Valley Metro Light Rail Proposes Mini Rail

OK, so it’s not what Valley Metro is really proposing but it does go to illustrate the absurdity of this taxpayer-subsidized system.

According to The East Valley Tribune,

Metro light rail believes it has found a solution to its budget woes: Smaller trains running with less frequency.

Facing a $1.3 million deficit in the coming fiscal year, the agency is considering as a cost-cutting measure the occasional use of single-car trains.

Also, Sunday’s schedule would be cut back, with any given station seeing in an hour three trains rather than the current four.

According to Metro, these changes, plus unspecified cuts in administrative costs, will result in an annual savings of $885,000. Making up the rest of the deficit is the expectation fare revenue will rise in the coming year.

Last week, Valley Metro revealed the “free rider” problem they were also facing as Phoenix employees were failing to swipe their ride cards as they boarded to travel to and from work.


  1. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Unlike the baseball field that was forced on Phoenix taxpayers, this little trolley will continue to cost taxpayers billions of dollars until it is ripped out of the ground and placed back in the barn.

    Let’s see, we’re losing money, so let’s provide less service. Hmmm. That’s sure to inspire more ridership.

    We’re losing money, so let’s increase our rates. That, too, is a positive step in getting more people to ride the trolley.

    We should face it, a city that wants “big brother” to spy on us at every corner isn’t too concerned about how much they cost us in additional taxation. Phil Gordon has gone too far with all of this folly.

  2. If only a state could use stimulus funds as it truly NEEDS and funnel the financial transfusion going in the IV of this boondoggle. What life support could we have here that might take the state budget beyond the IHOP in SE Valley? Pigs in a Blanket anyone?

  3. Average Voter says

    Those one car trains look weird. They’re already doing this. It’s strange.

  4. Ur a dumbass says

    You guys know that the Light Rail has been a massive success right?

  5. Arizona Public Schools are being ripped apart financially. The Governor should shut the metro rail down and fund the schools. I work at a small rural school. Our district lost more than 1.2 million so far this year. We’ve laid off so many people that we are now fighting each other over the decimation. I fear for the survival of our school as well as our town. SHUT DOWN the metro rail and use the money for schools.

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