Urgent! Help Save Arizona State Senate Bills 1202, 1203 and 1205!

State Senator Lori Klein presented Senate Bills 1202 (prohibiting partisan instruction in schools), 1203 (accountability and transparency in curriculum and materials) and 1205 (teaching language compliance with FCC standards). Seven Republican state senators have rejected the bills, but there is still hope: YOU!

By contacting the State Senators listed below and respectfully asking them to change their vote by 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 29, there is still a chance to save these bills! When calling, also ask that members reconsider all three bills. It is important to do so! 

Sen. Linda Gray –      Phone Number: (602) 926-3376; Fax Number: (602) 417-3253; Email: lgray@azleg.gov
Sen. Adam Driggs  –  Phone Number: (602) 926-3016; Fax Number: (602) 417-3007; Email: adriggs@azleg.gov
Sen. John McComish  –   Phone Number: (602) 926-5898; Fax Number: (602) 417-3020; Email: jmccomish@azleg.gov
Sen. Paula Aboud  –  Phone Number: (602) 926-5262; Fax Number: (602) 926-3429; Email: paboud@azleg.gov
Sen. Olivia Cajero Bedford  – Phone Number: (602) 926-5835; Fax Number: (602) 417-3027; Email: ocajerobedford@azleg.gov

Here is info on the bills:

SB1202: http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/50leg/2r/proposed/s.1202lk2.pdf
SB1203: http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/50leg/2r/proposed/s.1203lk.pdf
SB1205:   http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/50leg/2r/proposed/s.1205500.pdf


  1. So this Klein is going around her caucus to try to subvert the process, so she can try to get her way with some questionable bills. “Seven state senators have rejected the bills.” What a clown. Lori Clown is what they are going to call her now.

    • Conservative American says

      Since when has lobbying a caucus or asking for public support become “subverting the process”? How do you think “the process” works???

      • She’s asking the public to pressure seven of her R caucus members to change their vote. How stupid does she think they are? Probably as stupid as she is. I guess if you’re walking to work and slip on a banana peel, that’s one thing. But if you do it with the last bite of banana in your mouth you look doubly foolish.

    • Steve Nelson says

      Seven Republicans voted NO, yet you only put three on the list above. Bedford and Aboud are Democrats.

      Still, there is no need to contact the seven conservative Republicans who voted NO because they did the right thing. These bills are anything but conservative principles. Imagine thinking it is small government, state’s rights issues by mandating that the Arizona schools follow federal FCC standards. Why would Conservatives put our stamp of approval on that bill. Stop and think for a minute. Who are the other four Republicans who voted no? They should be applauded because they all have common conservative sense.

      Partisan teaching and Teacher foul language is already addressed in every school district in Arizona. We’ve done fine for 100 years without stupid bills like this. The legislature doesn’t have to micromanage everything and create laws everytime they notice something that they don’t like. That is the path to big government. I like small government.

      Klein needs to reasses what her priorities are to lead our state. But I don’t get her inconsistency. Last year she wanted to nullify federal law, this year she wants to codify federal law into state law.

  2. Holden McWeiner says

    Those bills suck. Didnt Lori run on less government in our lives. Now we we’re going to have the FCC in the classroom?? Holy moly.

    • Conservative American says

      Well, if you read the bills, I don’t see much there to object to. On the whole, they seemed aimed at getting the entire state school system in line and on track. The prior approvals mandated by the use of the word “shall” in the new legislation creates accountability.

      • Steve Nelson says

        If you read the bills and don’t find much to object to, you didn’t read them very closely. I just read the transparency bill. This is ignorant micromanaging at its finest. It says that any supplemental materials used by a teacher must first be approved by the school board. So much for a good teacher printing out a copy of the Gettysburg Address or the Constitution for their next day’s class without running it by the Board first.

        Think of the thousands of classes some school boards oversee. How can they approve every single item a good teacher might want to use in a class? I bet Klein will also say she wants to spend less on administration and more in the classroom! Well if that is true, stop burdening the classroom and administrative process!!!

        Under this bill the schools are also to put the textbooks online for parents to see their content. Sounds like good transparency to the average person, but there is a problem. That is illegal. There is a thing called copyright law in the U.S.

        Thank goodness some conservative Senators read the bill before voting on this!!

  3. These bills appear to be “mop up” measures dealing with the La Raza studies in the TUSD. Gray, Driggs, and McComish are one-third on the noxious nine Republican Senators that killed the last round of illegal immigration bills this time last year. Fat chance on these. Gray is retiring, Driggs is a scumbag profiteer immigration lawyer ala Chad Snow, and McComish is a long time Chamber of Commerce whore. But a nice effort (post) to rally the troops.

  4. The answer is not state mandates. The answer with schooling is to DECENTRALIZE and DEREGULATE paired with school choice, not centralize and regulate.

    That way if you don’t like your local school you can CHANGE. Then if the local school s*cks, it goes out of business.

    That’s the free market my friends, not FCC speech codes.

    I was taught by probably 100% democrat, union loving teachers (so most likely were you) and we still ended up Republican, many of us conservative, knowing right from wrong anyway.

    In other words, chill out. Lori trying to put notches on her belt with “conservative” legislation is not a good reason to support a bill.

    • Conservative American says

      ROFL! “…many of us conservative…”? When did you stop being liberal and become a Conservative, LOL!

      The first bill prohibits teachers from engaging in partisan activities. Since the NEA is alinged with Democrats, that would deter them from spouting the leftist, liberal line in the classroom. You wrote, “I was taught by probably 100% democrat, union loving teachers (so most likely were you)…” The first bill would help to prevent that.

      The second bill states the governing board “shall”, rather than “may”, approve all supplemental books and teaching aids, INCLUDING instructional computer software. Changing “may” to “shall” makes it a mandatory action. This forces accountability. There must be approval so parents will know that the governing board reviewed the material and put their stamp of approval on it. No getting off the hook after the fact.

      It also mandates that a list of all textbooks to be used in a course be posted on a website which parents can access. Parents can determine if those books are objectionable or not. The latest trend among liberal school authorities is to use books pushing their agendas, like homosexual “marriage”.

      The third bill provides some established limits on profanity, indecency and obscenity for those providing classroom instruction. Why FCC stadards? Because when the liberal instructors file a lawsuit claiming a violation of their 1st Amendment rights, their lawsuit will likely fail BECAUSE it can be shown that the standards are the same ones being used by the FCC on a national basis. “Standards in the community” is the usual yardstick used to measure such things. In this case the “community” would be the entire nation. If the local limits go down, then the FCC limits go down too but the FCC limits aren’t going to go down without a big national fight and debate.

      So despite calling yourself “conservative”, you oppose everything in this legislation which would make school boards accountable, bring parents into the loop on what materials are being used in the classroom and put some specific limits on profanity, indeceny and obscenity by instructors in the classroom.

      Shouting DECENTRALIZE and DEREGULATE doesn’t make you Conservative. It always comes down to the speicifics of the issue at hand.

      Have a nice day, Underserve! 🙂

      • Then go after the unions.

        You still have not denied your relationship with the sheriff of Pinal County.

        • Conservative American says

          Is this what you want to ask me, Underserve?

          “You still have not denied your relationship with the sheriff of Pinal County.”

          Just want to be clear on what you’re asking me. It’s this, right?

          “You still have not denied your relationship with the sheriff of Pinal County.”

          Since it’s an important and cogent point relative to the discussion, I just want to be clear that this is what you are asking me:

          “You still have not denied your relationship with the sheriff of Pinal County.”

          Is that it, Underserve?

      • I heard more cursing at school as a child than I do today as an adult. Guess what? I don’t curse.

        Can’t say the same for you, Liberal American.

        • Conservative American says

          Really? Quote me where I have cursed!

          The really important thing regarding the issue at hand, however, is that you pick your nose and I don’t. I mean, let’s get down to the bottom line here about this legislation, ROFL, LOL!

          Have a nice day, Pinko! 🙂

          • You cursed at me a few weeks ago, called me an A**hole.

            This was after your phony outrage over me using the word “pussy”

        • Tiny Elvis says

          Is there sexual tension in this thread?

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