UPDATED: Newt Gingrich on Sean Hannity – Full Interview

Update: The full interview of Newt Gingrich on Sean Hannity is now available for viewing via Newt’s Youtube channel:

Two great clips from Sean Hannity’s interview with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Newt addresses several hot questions everyone is asking as part of the national vetting process. Here is clip one from that interview:

Rasmussen also released a new poll today showing Newt Gingrich leading Barack Obama by two points, 45-43%.  Read the poll here.


  1. My opinion is as I stated on a couple of blog posts where Conservatives are now trying to tear a hole in their new front runner because he is not as conservative as they would prefer.

    I would vote for ANYONE the GOP is offering — even dangerously naive in foreign policy Ron Paul — rather than hand Obama another term to finally take this country into Hell.

    Politics is ALL about disparate groups FORMING ALLIANCES with those of like-minded concerns to beat the MOST PRESSING OPPOSITE political forces vying for power. To oppose the opposition forces fighting against your most lethal opponents is to guarantee an Obama second term. Please don’t help to dispose of the imperfect candidates for the ultimate election of the truly scary ones! Go Newt! Thanks for listening 777denny

    • Conservative American says

      That’s certainly one way of looking at it, Denny. Another way of looking at it is that Newt is being pushed as a candidate specifically to disempower conservatives. How so?

      First, the fact that Newt is on his third marriage and has admitted to cheating on his first two wives would make a mockery of conservative social and family values.

      Secondly, Gingrich touted Dede Scozzafava as the best choice in the infamous NY 23 race. The Conservative Party ran Doug Hoffman because they rejected Scozzafava’s support for government funded abortion and homosexual marriage, yet Gingrich supported Scozzafava over Hoffman.

      All of that is a bit more than “imperfect”. Both his lifestyle and his support for candidates like Scozzafava prove that he is entirely lacking in the family values and social values which conservatives have always supported and promoted. A Newt in the White House would weaken conservatives politically, not strengthen them. We can do better than Newt and we need to do better than Newt.

  2. Monica Joyner says

    I’m surprised by the number of “conservatives” who do not know the difference between a fellow conservative and a globalist. The latter would be Newt. His actions are that of a globalist seeking power. His past amply evidences this through involvement and facilitation of such un-American activities as the North American Free Trade Agreement (now known as the North American Union), the World Trade Organization, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, his teaming up with Pelosi to facilitate Cap and Trade, Public-Private Partnerships (Agenda 21), affording Red China “most favored nation status”… on 3/25/11 said he would sign as many as 200 Executive Orders on his first day as president… shall I go on? His true ideologies are repugnant to all who hold The Constitution dear. He recommends that Americans read “The Third Wave”. It is a synopsis decrying The Constitution as outdated, in need of revision and in fact dangerous to American progression. I suggest you ignore Newt’s witticisms and rhetoric amplified by the main stream media and do independent research.

    (If you’re serious about learning more) http://therepublicanmother.blogspot.com/2010/12/american-dream-cartoon.html

    If Newt takes office we will be little better off than with Obama.

  3. Mike Triggs says

    So CA if Newt isn’t conservative enough, tell us who is. A Bachmann/Santorum ticket?

    I’m thinking a Gingrich/Huntsman Naughty & Nice ticket has s nice ring to it!

    • Conservative American says

      From my perspective, the jury is still out on who is the most conservative. That’s very telling in and of itself. Had Senator Jim DeMint chosen to run, there wouldn’t be the slightest question regarding his conservative credentials and who is the most conservative. Yet once again, however, we are not being offered a choice of of solid conservative to run against Obama, a solid liberal. That’s not an accident. The Republican “leadership” are “moderate” RINOS who do NOT want to see a solid conservative run.

      I believe that Gingrich can’t win at the top of the ticket. Too much old, bad baggage and too many people turned off by his repeated marital infidelity. He lacks the charisma of Obama, his speaking voice isn’t as good and he looks like a fat gnome. Much of that is superficial BUT a lot of people decide who to vote for based upon such superficialities. A lot of politics today is “show biz”, especially at the presidential level. People now expect candidates to look like an actor playing the president. Sad but true.

      • Monica Joyner says

        I agree Conservative American… its become a side show in which the media will determine which socialist will represent the Republicans. Side show theatrics were amply evidenced during the debate held some weeks ago with the candidates spewing catchy witticisms, phony rhetoric, and stating who their running mate would be… Give me a break, the media latched on to “that dog won’t hunt (Cain)”. We have more than 900 military bases around the world, and yesterday our “conservative” legislators along with others decided they would detain American citizens forever (if they choose) without trial (S1867)… this is particularly scary after DHS (4/09) labeled a terrorist as a disgruntled American vet, pro-lifers, etc. etc. Most conservatives, by definition, are then terrorists subject to arrest and possibly execution (Al-Awlaki). These are the pertinent issues, not how well a candidate presents himself on the tube. I don’t want an actor, I want someone with a solid voting record and guts to take the heat. That would be Ron Paul. Unfortunately, Americans are glued to the tube and are sheeple enough to follow the the latest poll-keepers. I am more interested in what the tube is not telling me. Such as executive orders written by the pres during Weinergate (look into it, Agenda 21). Ron Paul has taken the heat for 30+ years… has the resume’ (his voting record) to prove it. He has refused to be theatrical or disengenous during any of the debates. That speaks for itself.

        • Conservative American says

          Hi, Monica, and thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

          I don’t know if Ron Paul could win BUT he certainly is serving in a valuable way by putting the spotlight on things that aren’t part of the debate “script”. Try as they may, they can’t ignore him.

          Senator DeMint is backing conservative candidates and soliciting funds for their campaigns. His primary focus seems to be on getting more conservative allies in Congress right now.

          As you well know, Geroge W. Bush was no conservative. Much of what he enacted, with regards to exceptional powers, is likely unconstitutional. Obama picked up the thread and has kept the ball rolling in that regard. Both Obama and G. W. Bush are essentially “One World” multinationalists. They view the world as being made up of multinational coporations and international financial institutions rather than sovereign nations. Better for “business”, meaning the super wealthy. The “moderate”, RINO Republican “leadership” holds the same view.

          From my subjective perspective, the situation appears to be as follows. The big international money interests are using the radical left to destroy America as we have known it. They want to eliminate all which has made America America. They seek to redefine marriage, family, religion, citizenship, language, constitutional rights, individual liberties, sovereignty, education and our overall culture. The big money multinationalists aren’t Communist or Socialist per se. The radical left is merely a suitable instrument for getting America out of the way. As long as we have so many more individual liberties and constitutional protections than the rest of the world, we give hope to the rest of the world and stand in the way of “One World”.

          In the end, however, Truth always prevails. Why? Because that which is out of harmony with Truth cannot long be sustained. Truth springs from God and that which is at odds with His will invariably falls of it’s own weight, withering on the vine due to lack of sustenance.

  4. Paula Pennypacker says

    CA —

    With all due respect — Obama has ZERO “charisma.”

    • Conservative American says

      Paula, never make the fatal mistake of underestimating your opponent. Obama, despite his leftist views and the terrible job he has done, is still a formidable opponent and much of his strength comes from the manner in which he presents himself as opposed to his actions and policies. He can and often does come off looking good on television. Not all voters vote exclusively on issues and performance in office.

      Any salesman first has to sell himself before he can sell his product and Obama is good enough at selling himself that we can’t afford to ignore that battle front. It behooves us to run someone who can match, better yet, surpass Obama in terms of appearance and presentation. Not all voters are as interested in politics, issues and performance as those who post at SA. We need to be aware of that if we hope to prevail.

  5. Ms. Pennypacker, what would your definition of charisma be?

  6. Paula Pennypacker says

    Tim —

    JFK and Ronald Reagan

    • But Paula, multimillionaire JFK had his multimillionaire father throwing his fortune, all stops and political connections for him, while Reagan got ahead on his own, raw working class up.

      Did JFK have as much “charisma” as the media made him out to have?
      How well would JFK have done without all that money and machine promoting him … and protecting him?

    • That’s a pretty high bar for charisma. I don’t have a problem with such a high standard for the most important office in the world. JFK and Reagan were certainly charismatic and Barack Obama certainly doesn’t rise to that level of charisma, but to say he’s uncharismatic… I don’t know about that. He didn’t beat Hillary Clinton based on policy, his charisma was certainly a factor for his popularity amongst Democrats.

      wanumba, you are really good for a laugh. But I got a question for you, what’s more cushy: Hollywood or the South Pacific in the early 1940s?

      • That’s a lazy retread.

        It wasn’t like Reagan skipped out of the country and wrote letters to the draft board like Clinton did explaining Clinton was much more valuable than the average Joe to be drafted.
        Reagan had a genuine hearing loss problem, which is not acceptable in first cut of drafting able-bodied men. Unlike Clinton who bobbed and weaved and left the country, Reagan still made his services available directly to the military in other ways, and Reagan never embellished his service like SOME very high-ranking Democrats we know.

        Hypocrite, clean the Democrat house first, then you can snark without being duplicitous..

  7. All the mental mastur**tion above notwithstanding, Newt will not be in this race to the end. It was never his intention and it’s a 100% guarantee that he will throw any delegates and support he has to Romney.

    If you do not believe this, then put up $100 as a bet and tell me where and when I can meet you to pick up my winnings.

    Newt is in this for book sales, to gin up his credibility as a lobbyist and to bring money into his PAC from which he pays himself a directorship (+ expenses).

    Again, put up or shut up. $100.

    • Okay. I’ll put $100.00 says that’s not Newt’s reason for running.
      Consider that the Dems attacked him fror the cheek of turning the Congress to GOP control with Contract for AMerica and that GOP linguini spines didn’t back him, wouldn’t it be payback for Newt to land POTUS?

      Just sayin’
      But it’s a lot more fun to put some money down anyway. I’ll send it to Shane and he can disburse it to you IF it pans out via your theory. You can pay me likewise if you’re wrong.

      • OK, warm up that Benjamin for me. We’ll discuss a place where you can hand it over in 2-4 weeks. Thanks.

        • I’m serious (with fun). Thanks for getting back to me.
          I don’t want to do what I did with “Rob.”

          I said I’d put up $100 to a charity if Pearce lost. Well, Pearce lost and the charity I picked was SOS Children’s Villages. Welp, $100 really isn’t enough to do anything worthwhile, so I put out $360 to sponsor an orphan for a year. (I’m not a very good better, hey?)
          They mailed me my orphan sponsorship packet, but I’m not there to pick it up… so I have to ask my house sitter the name of my new orphan and what country he’s/she’s from. I did pick Africa. WHo knows? Might be in the neighborhood and we can actually VISIT the kid, which would be fun.

          So, how do we determine the parameters? Newt drops and endorses Romney?

          • Nope, just that Newt is not a candidate anymore. I’ll even give you an edge. He “suspends” before Super Tuesday. I’ll take the $100 cash. Thanks.

  8. Conservative American says

    As regards Huntsman, this pretty well sums up his “conservative” credentials:

    “Huntsman earns Democrat’s praise”

    “By Ben Leubsdorf / Monitor staff
    December 1, 2011”

    “Jon Huntsman collected some bipartisan praise yesterday when Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, joined the Republican presidential candidate at a campaign event at Concord High School.”

    “He answered about a half-dozen questions from students, including one about his position on gay marriage. Huntsman said states should be able to “determine what they think is right,” and he supports civil unions for same-sex couples.”

    “I am in favor of civil unions, and not everybody agrees with me on that,” he said. “But I think there’s such a thing as equality under the law.”


    Huntsman is about as “conservative” as New York Governor Cuomo, LOL!

  9. Perhaps not a “true conservative” but he would give Obama a harder time than Gingrich.

    • How? Huntsman was the voice nd face of the Obama Adminstration in our relations to China. Obama’s first WHite House Communications Director was Anita Dunn who publically idolized mass-murdering Mao.

      That’s a bridge too far for a generic Republican, much less an actual Conservative. But ya know, ambassadorships are seductive things… all the deference and protocols can go to people’s heads.

      • Conservatives might care about that kind of crap, but Independents will see an actual adult with real-world experience who appeals to our intelligence and sense of moderation. The rest of the contenders scare the pants off Indys.

        • Tim,
          China uses slave labor, drags women against their will to be sterilized, and builds crap schools that fall on the one child, crushing an entire city’s generation of of kids, competely destroying thousands of CHinese families.. their family lines gone forever. China is the reason for the continued brutality in Burma, the continued brutality in North Korea, China invaded India and seized Indian terroritory, overran Tibet and is destroying it, finances the insurgency in Nepal.

          BY what moral grounds did Huntsman who CLAIMS to be an (R) accept to be the mouthpiece of the Obama Administration to China which complained about ARIZONA to such a brutal regime?

          You call these concerns, “crap?”

  10. Paula Pennypacker says

    Tim —

    I agree with you that Obama came across as somewhat charismatic when he ran against Hillary. But after watching him in his first term — I believe that he “led from behind.” At the end of the day his leadership did not match his campaign rhetoric. His leadership on the healthcare debate, for example, was a disaster, and more recently, his lack of leadership over the supper committee was stunning, to say the least. And he has totally lost his connection with the American people during the recession. I could go on and on. JMHO!

    • It wouldn’t take much charisma to do better than this woman who is the face of America to the world:


      I didn’t agree with all of Dr. Condi Rice’s opinions, but I NEVER felt she didn’t fail to represent Americans with ALWAYS an extremely gracious and poised demeanor no matter where she went.

      This is an on-going national disgrace. Our media desn’t show anyone in the USA how this is going over in other countries. Hillary’s a laughing stock. Notice that this broadcast is Indian TV reportng on the scene videoed in Congo. They NOTICE this crap and run it endlessly.

    • Conservative American says

      In terms of performance, Paula, Obama is a disaster. However, he HAS proven himself to be a good campaigner. Remember that come election time that there is going to be a sea of campaign rhetoric and hoopla. It’s going to be difficult for many to remain unaffected by that. Most of it is targeted at the emotions of voters, not at their intellect or their critical thinking ability. This onslaught goes on for months prior to the actual election.

      So while you and I know the score with Obama and are immune to his campaign rhetoric, there are many who can be swayed by it. It would be a mistake to fail to view Obama from the perspective of the gullible. The gullible too cast votes. We can’t afford to let Obama capture that group by failing to fight fire effectively with fire.

      I predict that Obama will be elected to a second term despite his horrific failures. Why? Because there is not currently a strongly backed Republican contender in the field who represents an equal and opposite force. The Republican “leadership” is making certain of that. Quite frankly, I think that the Republican leadership and the moderate RINOs are quite happy with Obama as president because he holds the same “One World”, multinational view which they hold. The LAST thing that the Republican “leadership” wants to see is a patriotic, nationalistic conservative Republican candidate for president. If he or she were to win, that would upset the multinational apple cart.

    • Penny, I can’t say I disagree with you on anything other than the disconnect Obama has with voters. I wouldn’t say his disconnect is any more or less glaring than the rest of Washington, Dems and GOP included. His style of leadership is certainly dependent on whether or not his is in campaign mode.

  11. Oh yeah, beyond Newt’s TV commercial with Pelosi, beyond him taking millions as a lobbyist from the Ethanol lobby (corn tax subsidies), beyond taking money as a lobbyist from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, I needed to ask you guys about your support for Newt after finding out about:

    a) Newt’s cosponsorship of the 1987 broadcast fairness doctrine act?
    b) Newt’s support of the individual Obamacare healthcare mandate?

    Hey, “conservatives”, can you help me reconcile your support of Newt to your “conservativeness”?


  12. Paula Pennypacker says

    Tim — No worries — everyone calls me Penny.

    CA — you are absolutely correct — Obama is heading for a second term. Now I know you have told me, in no uncertain terms, that you do not want to read the book the Thirteen Keys to the Presidency, and at the risk of taking up too much real estate on the SA blog — let’s have a little fun with the Keys.

    Having interviewed American University Professor, and author, Allan Lichtman, when I was a political talk-show host on WSPD radio in the early 90’s, I have become a huge fan of his book The 13 Keys to the Presidency.

    Lichtman’s system has correctly predicted who will win the White House going back to 1860, although it failed in 2000, when Gore lost the electoral college to George W. Bush.

    When I interviewed Lichtman he predicted a Clinton victory over Bush senior, eight months out from the election.

    So here we go.

    But be prepared, as at this point in time, according to Lichtman, “Even if I am being conservative, I don’t see how Obama can lose.”

    THE 13 KEYS

    In order for the incumbent party to win it needs eight out of the thirteen.

    When five or fewer statements are false, the incumbent party wins the popular vote. When six or more are false, the challenging party wins.

    1. After the midterm elections, the incumbent party holds more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives than it did after the previous midterm elections. This key falls.

    2. There is no serious contest for the incumbent party nomination. (Lichtman defines a serious contest as one that is not decided before the party’s convention.) I don’t believe Hillary will run. This key stands.

    3. The incumbent party candidate is the sitting president. This key stands.

    4. There is no significant third-party or independent campaign. (A significant third-party candidate is one with a realistic chance of getting 5 percent or more of the popular vote.) Could Donald Trump be the next Ross Perot?!! This key stands.

    NOTE: “These four keys above are the most predictive of them all. In 1996 Clinton had lost only two. Bush had them all in 2004. Reagan had three out of the four in 1984. Bush the father had only three out of the four against him in 1992. Generally, with the exception of two-term president having left office, being any more than two keys down is bad at this stage. Being down three, as Bush was in 1992 and Humphrey was in 1968, is all but a recipe for loss.”

    5. The economy is not in recession during the election campaign. This key falls.

    6. Real per-capita economic growth during the term equals or exceeds mean growth during the previous two terms. To date, Lichtman is “neutral” on this key — I predict that Obama will lose this key because there will not be a significant turnaround in the economy in time for the election.

    7. The incumbent administration effects major changes in national policy. Say what you want about ObamaCare and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but both represent major policy reform. This key stands.

    8. There is no sustained social unrest during the term. Even with the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement, this key stands, as this key has not turned against a sitting president since the Vietnam era.

    9. The incumbent administration is untainted by major scandal. (A major scandal is one in which the president is personally implicated, for example Watergate or the Clinton impeachment.) Even with Fast and Furious, this key stands.

    10. The incumbent administration suffers no major failure in foreign or military affairs. This key stands.

    11. The incumbent administration achieves a major success in foreign or military affairs. With the killing of OBL and Obama’s handling of Libya, this key stands.

    12. The incumbent party candidate is charismatic or a national hero. (National hero is defined as an individual who successfully leads a nation through war). Obama is no JFK. This key falls.

    13. The challenging party candidate is not charismatic or a national hero. Newt, Romney?!!! This key stands.

    So there you have it. Professor Lichtman believes Obama has a comfortable margin of victory and takes nine of the 13 totals keys, giving him three more than the six key points the system needs to pick a winner.

    • Conservative American says

      We may have gotten there by different means, Paula, but we have come to the same conclusion. 😉

      I believe that there are plenty of conservative Republicans who could beat Obama handily. The question is, why are they not in the field of potential candidates? The obvious reason is that none of them have the blessing of the Republican “leadership”.

      It’s clear that the Republican “leadership” has chosen Romney to be their golden boy. He will be the Republican presidential nominee but he doesn’t have the slightest chance of winning. That doesn’t matter to the Republican “leadership”. As long as there is a “One World”, multinational in the White House, they are happy. Since both Romney and Obama are “One World” guys, the Republican leadership can’t lose, even if the unexpected happens.

      The only ones who lose in all of this are the American people but it isn’t over until the fat lady sings. Senator DeMint is relentlessly, quietly working to get more conservatives elected to Congress. His strategy is clear. It’s easier and less costly to promote a congressional campaign than a presidential campaign and a sufficiently conservative Congress can do a lot to put the brakes on a liberal or RINO president. DeMint is thinking long term.

      Hey, that really IS you in the photo! 😉

  13. 10. The incumbent administration suffers no major failure in foreign or military affairs. This key stands.

    11. The incumbent administration achieves a major success in foreign or military affairs. With the killing of OBL and Obama’s handling of Libya, this key stands.

    How can you say that?
    On Obama’s watch, radical Islam via the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over North Africa from Morocco to Israel’s borders, a disaster for US interests and US allies, and a compete destruction of Bush’s efforts to strengthen the real Democratic political groups in those countries. Obamas’ handling of Libya is a disaster for US interests.

    Paula. Did you see all those young women protesting for Democracy? Everything they hoped for is GONE. Their worst nightmare just got voted in, aided and abetted by Leftist political groups out of the USA like CODE PINK, who agitated and then skipped town.
    The women they left behind will become property and chattle under sharia.


  14. Paula Pennypacker says

    wanumba —

    We hosted a dinner party at our home for karate black belts, from all over the state last month. The guest of honor was a woman from Iran. She is one of the most successful black belts in this country. When I asked her what we could do to keep Iran from going nuclear she said, “support the opposition forces and help them topple the government.” If Iran goes nuclear — under Obama’s watch — that, in my opinion would be a major military failure.

    I am going to email Prof. Lichtman your post above to see if what you wrote could turn one of the 2 military Keys before the 2012 election, and get back with you. The Muslim Brotherhood is indeed a disaster for the U.S. and for women across in the Middle East.

    CA —

    Now don’t get mad at me, but based on the Keys, even a DeMint could not win. And I say that as someone who has a great deal of respect for DeMint.

    • Conservative American says

      We disagree on that one, Paula, LOL!

      The problem with the “Keys” is that they don’t recognize God and therefore impose a limit where none exists.

      Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

      Coming from Ohio, you are probably well familiar with that verse because it is the Ohio state motto.

      If someone were to run who was purely carrying out the will of God, then no earthly force could thwart that will.

    • Paula,
      DO you remember the Iranian People who massed in the street to protest the stolen presidential election and were gunned down by the Iranian hard-liner regime?
      Obama did NOTHING. The Iranian People cried out to Americans for HELP. They got NOTHING.
      Thousands of students are still in prison, being abused. Democrat Carter let the Shah be ripped out instead of providing for a democratic orderly power transtion, and we got what terrorism experts unanimously consdier to be the birth of Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism and Middle East destabilization. Iranians have suffered for decades under the rigid oppression, when they rose up, they were crushed again as a (D) stood by.

      The protests in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya tore out governments with NO ALTERNATIVE. The best organized political movement in those three countries is the Muslim Brotherhood who have seized the power, AS PREDICTED. Their plans have been chilling public record for decades, that anyone from the Left int his country would give support to that is a disgrace, a disgrace that will cost us all.

      Obama plans to win, no question. But it’s ludicrous to call any of what he’s accomplished anything but a FAIL, damaging US interests for years to come.

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