/challenging their elected leaders and a rabble of unemployed agitators who disrespect governing institutions.

      If nothing else, this shows that moonbat behavior is not limited to Mad-Town.

      Eliminating ethnic studies, now that’s change I can believe in™.

    • Steve Calabrese says

      I oppose so-called ethnic studies that tout the supposed superiority of one race over another, whether that race be Hispanic, white, black, asian, or any other race.

      The high success rate for “ethnic studies” students could be attributed that any excelling minority student in an impoverished area most likely is driven to succeed by their own determination, and most likely views the ethnic studies classes as interesting and useful to that goal. Their success would most likely occur even without the ethnic studies classes.

      Studying other cultures and traditions is an important course of study. However, Tom Horne and others have made it very clear that the La Raza (The Race) classes in Tucson had warped into racist, hate-filled brainwashing sessions that harp on our “theft” of Mexican land 150 years ago, and makes the bizarre assertion that people of certain races would be better served choosing a government based on racial principles rather than through democratic processes.

      Just because one is Hispanic doesn’t mean one would be better living under the corrupt government of Mexico rather than the republican style of government we have here. Indeed, one can argue that no government is more oppressive towards Hispanics than that of Mexico.

    • Dave Dilbreth says

      chetdude, show me one video of TEA Party citizens acting like this. You cant because it doesnt exist, the TEA party is nothing like this. AND YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE.

      • What about that one where the Teabagger spit on the Veteran who was trying to advocate for health care and then had to apologize for it. So, you’re right it’s not exactly like this. The Teabagger was worse.

        • Steve Calabrese says

          The spitting incident you refer to, Klute, is disgraceful. (I’m assuming it’s an accurate description, since I’m unfamilar with the incident in question).

          However, there’s a big difference between the actions of one nutjob (and you know both sides have their nutjobs) and a deliberate, coordinated attempt to teach kids to hate America and to indoctrinate them with the idea that America is somehow oppressing them by not inviting Mexico to take back Arizona and California.

          • Actually, I mischaracterized it a bit – the incident I was thinking of, I mixed with something else – there was no spit, just multiple people mocking an old man with Parkinson’s (the spitting at the vet was something else). It’s still worse than Tucson though. Here’s the link:


            “A deliberate, coordinated attempt to teach kids to hate America and to indoctrinate them with the idea that America is somehow oppressing them by not inviting Mexico to take back Arizona and California.”

            Look, knowing many Chicano and Latino activists (I know, shock, right?) who are militant about the belief that Gadsen was not beneficial to Mexicans, very of them actually want to go back to Mexico or see California and Arizona become a new Mexican state. What you’re seeing is a pushback from a people who are tired of being told that their culture should be marginalized in what is their ancestral home, and the stronger the dominant culture, the stronger the counter-culture.

            120 or so years of Anglo culture doesn’t somehow instantly cancel out 1000+ years of Native, or 500+ years of Latino, and if the history classes being taught in the TUSD don’t adequately teach people about their history, then yeah, there needs to be seperate classes about the Native, Latino, etc. experiences in the Copper State.

          • “Look, knowing many Chicano and Latino activists (I know, shock, right?) who are militant about the belief that Gadsen was not beneficial to Mexicans, very of them actually want to go back to Mexico or see California and Arizona become a new Mexican state.”

            Of course they don’t want to see those states become part of Mexico–then who would pay for their welfare freebies and goodies, their ethnic lobbying organizations, or their “ethnic studies” programs. Duh. They want Mexico in the US, with gringo taxpayers footing the bill. Mexicans don’t pay taxes in their own country, why would they pay them in the US?

            “What you’re seeing is a pushback from a people who are tired of being told that their culture should be marginalized in what is their ancestral home, and the stronger the dominant culture, the stronger the counter-culture.”

            The dominant culture created a First World superpower. The Mexican culture created–Mexico. So we are supposed to be okay with undermining the culture that created the First World prosperity that these Mexicans came here for in the first place, so that we can promote the culture that created the poverty-stricken, drug-gang controlled, Third World toilet that is Mexico?
            Yeah, that makes lots of sense.

            At some point we gringos just won’t pay for it anymore. What’s your end plan for that? Mexicans don’t pay taxes in Mexico so why would they pay taxes in the US? Once the gringos have left or just refuse to pay taxes anymore, you are SOL.

            We are sick of Third World people coming to this land that we built a First World superpower from, sucking from the rich teat our ancestors created, and then demanding that “their culture” –the same “culture” that created the toilets they ran away with–somehow be made “equal” or “superior” to the culture that created the teat they love to suck from in the first place.

            You don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. You don’t get to have all the goodies that the Anglo culture created and then turn around and give the finger to the Anglos. You don’t get to stick your pig snout into the Anglo trough and slurp! slurp! slurp! and then turn around and whine because the Anglo trough isn’t painted the right color. Sorry.

          • Emminent says

            How about the Teaparty/Minutewoman who murdered a little girl and father in search of drugs and cash to fund ultra-conservative activities?

      • Gail Shoultes says

        @ Maria…I’m anglo and I’m all for Ethnic Studies. It’s nothing like what you describe. The history books that have always been used are “filtered”. You’d think caucasians were the only people who accomplished anything. The current mainstream history books are the real ethnic studies of white history only. Get over yourself and do not speak for me when you talk about gringos.

    • Chetdude,
      We do not live under a democracy. If you do not know what form of government do have here in this great country, go back to school and find out.

      I would tell you but I’m not in the habit of supplying my enemies with information they can use against my country.

      James Madison said: “Hence it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

      Read it and weep!

    • Winghunter says

      La Raza To The Bottom

      Exclusive: The Truth About ‘La Raza’

      The Illegal Alien Destruction of Maywood CA

      Treasonous group so large in Kalifornia that they publicly favor Brown who “breaks bread w/Cesar Chavez”

      An Absolut Outrage
      “A key player in the “Reconquista” movement is the National Council of La Raza. Its motto: “For the Race, everything. For those outside the Race, nothing.”

      Exclusive: The Truth About ‘La Raza’

      La Raza -Chicano Activism in California

      La Voz De Aztlan

      What is MECha

      Mexica Movement

      Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN.
      “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.” “Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or to leave the country.”…

    • quoted from someone on this page…
      “All of this posturing and legislation against working folk, poor folk and the growing Hispanic Majority will be fruitless. The days of white privilege are numbered”

      Since Hispanics are the majority. no more special status. no more minority privileges. the days of brown privilege are numbered.

  4. chetdude:
    You are making the point. Now because of your behavior politicians will finally stand up and put a stop to the stupidity of letting everyone cross the border. If you don’t love our country, go home and change your own country.

  5. Math students with 550 and higher get into college and STAY there, beating ethnic studies studetrns hands down.

    ALL Arizona students, regardless of so-called “race” deserve solid educational skills. NO ONE is getting them.

    MEXICO has better academics. These students would be better served enrolling in Mexico CIty private schools – they have the income, but now don’t have the necessary language or course skills OR professional POISE to make the entrance exams because political adults are USING them to disrupt serious proceedings. Most Mexican schools also require UNIFORMS, but GAH! That’d be infringing on the “rights” of these spoiled brats.

  6. The students who chained themselves to the chairs should have all been arrested on the way out and the parents billed for any damage done to the furniture!

  7. Chetdude is a troll trying to get people angry. Ignore the ignorant.

    Tom Horne took some grief for calling a similar group at the capitol a “thuggish mob.” There should be no doubt of the factual basis for that remark now.

    I’ve read “Pedagogy of Oppression” (it’s torpid, believe me) and these tactics are straight out of that text. In essence, the book (part of the reading curricula in ES) says teachers have no right to impose learning on students because students have their own outlook on life which is just as valid as an adult’s. Yes, students have personal dignity as much as an adult, but they are not PEERS of an adult and by definition, they have less knowledge and experience than an adult. The travesty at the TUSD meeting is a natural and predictable outcome of the ES curricula and was applauded by Adelita Grijalva, who learned at the feet of her MeCHa-loving father Raul. The inmates are running the asylum. as a state taxpayer who is paying for THIS, I am outraged, as should anyone who has to endure seeing children, CHILDREN!, foment anarchy. There’s a word for this and it can be found plopped in any barnyard.

  8. I agree with Ann. There is no excuse for the disrespect shown to the security personnel or the property. Watching the video should be required of the parents and apologies written. Etiquette has to be modeled to be internalized.

  9. chet
    those wishful stats aren’t there. tusd debunked it from their own stats.
    hope everyone of those kids are suspended.

  10. apparently teaching the kids to act like thugs and be disrespectful of laws and the process WERE taught in those classes. their actions on youtube are validation of what critics of those classes were saying.

    if they teach the kids to act like this? those classes DON’T BELONG, PERIOD.

  11. my kids used to bang like that in their HIGH CHAIR. wonder what mommy and daddy do if little susie, robbie, jose, rosanna…. ask their parents for something at home and mommy and daddy say NO?
    do these disrespectful children get what they want by banging, chanting, fist pumping, and threatening at home?

  12. This Is OUR Land says

    I am a taxpayer and wish to see these unappreciative mooches get on their deportation bus pronto!!! Get educated in Mexico…NOT here! STAY there, too!!!!

    • Gail Shoultes says

      @ “This is OUR Land”…………, you are as ignorant as they come. You want American citizens deported to Mexico, what a crock. I think you should go back to Ireland or Germany or from where ever your racist ancestors came. Even your name is ignorant. Mexicans were in this land long before the US drew a border. It’s also apparent you are unaware of ALL the racist crap our legislature tried to pass this year. It’s all a systematic approach to keep our valued Mexican population oppressed. I bet you are a Christian too…..even Jesus saw the need for outrage once inawhile. Just because something is the status quo doesn’t make it right.

  13. During the vicious “Cultural Revolution” Mao used High School students, led by their teachers as organized mobs to disrupt society at all levels and in all venues. Teacher-led mobs disrupted normal governing functions, performed “arrests” and ransacked people’s homes. Innocent Chinese citizens were dragged out and interrogated and imprisoned for the suspicion of being”capitalists.” Many many people’s lives were destroyed. Run by political wolves who controlled packs of know-nothings, China closed in on itself, its economy collapsed. It has taken decades to crawl out of that slump and the coutnry still is dragging from perverse power structures that stifle entrepreneurial growth and continue to threaten individual security.

    Doctors were thrown in prison and lab coats were handed to students with the statement that being a “doctor” was a “state of mind” they simply had to embrace. Twelve years of rigorous schooling and medical training was dismissed – an easy thing to accomplish in the minds of ignorant students – inexperienced youth were taught to covet the work and accomplishments of older people, and “take” that achievement.

    It’s one of the most evil things to do on the planet, deliberate, hate-filled direction from corrupt adults to mobilize easily flattered youth against those who prepared society for them, including their own parents and grandparents, with the purpose to tear down existing norms. The students were rewarded with token responsibilities – legions of petty tyrants who terrorized people out of jealousy – they KNEW they were not competent and compensated for it by bullying the hapless citizenry under their authority.

    If LA RAZA really CARED about these students, they would be running all sorts of high standards math, science, history and other critical core subjects so these students have a genuine and solid grounding to achieve in university, trades, in life. No, they are being USED as TOOLS. It’s despicable to see moral-less, politically obssessed adults abuse children in this manner.

    How employable are those students now? What business is going to be willing to hire proven agitators who are willing to break all common norms?

  14. I was struck by the statement by the man who likened opposition to the ethnic studies program to apartheid (which he mispronounced, as most people do these days) saying that apartheid is the minority imposing its will on the majority. I wonder if he caught the irony.

    From what I have been able to find on the TUSD website about la raza studies, it is indeed very divisive, left wing, and is dismissive of and even offensive to those of Central American heritage. But I suppose that that is ok as the latter are from south of another border and are a minority amongst Hispanics in Arizona.

    One of the girls who read from a UN declaration of rights clearly failed to understand that removing government funding of an activity is not the same as prohibiting or repressing it. I wonder where she failed to learn that.

    I suppose that this is an example of civil discourse from the Tucson left. As a Tucson native and an alumnus of a TUSD school I am very saddened by how far away from a solid education TUSD has apparently fallen.

  15. Take Control of These Students says

    Whomever organized this chaos should be fired. Everyone in this mob should have been arrested. TUSD has become nothing but a bunch of protestors. Get a grip!! You look Stupid

  16. interesting. one of the little bigots accused me of shooting a congresswoman for my benign but to the point comment that these children were disrespectful and their behavior disgusting.

    they have demonstrated and made the point quite effectively why these classes should be banned, curriculum changed, and made electives.

    • I’ve seen video footage of people acting like this on the floor of the Mexican Congress. This is what their “culture” teaches. They don’t create anything themselves; their whole attitude is to find someone who has created something and then chant, whine, threaten, demand, beg, plead and bully until they are given what they think they “deserve.”

      If you care about your country, post this video on newspaper talk boards all over the country. We must wake up the brain dead in our country who buy the nonsense that these people are here to benefit our country.

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