Vernon Parker Files Exploratory Committee

Vernon ParkerWell, it’s official but yet to be announced.

Paradise Valley Mayor, Vernon Parker, has just filed paperwork for an exploratory commitee for Governor.

Tomorrow night, he will make an official announcement at the Politics on the Rocks event in Scottsdale.

Parker, who brings a diverse and experienced background to the Arizona political scene will likely make Arizona history in a state that was once was the target of a boycott because it refused to pass a holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. Great news for Arizona. Hope to see this young man do well. I saw another post somewhere about Augustus Shaw, another African-American GOPer, throwing his hat in the ring for a legislative seat. This is great news for the GOP!

  2. Voters are going to be very impressed when they get to know Parker. He will give our state and party a much needed breath of fresh air.

  3. RepublicanSOS says

    PLEASE, before you start to jump on board and support candidates because of the color of their skin, do some research. Simply Google any candidate and make sure you understand exactly who you are supporting.

  4. RepublicanSOS, that is really unfair. I support Vernon Parker because he will be a great Governor. I know and respect him greatly. Of course people should judge the candidates by their positions and vision. It seems like you are making some very unfair assumptions.

  5. RepublicanSOS says

    Parker Fan, Why is it unfair to learn as much about a candiate as possible before making a decision?

  6. Republican SOS,
    Its unfair because you insinuated that people were only supporting Parker b/c of the color of his skin. I agree that people should research each and every candidate. I’ve done that with Parker and I am very excited about his entrance into the race. He isn’t getting my support because of his skin color. He’s getting it b/c he is the best person for the job.

  7. The post made it about the color of his skin. Read the last and largest paragraph of the story.

  8. Brad Stevens says

    Vernon Parker is not a real conservative, he’s a political opportunist.

    The fact that he used his race to get a special government grant “set aside” for his business is disgusting, and not the mark of someone who believes in conservative values.

    When are Republicans going to stop thinking that by nominating black candidates the Left is going to stop calling us racists, or that blacks are going to automatically going to start voting Republican?

    Conservatives need to promote quality candidates and start ignoring skin color.

  9. Nothing in the post explicity referenced Vernon’s skin color, but the first response, by Nicky-Elle, did.

    Referring to a diverse background can just mean working in a variety of industries as well as holding political office or having lived in many cities or knowing many languages. It does not have to refer to race. Of course, in this context, that is probably what the author meant.

  10. Why doesn’t DSW announce he is on Parker payroll?

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