US Conference of Mayors’ Pork Projects – Arizona Listing

Sonoran Alliance thought it might be helpful to see the list of projects sponsored by the US Conference of Mayors that are “Ready to Go.”

The current Stimulus Package in Congress will attempt to route this money to some of these Arizona projects.

Here is the list of cities in Arizona and their “Ready to Go” projects. The first number is the amount of money requested and the second number is the number of jobs it will create.

Total Amount Sought: $5,574,052,875
Total Jobs Created: 34,296


  1. Did anyone do the math? That is $162,527.78 per new employee! Where do we get an application? What is Mesa planing, a split for the city council? Three quarters of a billion ought to at least put someone to work, wouldn’t you think?

  2. maybe they will use a few dollars for concrete and steel to build something. Unless materials are free.

  3. Tim Willis,
    These are multi-years projects and your calculation didn’t include little things like equipment and construction materials.

    And of course let’s remember the this means less people receiving unemployment and more hard-working people with a decent income spending money and helping consumer spending and better public infrastructure. Actually it sounds like a pretty good deal, too bad there is not even more of this in the stimulus package because these types of things produce the most outcome for the money put in.

  4. If you look through the Arizona list it looks like pretty typical Capital Improvement Project stuff that you would see in any annual municipal budget. The job number is obviously messed up because Phoenix didn’t fill out that column, for some reason. But water plant improvements, airport runway expansions, and street widenings are all the kind of stuff we need; they don’t only create construction jobs but lead to long-term private sector growth and improved quality of life.

    The Republican congressional representatives I’m seeing on TV today are saying we need more of this stuff in the package, not less.

    I feel much better about having these dollars spent here where we have some oversight and assurance they will be a benefit to the community, rather than letting the money go to other states. Although I do need to LOL about Lake Havasu City. More than half-a-billion dollars for a city of 50,000? That’s more than $10,000 for every man, woman, and child!

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