Valley Metro Seeks Naming Rights

Hat Tip to Mesa Issues for first posting on this and JD Hayworth for giving it air time on KFYI-550!

As Valley Metro finds its budget in the pooper and homeless individuals spread feces on the floor of the train, maybe Valley Metro should approach Depend for a sponsorship in its naming rights solution? Now there’s a solution we can wrap our you-know-what’s around!

We’d love to hear your suggestions…


  1. When AZ Republicans (REAL Republicans) see what their Governor has in store for them, tax-wise, they better hope they are wearing their Depends, or they will have to change their drawers.

    See? I got both hope and change in there…….wish I knew how to bold or color them….

  2. Thanks to JD Hayworth? LOL!
    JD Hayworth was the biggest advocate for light rail among the Arizona delegation in Congress. Does anyone have a memory that extends before 2006 anymore?

  3. with all the accidents maybe MAACO or Earl Schieb should buy the naming rights – LOL

  4. Oberserve says

    I always thought
    *Ph*oenix *A*rea *R*apid *T*ransit
    was the most appropriate name, like Bay Area Rapid Transit or BART in SF only better. 🙂

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