Valley Metro Light Rail Ridership Hits the Fan

As if Valley Metro’s budget was not already in the pooper, today we learn that a homeless man boarded one of the light rail cars with a box of feces. He then proceeded to spread the contents of the box on the floor of the train. Needless to say, passengers made a hurried exit and departure from that car.

No word on whether the man was arrested but if he is, maybe the ACLU will be excited to take on the case? We suggest that he decry discrimination based on hygienic orientation.


  1. What was Russell Pearce thinking of?

  2. The beauty of so called “shared ownership”. How many taxi drivers would stand around and let somebody do that to their vehicle? When I was central america, where the buses are owned by the drivers, do you think a driver would allow that to happen? And yet there was a car full of passengers who “owned” that rail car, and did nothing to protect “their” property.

    This is a perfect example of why things should be owned by people instead of “the public”, so that somebody actually has an interest in maintaining/protecting it.

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