Vernon Parker Announcement Speech

For those conservatives who missed Vernon Parker’s announcement speech, it is now online as of last Friday. We’ve made it available here on Sonoran Alliance.

To visit Vernon Parker’s media page, click here.


  1. nightcrawler says

    Well done. Vernon is for real. I didn’t know much about him before I saw this. I like what I see. I believe Vernon will not only appeal to moderates (like myself) but also the ever so important independents in the general election.

    The other potential candidate I like is Dean Martin who is a top tier individual. This will be a tough choice in the primary. Please give us us much information as possible on the issues so we can all make an informed decision.

  2. Vernon Parker fronted for McCain’s minions in running as a PC against then-County Republican Committee Chairman, Tom Husband.

    That’s the kind of Party unity we can expect from THIS moderate.

    Parker’s D.C. career was all about government awarding contracts based on racial preferences. What kind of a conservative principle is that?!

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