Update: Mecum Pleads “Not Guilty”

Greg Patterson of EspressoPundit is reporting that the Arizona Department of Public Safety did NOT execute a warrant in the arrest of Brett Mecum. This means that Mecum’s arrest may have been illegal.

Sonoran Alliance has also learned that Brett Mecum entered a plea of “Not Guilty” which indicates that the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has indeed charged him.

Finally, Yellow Sheets is reporting that State Chairman Randy Pullen may lose the support of Governor Jan Brewer. According to YS, Mecum could be dismissed by July 4th:

The prospect of the top staff job opening up at the party opens the door for Brewer’s team to install their choice in that position. It’s a common belief that Coughlin was pulling the strings on the hiring of former HighGround-er Colin Shipley for political director and Michelle Schmitt, who was the advance person for McCainand his wife, as finance director. Mecum is the lone significant holdover on staff from Pullen’s first term at the top.

Pullen is already widely believed to be beholden to Brewer and Coughlin – the prevailing thought is that they promised to raise funds for the party that far exceed what he would otherwise be able to secure – and they could expand their control of the state party by dictating who should be hired as executive director.

“Are the people on the 9th Floor going to continue to subsidize this operation?” if Mecum isn’t let go, asked one Republican.


  1. West Vallye resident says

    I think there is one fact about this case that has been overlooked so far that pretty much guarantees that Mr. Mecum’s ticket will be thrown out of court.

    Mr. Mecum received his ticket from the speeding camera on the 101 near 59th Ave. Judge “speeding cameras are unconstitutional ” Keegan, I believe, is the JP for that region. Since Mr. Mecum is charged with misdemeanor, he will appear in Judge Keegan’s Justice Court where any charges (and the fine) will be summarily dismissed because “speeding cameras have been ruled unconstitutional.”

    But, he not getting off scott free, through. Having your mugshot plastered all over the internet and the all the vicious things (mostly unrelated to this incident) written about him in the last few days is a pretty steep penalty.

  2. He had a lot of this already coming to him. The republican professionals stuff is still gathering steam. If he gets off on the criminal speeding, there will be a backlash. How many of us have had to pay for speeding tickets of only going a few miles over the limit? It’s plainly obvious that not only was he criminally speeding, but he must have been drinking (he has a rep for being a big boozer – why do you think he started a Republican drinking group). He put innocent people’s lives in danger – and gets off with NO consequences whatsoever? I predict he resigns well before July 4.

  3. Conservative activist says

    Interesting how it’s other Republicans criticizing Mecum. The Democrat bloggers who lurk on this site are defending him – I’m sure they’d love to see the GOP handicapped with someone like Mecum. Since it’s his fellow Republicans who are demanding that he step down (haven’t heard one peep from the Democratic Party about this), the GOP probably better listen.

  4. Horizon tonight dashed any hopes Brett mecum might have had says

    OUCH! If you watched Horizon tonight, they held out hopes that County Attorney Andy Thomas might not prosecute Brett Mecum. Well Thomas did prosecute Mecum this morning, as reported earlier, and so Mecum pled not guilty today. And the rest of the Horizon panel said since he was driving SO fast, there’s no way to justify it. One of the contributors, Dennis Welch, said what will hang Mecum is the fact he ignored letters in the mail from DPS. Anyone wanna make a bet on when Mecum will announce his resignation? I’m predicting Monday morning.

  5. Brett needs to quit says

    There is no way in the world Brett can make the argument that he is the most qualified person in the world to be executive director.

    The severity of the crime coupled with Brett’s absolute arrogance, pettiness, selfishness, and lack of regard for others leaves him with no friends or public supporters.

    The longer he stays, the more it hurts us. He knows it, and it doesn’t matter.

  6. I find the speed at which people are pouncing on Mecum to be fairly disturbing.

    First of all, this was a SPEEDING CAMERA ticket. I am in agreement with Judge Keegan. Speeding cameras are blatantly unconstitutional. How do you cross-examine a camera? wtf?! Maybe one can make an argument that you can use speeding cameras to fine people for simple speeding violations, but actual criminal misdemeanors with just a camera as your witness? That’s so much bs it isn’t even funny. Why are people defending this blatant unconstitutional act. If he were actually picked up by a real police officer for speeding, that would be something else entirely.

    Second of all, what is this about going 109 mph is so dangerous? 109 in the middle of the night on an open wide Arizona freeway is not dangerous at all. Certainly if he were drunk that would be dangerous, but that is of course not alleged. Which of course gets me back to my point about speed cameras. If he were actually pulled over by a real cop and were drunk, he’d be charged for that too, and an actual unsafe driver would be taken off the streets. In this case he’s just turned into further fodder for blog rants, and an unsafe driver continues to menace society. (Assuming he was drinking, which of course was not alleged.)

  7. I find two things disturbing. One, that some of you can defend driving 109 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone, particularly since if you know the guy, it’s BLATANTLY obvious he’d been drinking. Where is the outrage?

    Second, that Rep. Sam Crump, who should know better, and surely knows Mecum’s drinking habits, is holding this up as an example of why speed cameras are bad. Does he want to LOSE his bill? Someone who was going 66 and got a speed camera ticket should be held up as an example. Not some drunk Republican leader who was excessively speeding. If Mecum hadn’t been Executive Director, he wouldn’t be getting this special treatment by Crump. more favoritism of rich white well-connected Republican males by the GOP. Keep it up guys, just perpetuates the stereotype.

  8. I don't go to Republican Professionals because of Brett and his roomies says

    Brett told me once when he was drunk that he makes $90,000/yr. Does the state party really have the money to be paying one of their employees that much? Sean McCaffrey never made that much money as ED. Maybe Brett was lying trying to show off to me, he and his constantly drunk roomies are why I quit going to Republican Professionals.

  9. Left Coast Larry says

    y’all are idiots. brett got busted for a speeding ticket. an excessive ticket? sure, but geez, you blog types need to get a life. the RP stuff is bogus, charles is a complete tool, and has the advantage of being out of the political system. so he can release everything w/out any ramifications. he sells real estate for crying out loud. dork. if he had any balls he would take care of his own mess rather than send his sycophants to handle his mess. as far as im concerned the RP argument is a joke. as far as brett boozing it up goes, that is a flat out fabrication. anyone that hangs with him would say they that he doesn’t drink heavy at all, is in fact a lightweight. he gets drunk on politics. I think the morons who consistently post on this blog think that you could do his job. Hardly.


  10. Move over Brett says

    Brett Mecum has also told me that he made $90,000! I often wondered how they were able to pay him that because Pullen’s party is absolutely miserable at raising money.
    Move over, Brett – Your short run in politics is over.

  11. Mecum must go!!! says

    Comment # 9 (Left coast Larry):

    Clearly you do not know Brett Mecum or understand the Republican Professionals group. Charles Jensen and Lindsay Rhodes are the heart and soul of one of the most amazing organizations to come out of Arizona politics. The RP’s were quite successful despite having Brett, Jeff, and Ryan constantly chasing people away. I hear that Politico Mafioso had over 26,000 hits on the story about the “Ho-tel California” trying to hijack the Republican Professionals. I think the group will be even more successful now that those bad apples have been removed. Brett, Jeff, and Ryan should start an A$# clown circus.

  12. Grumpy Gus says

    The real embarassment here is not the state GOP’s reputation, but that the national GOP of which Pullen is the Treasurer is also in the mix. It’s one thing for locals to gossip “this and that” about another local. Quite another for Pullen’s national party job to be called into question because his right hand man in AZ just botched a credible criminal complaint against him.

  13. 109 is criminal speeding. It is inherently unsafe. Mecum should have paid attention to the car ads which say “closed road, professional driver. Do not attempt.” He should pay whatever fine or sentence that is delivered to him. His employer can make his own decision as to whether his performance justifies his continued employment.

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