Vice President Napolitano?

Sonoran Alliance is making an effort to get back to our niche of reporting on politics specific to Arizona but here is a posting that covers both Presidential politics and the Arizona scene. (Thanks to EspressoPundit for the initial link.) has an editorial suggesting that Governor Janet Napolitano is likely to be pulled to serve on an Obama ticket. Seems to make sense in terms of numbers and demographics. Arizona has 10 electoral votes surrounded by the states of Colorado and New Mexico, also with Democratic governors. It also throws a challenge directly to the home turf of Senator McCain who could even lose in his home state to a popular Democratic governor who was re-elected two years ago.

An Obama/Napolitano ticket for the Dems would also set off a seismic shift in Arizona politics as politicians seek to fill vacated seats either by Napolitano or McCain.

It certainly is an interesting speculation but I still believe that the Dems will heal things up by putting Hillary on the ticket.


  1. I still believe that the Dems will heal things up by putting Hillary on the ticket.

    I presume you mean “heal things up” for the GOP.

  2. GOP Spartan says

    Can’t wait to watch Denver * when Hillary gets the nomination.

    * Edited. Unlike the Easter Bunny comment, which was in bad taste, this comment was offensive in that it urged celebration of civil unrest and violence.

  3. nightcrawler says

    I do believe Janet will wind up in a top level position should Obama win the nomination. I see more of a AG than VP.

    As intelligent and as capable as she is, I believe Obama will choose a more conservative (in a Dem sense of the word) Christian white male to even out the ticket.
    To do otherwise would be sensory overload to many fence sitters. Just my opinion, not saying a candidate is better or worse because of race, sex or religion, rather that in order to rule you need to win first.

  4. SonoranSam says

    You guys just want a chance to say, “Governor Brewer….”


  5. Wow, GOP Spartan –

    Are you really implying that if Barack Obama doesn’t get the nomination, a primarily African-American population is going to riot?

    I mean, if you just want to imply that liberals/progressives would riot, reference the ’68 Chicago convention riots. But you’re obviously going for the racial thing in invoking Watts – because obviously Blacks can’t express their displeasure without resorting to violence, right?

    And you “can’t wait” for dozens of deaths, hundred of injuries and property destruction? This kind of stuff gets you off?

    When did Sonoran Alliance turn into

  6. That last bit was a bit harsh, and I apologize to the Sonoran Alliance people; As far as I know, GOP Spartan is not part of the official SA crew.

    I hope GOP Spartan’s comments will be treated with the same gravity as my comments on the Oro Valley Easter Bunny.

    Editors: Klute – good point. We did edit the previous comment. It is not the type of sentiment that we want expressed on this blog.

  7. I appreciate the consistency.

  8. Frank Soto says

    I said this over at espressopundit as well, but I am with nightcrawler in thinking that the Governor will be the AG. The rumors I have heard (and I don’t live in AZ anymore) are that she is at the top of the list. It has also been speculated that her being AG might be a stepping stone to SCOTUS, but I’m not sure that is something that she wants.

  9. SonoranSam says

    Anyone who thinks Janet Napolitano wouldn’t want to be on the Supreme Court must also think that Mike Haener isn’t up on the 9th floor, rinsing the taste of soap out of his mouth.

  10. In my original post, I never implied or insinuated that anyone in any of the parties would riot. That assertion was made by someone not associate with Sonoran Alliance.

    – DSW

  11. I know, DSW, I know. That’s why I apologized – I didn’t want to tar SA with a comment that I didn’t think was offered up by a member of SA.

    I made sure to update here and over at my blog.

  12. I agree with the Hillary band-aid. More and more discussion will be had in very public and well publicized places about the actual vote count not the delegate count. When it is firmly placed in the minds of the “people” that Hillary actually got more votes than Obama, the superdelegates will then be given an imperative to support her. Al Gore will be the poster child of this movement and, again, Florida will be the star.

    The “Wright-ing” is on the wall. The DNC does not want to go into the general election battle between a true American hero with a long record of service (a record with some knicks is better than no record at all, meaning no experience or method to measure the reality versus the perception) and a relative political newcomer who is closely aligned to the most well-known America bashing/hate speech purveyor of recent memory.

    In “witch” case Nappy is a non-contender. That bridge is long gone, a casualty of arson.

  13. Osama Obama still loses AZ even with J-no on the ticket. That will not trump McCain as Commnder in Chief.

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