UPDATE: Arizona GOP responds to Voeller’s attack


Contrary to rumors (and the Yellow Sheet’s oft-cited but never identified “railbird”), the Arizona Republican Party under Chairman Pullen has netted approximately $70,000 more during his first 100 days than the same period under Chairman Salmon. We have also spent more on voter registration, but otherwise kept costs considerably lower. While we didn’t start with the cash-on-hand as the previous team (last election cycle was expensive), we’re on our way to making up for that. With an ever-expanding finance committee and grassroots donations dramatically increasing in recent weeks (despite what would normally be the summertime slow-down), our COH is more than 8-times what you reported in your blog (and we have expanded our team with consultants and are looking to expand staff, as well).

For the record, not only has the AZGOP been a strong defender of Senator Kyl (although staunchly against this immigration legislation), we were defending the Senator from personal attacks before others started attacking us for NOT doing so. Ah, politics.

As for immigration, while a majority of the state’s voters oppose this particular legislation, it’s true that a majority support fixing our immigration woes. An even greater majority supports securing our borders. If the legislation about to be considered again in the US Senate were “more Jon Kyl and less Ted Kennedy”, opposition here in Arizona would not likely be so fierce. This is why it’s important that we win back a majority in Congress and give leaders like Jon Kyl the votes they need to write the legislation they’d prefer. NOTE: It isn’t just immigration: it’s taxes and spending, education policy, entitlements, the war on terror. As long as Democrats have the majority, we can’t pass the bills we need to pass to protect our families, our state or our nation – and all three ARE worth fighting for.

Now what GOP? Now, as with yesterday, we do what we do to fight for what we believe in. We work for smaller, smarter government. We work for lower taxes and a stronger, pro-business economy. We work for job creation and better schools. We work for an Arizona we’d be proud to leave for the next generation. It’s inevitable that even in our beloved Republican Party we’ll have disagreements along the way. Sometimes they will be big ones. But win or lose, we shake hands and work together the next day to ensure Republican victories on Election Day.

The luxury I have in being new to the state is I don’t terribly care who did or said what to whom two or three or five years ago. In fact, I don’t care at all. Bruised egos aren’t just boring; they cost too many votes. Getting all our Republicans re-elected (and adding new Republicans to their ranks) is what it’s all about.

Sean R. McCaffrey
Executive Director, Arizona Republican Party
3501 N. 24th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Office: (602) 957-7770
Fax: (602) 224-0932

A note from that post also reveals that “According to the FEC website, through April 30, 2007, the GOP finished with COH of $21,258. This amount does not include money raised for the GOP’s state account (there’s a federal account and state account and there are limits on the activities that can be funded by each account).”  Thus it appears that everyone seems to be looking at only the federal accounts when they want to say fundraising is bad while ignoring the state accounts, where most of the fundraising has been occuring.

Voeller.JPG  In the meantime, reaction at the State Capitol has been a mix of amusement and anger as several legislators who have been lobbied by Voeller are pondering how they will react to his public desire to have the Republican Party “thoroughly cleansed” through a “bottoming out”.


  1. Eyes on West Washington says

    Also, for those who are interested in Voeller’s bio, here it is (from the Arizona Free Enterprise Club website):

    Steve Voeller was Congressman Jeff Flake’s Chief of Staff from 2000 until 2005. Voeller started in politics in 1993 as Field Director for Jon Kyl’s U.S. Senate campaign. In January 1995, Voeller accepted a job with Congressman Matt Salmon and moved to Washington. Voeller returned to Arizona to manage Salmon’s two re-election campaigns and became Salmon’s Arizona District Director. In 2001, Voeller became Congressman Flake’s first Chief of Staff, managing a staff of fifteen and a budget of over $1 million. Flake is one of the leading conservatives in Congress and has become a national figure in cutting taxes, limiting spending, and spurring economic growth. Voeller oversaw Flake’s first two re-election victories in 2002 and 2004. Voeller left Flake’s office in February to start the Arizona Free Enterprise Club.

  2. ThomasPink says

    Looks good to me. Does he live in CD 5? I’ll start circulating the petitions to get him on the ballot.

  3. This is a hoot!

    “We have also spent more on voter registration, but otherwise kept costs considerably lower. ”
    — just how much are you spending per voter? doesn’t really appear to me that our Voter Registration #’s have shifted that much at all:


    (We lost a couple hundred Republicans overall.)-

    here is the other gem: “The luxury I have in being new to the state is I don’t terribly care who did or said what to whom two or three or five years ago. In fact, I don’t care at all. ” Jeez Sean- if you don’t care- why should we?

  4. Okay Julie, I’ll try to keep it simple for you. This will be tough without colored Crayons, but let’s see if you can follow the facts without losing it. If you get dizzy, take a break and come back.

    1. No one measures “spending per voter”. Perhaps you want to know how much the party spends per new registrant? Or you want to know how much the party has spent on voter registration total?

    2. You also can’t tell how many new voters are signed up by looking at the active count because it doesn’t show how many inactive voters were taken off the list. You would need to subtract inactives lost before you could know how many new voters were registered.

    3. For signs of progress, the GOP has increased its statewide advantage over the Dems by about 6,000 voters. Nice, eh?

    4. Want more? Sure you do… As of the latest numbers from the Secretary of State’s office, Pinal County is now a Republican county for this first time in our state’s history. Want some more? Look at the gains in LD23. The differences are there, if you know what you’re looking for. You clearly don’t.

    5. As for your final point, Sean is right and you finally get to be right too (though not in the way you wanted to be). You shouldn’t care who got hurt feelings and bruised egos five years ago, just like Sean shouldn’t. You, like Sean, should be focused on getting the job done today and tomorrow. Of course, Sean is actually doing these things while you’re trying to mock him. Makes you look small and petty while he looks like a leader.

  5. Silly me, Tim. I should know better than you. The crayons really helped me see the clear picture.

    Now I’m confused- I went back to the link, and I looked at the full PDF and it has all of the inactive (pages 6,7,8,9,10)and active (page 3,4,5) sheets as well.

    That is fantastic news about Pinal. Perhaps you can help me read the report, because it appearas that the Democrats still have the advantage in LD 23??? Unfortunately I can’t tell the gains from this thing.

    I guess I should have looked at the details first- I was just looking at the overall #’s.

  6. Julie,

    Here is the link to the Secretary of State’s web site for Pinal County registrations (April 1, 2007.)

    34,317 Dems, 35,640 Reps.

    http://www.azsos.gov/election/voterreg/Active_Voter_Count.pdf (page 1)

    Here are the numbers for District 23.

    October 2006 – 36,291 Dems, 28,309 Reps.
    April 2007 32,842 Dems, 28,319 Reps.

    Have not yet caught up but closing the gap.

    http://www.azsos.gov/election/voterreg/2006-10-31.pdf (page 4)
    http://www.azsos.gov/election/voterreg/Active_Voter_Count.pdf (page 4)

  7. In January of 2007, the Dems led in LD23 by 8+%.

    In May of 2007, the Dems led in LD23 by 5+%.

    Not bad for four months work. Bad news if your last name is Rios! Keep up the good work folks!

  8. A key thing to remember is the difference in time lines between the quarterly report of Jan-Mar and the time in office time line of Feb-May.

    Fannin raised a lot of money for the Party in January of 2005 that was in the Jan-Mar finance reports while Salmon did no real fundraising in Jan of this year.

    Then, in 2005 there was very little fundraising in April and May while this year the fundraising has actually increased due to the stand of our Chairman against the Grand Bargain Amnisty Bill.

    In addition, the Congressional Delegation under the direction of our two Senators have not lifted a finger to help raise funds to grow the Party this year. Maybe a little petulance?

    We could use their help, but not at a selling out of our country. It is up to the small and medium size donors to make up the difference.

  9. First of all, costs are considerably lower because of the lack of a full staff. There wasn’t a finance director in February and March or an operations manager since Pullen took over. Aside from McCaffrey, Mecum, Milt Wheat (a man I greatly admire), and whoever the tech guy is, there really wasn’t much to be paid for payroll or benefits. That saved you a lot right there!

    The “ever-expanding” finance team had approximately 10 people on it. This includes Jason Rose, a PR guy who has been mentioned on EspressoPundit regarding the Gov’s involvement with her buddies in the union – http://coaching.typepad.com/espresso_pundit/2006/12/follow_the_mone_1.html. He’s also the State Director of the Finance Committee for Romney for President. When it comes down to it, will he choose Romney or AZGOP to fundraise for?

    Expanding your team with “consultants” such as Constantin Querard is not something to brag about.

    If fundraising has been occuring on the state level, great. Just know that it won’t help federal candidates any because you can’t use state money on federal elections. There’s a reason why people put more emphasis on federal dollars – they’re more valuable because they can be used for more things.

    Want to send out early ballot requests? FEDERAL.

    Want to support the presidential candidate? FEDERAL.

    Want to elect a Republican in CD-8 and CD-5? FEDERAL.

    Want to pay your field offices, field staff, your 72-Hour Director, your entire staff? FEDERAL.

    Get the point?

  10. GOP PK,

    If what you said is true about Fannin and Salmon and fundraising, then I’ll wait for the May numbers to be released before I am any more critical on the numbers. Deal?

  11. First of all, costs are considerably lower because of the lack of a full staff. There wasn’t a finance director in February and March or an operations manager since Pullen took over. Aside from McCaffrey, Mecum, Milt Wheat (a man I greatly admire), and whoever the tech guy is, there really wasn’t much to be paid for payroll or benefits. That saved you a lot right there!

    The “ever-expanding” finance team had approximately 10 people on it. This includes Jason Rose, a PR guy who has been mentioned on EspressoPundit regarding the Gov’s involvement with her buddies in the union. He’s also the State Director of the Finance Committee for Romney for President. When it comes down to it, will he choose Romney or AZGOP to fundraise for?

    Expanding your team with “consultants” such as Constantin Querard is not something to brag about.

    If fundraising has been occuring on the state level, great. Just know that it won’t help federal candidates any because you can’t use state money on federal elections. There’s a reason why people put more emphasis on federal dollars – they’re more valuable because they can be used for more things.

    Want to send out early ballot requests? FEDERAL.

    Want to support the presidential candidate? FEDERAL.

    Want to elect a Republican in CD-8 and CD-5? FEDERAL.

    Want to pay your field offices, field staff, your 72-Hour Director, your entire staff? FEDERAL.

    Get the point?

  12. Evan, Evan, Evan

    If you are going to compare this year or even next year to the last two years on the Federal level, you win!!

    With the most expensive Senatorial campaign in the history of the state by almost double, and no Senatorial campaign in the state next year, the money will be no where the same. Lets just do the best we can with or without the Congressional guys. By the way, how much have you contributed?

  13. I’ve contributed $50 to the RNC in either December or January, and I’m planning to contribute $61 to the RNC for the President’s Birthday fundraising drive. Why do you ask?

    GOP PK, if you leave this blog with any additional bit of knowledge to bring back to AZGOP, encourage them to raise FEDERAL dollars. Like I said in my earlier, federal dollars can pay for more things, and I simply can’t emphasize that enough. There is no party if there’s no federal dollars!

  14. It will be interesting to see what the donations look like through the end of the year. Compartmentalizing the membership and alienating those who do not pass the test will result in larger donations to the PACs, National Committees, and specific candidates. My guess, many long time Arizona Republicans will be far more offended by the words of the AZGOP communications director than the words of Voeller.

    “The luxury I have in being new to the state is I don’t terribly care who did or said what to whom two or three or five years ago. In fact, I don’t care at all.” Fortunately for Mr. Pullen, such venues as this are not widely read and the insider track is one most really don’t know much about. That is one statement I would not want to be made to well known if I were Randy Pullen.

    Unfortunately, the character of a person is important to many and the statements, actions, and attitudes of divisiveness and ill-will are not quickly forgotten by those who have been and will continue to be Arizona voters and are aware of such attitudinal exposure. Perhaps Mr. Mecum is a short timer and really doesn’t care who he discourages but I’m not sure that is the most effective way to communicate. The desire for any attempt to understand and be understood is overshadowed by the arrogance of elitism, hardly a way to build a strong and united effort going into what could very well be our best last chance at the POTUS and at least a one chamber majority not to mention the loss of Arizona offices.

  15. Evan,

    Great! I am glad you are going to contribute to the organization under the thumb of Bush and Martinez who are trying to give amnesty to 20 million people who have violated our laws and our sovereignty and are responsible for a disproportionate amount of the ills in our country. NOT!!

    It is time that the connection is made. Look at the education, medication and incarceration costs of these illegals and tell me it is worth it.

    If the choice is to elect a veto-proof state legislature to fight the Governor and pass effective state laws or add one or two congressmen to our minority position out of 435 members, I will take the former, thank you very much.

    This is specially true now with Congressmen like Flake, Kyl and McCain who are only supporting the 9% of Arizona Republicans, probably at the behest of people like the AFEC Board, that support the Comprehensive Amnesty Bill.

  16. Ann,

    Unfortunately, you may be right in some areas. However, your timing and determination as to who started the food fight is all wrong. Randy Pullen has been a stand up leader on this issue and is a large factor in his election as well as the vitriolic actions of his opponents.

    If you believe that a Republican Party that only listens to the five or six Congressmen and the Chamber while dissing everyone else in the Party is the right approach, I must respectfully disagree. A

    You must remember that the Sproul forces formed PAC’s immediately after Pullen’s election. They had this scheme in mind from the get-go. Pullen defended Kyl while taking a position against the Bush-Kennedy Bill and was accused of attacking Kyl by the James gang while Pullen had press releases already in the public venue denouncing those who were publicly attacking the Senator.

    The McCain/Sproul forces are unhappy that Sproul is not making all the money from the party activities. You are partially right when you say that the words of the communicaitons director will anger some long time Arizona Republicans more than Voeller’s comments. What you don’t want to admit is that in the current situation, there are even more long time Arizona Republicans who are more angry at the actions of Sproul, McCain, Flake, Voeller, Kyl and Bush than are angry at Pullen.

    Ann, remember the Rasmussen poll that showed only a 9% support level for the Comprehensive Bill by ARIAONA REPUBLICANS!!! Does this not matter to you? Even if the numbers were reversed, is there not something inside of you that says amnesty is the wrong answer for those who break our laws and are destroying our medical and educational ingrastructure by their law breaking?

    If you lived near the border, would you support the premise that the nearest OB-GYN doctor is now in Tucson? Would you think it was OK that emergency rooms are closed and not available to your family in those same areas?

    Remember the cost of “cheap labor” is very high. One last point, then off to work I go, the cheap labor that the farmers are getting is microscopic in the big picture of retail cost. The farmer is now paid about six cents for a head of lettuce and includes machinery, seed, gas, fertilizer, profits, etc. They could double the labor costs, be paid about four cents more and make more profit – FOUR CENTS a head of lettuce difference while over thirty percent of our state budget goes to services for these same people – that is over THREE BILLION DOLLARS just to the Arizona General Fund, not counting federal expenditures. How is that for “cheap” labor?

  17. Ex-Republican says

    GOP PK:

    So Evan and others should not donate if there donation is “under the thumb” of President Bush? Okay, guess that means you should hold the check, Evan.

    “Education, Medication, Incarceration” – I heard that a time or two from Goldwater during the campaign, Eric.

  18. GOP PK,

    I agree with you on several points, including much of the immigration issue debate, but here is my perspective on some the format for which your premise is based. It is interesting how people who share the same goals and objectives can have divergent opinions.

    To be sure there were plenty of us that were extremely unhappy with the Salmon run party. The amount of money to Nathan Sproul is something I have protested and have made my feelings very clear. I respect the Congressional delegation and consider them an important part of the organization but they are not the one and only thing to be considered. The last election was so poorly run from the state party, while Lisa and others were there trying their best to get things done they were not calling the shots. I know what Len went through and what decisions were made and by whom. I was there election night when we thought we had lost more seats than we did in the state and it looked like a couple in DC. Even though Matt was on his way out, it was very clear a change had to be made! The idea of party chair becomes a huge issue and one even the meekest of the political junkies had an opinion about.

    The food fight; from my perspective and others I am close to, grew out of a philosophical difference in both substance and style previously held by members of the party. I do not want to get into the name calling and will try to express it without being personal. Much of the damage started after Pullen had continued with his efforts to be chairman and there was no other clear candidate, names but no hard work underway.

    If I start back at the Bush-Cheney’04 campaign, many of us saw how hard Lisa James worked. Her willingness to bring everyone in and get the job done was handled with grace and a true grassroots appreciation. Not a clone or figurehead; she was a workhorse and respected all that everyone else contributed. She had her opinions of certain people and their politics, which would surprise many of you who think of her as a puppet for those with whom you disagree, but that was not her role. Since then, she has contributed greatly to Republican candidates and the party without deference to which side of the fence they are on. She was a behind the scenes, get the job done, focus on the objective, kind of person. She tries to play nice with others while accomplishing her purpose.

    Randy had his successful Prop 200 campaign and was active in the party, too. But his demeanor and attitude was viewed differently by many. He was not loud and obnoxious but he was regal in a way that is not flattering. His words and action in the public had personified him as a divisive and caustic personality, given the right set of circumstances. Even if you agreed with his immigration position, he just came off as arrogant and oppressive. Approachable would not be term I would ever use to describe him. While there is no doubt about his contributions and positive purpose, he was not the face or persona many of us wanted as our party leader and spokesperson. Despite personal feelings one way or another about McCain, many saw the anti-McCain actions of Haney, Tuttle, and others as hand-in-hand with Pullen and of the same sort of tactical approach he would use. This gave much more credence to the idea of divisiveness and a shrinking tent under a Pullen led party.

    The names that surfaced as chair were mixed and fate had a sad way of dealing with the remaining prospects. But it was certain, a large number of PC’s and party activists did not want antagonistic actions to personify our party. What they did on their own was their business but as state chair, that is another thing. Hence, Lisa James for party chair. McCain never asked her to run. John Shadegg is the only Congressional member to talk to her about it. John has a long and strong history with the state party, generational if you will. He is vested beyond what most of us could ever be.

    With the emergence of a candidate that was viewed by some as an insider and establishment straw man in James versus the somewhat caustic shake it up and do it my way or the highway style of Pullen, sides were drawn. I do not remember who drew first blood nor do I think it can actually be proven. But, it has continued with the Hatfield and McCoy type mentality that it doesn’t matter that we are all R’s, since Pullen is chair the James crowd is viewed as losers and liars; nothing can be good it is all bad and blame will be heaped on them, regardless of the reality. The Pullen crowd continues to do the same thing for which we objected to his leadership in the first place. A perfect example was the choice to use the drawing of the “finger” as illustration for the views of the people to the press. Such an approach is not the only way to accomplish the same end.

    I could really give a rat’s behind what Sproul thinks or says, the same goes for Haney & Tuttle. I do not believe what I do because the chamber says so or the local LD chair says so, I believe what I do because of who I am and my experiences. I am not alone and the objectifying and marginalizing of such a large group within the party serves to give some their pound of flesh but it does not serve the party well at all.

  19. ExRepublican

    If Evan is against amnesty and he has a choice to give his money to an organization that is controlled by people that supports amnesty and his other option is to give to an organization that agrees with him and opposes amnesty, I would recommend he give to the organization that agrees with his position. Simple.

    As to the education/medication/incarceration reference, it is remembered only because it was relevant for me and, obviously, for you. Since Goldwater did not have money until a week from the Primary and did not have a lot of media coverage, it was effective even with little play.

    I think that everyone has respect for the office of United States Senator and Congressmen the problem is that they want absolute autocratic control of the party. I do not know of one grass roots activist, including Rob Haney for example, who would oppose having the state party administered with equal input from the elected officials, the financial community and the grass roots. The problem is that the first two groups have had total control for so long that they do not want to share input from the grass roots.

    The current uproar over the Immigration Bill is proof of that fact. When independent surveys by respected organizations like the Rasmussen company find that only 9% of registered Arizona Republicans support the bill AND Senator Kyl had a strong position against amnesty last fall AND he was negotiating in secret with Teddy for an amnesty bill at the same time that he is meeting with Party leaders stating that he opposes, is the grass roots or Party leaders causing the disconnect?? I think not.

    I have worked with Lisa James, and found her very professional and credible. I therefore was shocked at her attack of Pullen two days after he had sent out a strong message of support of Senator Kyl and opposing the personal attacks on him – while continuing to not support the bill in alignment with 91% of Arizona republicans.

    Lisa James was approached by others outside the Congressional Delegation long before John Shadegg initiated contact. Those contacts were choreographed by Nathan Sproul, Kevin DeMenna, John Kaites, Marcus DelArtino, etc. Sen McCain almost never makes contacts himself, he has Nathan and his foot soldiers like Steve Voeller and the group above make the contacts.

    Who drew first blood is known. The Sproul led e-mail campaign and “private” phone calls were initiated first. The grass roots have been objeectified, vilified and marginalized for decades by the congressional/establishment power brokers in this state.

    It is time for the grass roots party leaders elected in their precincts, their districts and their counties and across the state to be given some respect for their contributions. It must be recognized by elected officials that the PC’s and SC’s live in the neighborhoods and have a better “on the ground” feel for the feelings of the public. If representative government does not include representation of the beliefs of the people, we no longer have representative government.

    You do not seem like a pawn, so I do not understand why you do not feel it is unseemly for the losers of an election who have been in power for decades to immediately write hit pieces against the winners. It is especially troubling when their charges are inaccutate. Their actions parallel the losers in Mexico or third world countries.

    Another interesting side note is the fact that the people attacking Pullen etal were paid for their contributions to the Party – including Lisa James – while the people being attacked have volunteered their services to the Party. It is clear who has a vested financial interest in control of the Party.

  20. (long time lurker, first time poster)

    GOP PK. Good stuff. You wrote that Lisa James was approached by others outside the Congressional Delegation long before John Shadegg initiated contact.


  21. GOP PK,

    I support the party platform. There are certain issues that I disagree with the party on due to my more libertarian viewpoints. But if I can agree with 8 out of 10 issues, I consider myself to be a Republican and would appreciate it very much if other Republicans would accept me as such.

    I do have many choices on whom to give my money. I can give it to the RNC, AZGOP, or other PACs and political organizations. In the end, my money going to help get Republicans elected. It’s not a matter of issues at this point, it’s who I trust to handle my money. Right now, I simply can’t trust Randy Pullen and the people who are running AZGOP, and I can’t give my money to them. I think it’s a problem that many donors are facing.

    I trust the faceless people at the RNC more than I trust McCaffrey and Mecum. I trust Len Munsil more than I trust Constantin Querard. I trust Nathan Sproul (and yes, I’ve googled him but if the Dems hate him so much, he must be a good Republican) more than I trust Randy Pullen and Co.

    Now you know where my money is going to go and I don’t think I’m the lone donor in this.

  22. GOP PK,

    I have to disagree with you on the veto-proof legislature vs. two more U.S. Representatives.

    Don’t you realize that 2008 is a PRESIDENTIAL election? We may not have a Republican in office anymore and if we have to live with a Democrat Congress and a Democrat President, than we truly have no chance of fighting illegal immigration the way that you want.

    You can’t write off federal elections to win state elections. It’s silly and just doesn’t make sense.

  23. Evan, I accept you as a Republican as Reagan would have if you are in agreement with 80% of the Platform and vote Republican.

    My problem with the anti-Pullen sentiment is he is in alignment with 91% of the registered Republicans in this state and is being vilified by the insiders who are acting as sore losers. Raasmussen Poll says that Congressional R’s approval rating is up since they won the standoff while the Pres is down and Reid’s has plummeted to 19%.

    Pullen sends out public and private messages defending Kyl and two days later Gordon James has an editorial castigating Pullen and Lisa is used by Sproul to vilify him. My problem with Sproul is not being criticized by Democrats, it is being the focus of election laws violations in a half dozen states from coast to coast – some of them Red States while taking in 8.4 million from your and my contributions to the RNC – and his working against the Precinct Committeemen interests for over fifteen years in this state. He has consistently been at odds with the majority of registered Republicans here, and has personally profited from his activity while harming the Party.

    Last year is the perfect example, where his consulting was instrumental in losing the Governor by over double the difference in history while concocting a cockamamie campaign where Arizona became the first state in the Union to defeat a Marriage Amendment with all the attendant down ticket losses. Our tenuous position in the legislature can be traced to his incompetence or perfidy – take your pick.

    Last, I never said that we should write off federal elections. I said we have a lot more influence in determining a working majority here in the Legislature than we do in determining a working majority in Congress where we have a whole 2% of the total seats total with only .005 in play.

    In addition, if you believe that the illegal invasion of our state is the defining issue for the future of our state, it seems counter intuitive to give money to an organization that supports that invasion by their actions while refusing to contribute to an organization that is fighting that invasion mainly because they are being attacked by people who are funded by the pro-illegal invasion money interests.

    As to 2008 being a PRESIDENTIAL election year, GO FRED!! He is the one hope to return the situation to 2000 with R’s in charge of all three. GO FRED!!

  24. My truth is in between the Evan & GOP PK lines. I, like Evan, will not be giving my money to the state party. It is revisionist thinking to only mention the letter sent out by Pullen and not tell the whole story of his leadership during the first few days and hours of the “immigration” bill. Our reality should have as much credibility as any given the circumstances. The press conference with the “finger” letter, the e-mail (yes it does exist) from the ED instigating demonstrations by a non-R and calls of traitor against Sen. Kyl, the marching of a LD chair with a sign that said “Deport McCain” along side others with signs of Sen. Kyl’s likeness in an obscene gesture, all of this under Pullen’s watch. For him to send out a letter after he had time to realize he might have stepped in it is not the same as some would like it to be remembered. Yes, Gordon did write an op-ed piece. Yes, Lisa did send out a letter, too. But they were not alone and they are not the only ones who feel like they do, their voices are not a solo act but the representatives of a larger choir who has seen for themselves the type of leadership that this chair brings and doesn’t like it. The delivery is not the same as the message; I agree with the issue, I strongly disagree with the actions. The thing is, who is surprised by his actions? This is why there was a 4 vote margin. He is who he has always been. You either like him or you don’t. You either like the hard edged, hard nosed, might makes right attitude or you don’t.

    But, I agree with GOP PK as to the last election. If you look at the primary votes, Goldwater and Munsil had more combined than Janet. I understand about primary votes and know all the stats…BUT, Munsil had a good platform, did anybody hear it? Signs with his 100 day plan lay in the office instead of being posted on the streets. Munsil had a knowledge of what needed to be done, but how would he do it? The 9-11 Memorial was used to catapult him to the radar screen then left as the only thing in his arsenal to fight with when the enemy noticed he was there. That is not a campaign. The office was filled with people who played politics and didn’t do politics. Frustration doesn’t come close to describe how many felt but were helpless to do otherwise. Who is to blame, probably more than a few but the buck stops somewhere. Despite inaccurate claims of my co-conspirator status by some on this site, Sproul is on the list of those who did not come through. There where good and hard working people trying to get a job done under a tremendous disadvantage, Sean Noble, Lisa James, and others where there to help with state and Congressional races but the individual candidate campaigns often did not match up well with the party campaigns. This, again, is leadership.

    I do not trust the GOP ED, he is culpable in the whole “blast Kyl” actions. The communications director is a smart mouthed, snarky, arrogant kid who needs to go learn some manners and respect then come back and sit at the grown-up table. No, I will not be donating to the state party. Yes, I will be donating to candidates and PAC’s who are led by people of integrity like Len Munsil and, of course, Lisa James. (I know some of you were thinking it anyway). No, I will not be donating to the NRCC until I see some change in their techniques; good money after bad is not my idea of being a good steward.

    Oh yes, I will be donating to Fred Thompson! And working my little fingers to the bone to help get a true conservative, a man who says what he means and does what he says elected as POTUS!

  25. Ann,

    I am sometimes amazed by abstract connections. Why did no one blame Matt Salmon for Rob Haney and teh EGC passing a motion chastising McCain and not blaming Salmon because a lot of people have worn the circleslash McCain for a couple of years, yet it is somehow Pullen’s fault when it happens “on Pullen’s watch.” Show me the email or blogs complaints about Salmon for that.

    As to Pullen’s “my way or the highway” attitude, in case you do not know, Pullen is now being criticized by those on his right for not being strong enough. He is now being criticized on both sides and is walking a tight rope. In addition, if he was so “my way or the highway” there would never have been the press releases and private calls and messages to back off the personal criticism of Kyl. He did ask people to contact Kyl’s office originally on the issue of the bill, but he never insinuated that those calls should include personal attacks. Let’s keep it straight. The only personal attacks from any of the principals has been directed at Pullen and have not been returned by Pullen or his staff.

    The Munsil PAC will be influenced by Sproul and, if the past is any indicator, that money will not be spent to elect Republicans at the state and local levels. Pullen has been so willing to make it work that he has set up legislative election accounts under the control of others. That is an honest attempt to make it work in conjunction with others.

    It is also interesting that the attempt by Pullen to bring in someone from outside Arizona so neither side of some serious disconnects over the last ten to twenty years could accuse him of having an agenda by is staff selections is now being used as a complaint. It is weird.

    If illegal immigration is important, the only Republican entities on the right side of the issue are state, county and legislative district organizations. If you unable to give to the state party at this time, let some time go by and, in the meantime, give to county or legislative districts.

    I have not talked with Mecum, but McCaffrey and Pullen have been available. The first meeting with McCaffrey included some very strong disagreements and neither of us backed off, but I respect that fact that he did not take it personally and the next time I called, he was very pleasant and helpful. If everyone worked that way – strongly disagree without being disagreeable – the world would be better.

    In the lont term, call Pullen and/or McCaffrey, talk with them, not to them, & find common ground. Remember, they will be critical components in any winning strategy for 2008 including Thompson.

    GO FRED!!

  26. Ann, we’re still waiting for a copy of that email. Simply reassuring us that it exists is not sufficient. You, and others, continue to try to bash Pullen by making up these things, by claiming that he held up a picture of Kyl with his middle finger raised, etc. These are lies and will remain lies until you bring actual proof. If “lie” is too strong of a word, use falsehood instead.

    But you need to prove your accusations or you need to stop making them. Otherwise it is character assassination and nothing more.

  27. The Haney-McCain divide is old, no doubt. And you do have a valid point in that the things that preceded Pullen were under the Salmon leadership, but who said he was the example? A lack of leadership can be just as bad as an overly aggressive leader. Salmon should have and could have kept it from getting to where it is now; he is absolutely responsible for the genesis of the divide. The current legislative session and the never ending budget debate is the offspring of years without a clear vision and a power vacuum. So do two wrongs (even if different wrongs) make a right? Where is the effort to bring the factions together by being just as adamant about the Haney, Tuttle actions as seems to be pointed at the Sproul, et al camps? As to the supposed request by Pullen for a make-up meeting with Lisa James; there were words spoken that will not be repeated, but there was no olive branch more like a whipping switch….and yes, there were witnesses. But, that is not the point….Pullen, quite simply, is not someone who has the style of leadership that is appreciated by some others. This is not to say that it is not appreciated by all, but if he were concerned about more than his own ego he would recognize that and do whatever it takes to counter his own shortcomings, or perceived shortcomings, and attempt to minimize the collateral damage. But he holds up letters with ugly characterizations as illustrations and allows the ED to encourage an idiot to parade as one of us and attack Sen. Kyl.

    The complaint against an outsider is not based on his being an outsider, it is his disdain for others and the manner in which he communicates his position that I find offensive. The abstract connection is yours on this one. Fresh blood and an untainted perspective is a very good idea, but such cavalier statements as his do not represent a willingness to be anything other than a catalyst for negativity and deconstructive criticism. As a member of the organization for which he is employed, I do not wish to have such words assigned to me by virtue of my membership. Neither should anyone who wishes to see a better tomorrow than we have today. He may not care what anyone thinks, but I better the financial folks do. But then why should he, another job is just an emailed resume’ and post office mail forward card away.

    We all know when it is time to do what we must, we will. We have in the past in spite of the whos and whys. The question is, how?

    And as always, GO FRED!

  28. Tim,

    The letter with the finger raised has been shown over and over, it was at the press conference Pullen had and used as the illustration for how the people feel. The sign was a protest sign with the group Haney was in, check out KTAR for the photo. It also made the evening news, how wonderful for us! The email is real. The people that have a copy will reveal it if they choose. In that there has never been a response from the ED should tell you a thing or two.

    But, I have to ask, if the email was produced would it matter to you? Or would you find a way to defend it as necessary in light of the issue and characterize it as getting the job done?

  29. That there were two separate fingers (one with Kyl and one without) has been my point all along. But there are those on this blog who continue to insist that Pullen was holding the one with Kyl’s picture on it and they used that as an excuse to attack Pullen. That was a lie.

    And yes, the email being produced matters, as does the truth in all cases. The fact that you swear it exists and are willing to stake your reputation on it is remarkable given that you don’t have it. Believe me, producing that email will do you more good than anyone else. You continue to bring it up to justify your positions on any number of things dealing with the state party. So produce it or quit relying on it as a piece of evidence.

    As for how I would treat the email, I would welcome it as a sign that you’re not just making all of this up to suit your argument. How I would respond to the exact content would depend on what that content is. To date, we can’t comment because, much like the Loch Ness monster, no one has any proof that it actually exists.

  30. Also, and as a valuable reminder, none of this other garbage is going to successfully distract us from the issue at hand, which is Steve Voeller wishing for the Republican Party here in Arizona to “bottom out” as a means towards a “thorough cleansing”.

    I’m not sure that any of our candidates for President are willing to give up Arizona’s electoral votes just to help Voeller achieve his quest for ideological purity in the party.

    So let Steve, Nathan and all the rest continune to post away here, trying to get us to fight each other while distracting us all from the story at hand. Folks like me will continue to bring us back onto the topic for as long as it takes.

  31. Am I the only one troubled by the phrase “thorough cleansing”? Everytime I hear it I think Milosevic or other racial, ethnic, or religious bigot, on some “God-given” mission. Whatever happened to the big-tent? Language like what Voeller used strikes me as completely unacceptable, and I am actually surprised that he hasn’t apologized for it yet.

  32. No denial on my part…it was out of line.

  33. Ann,

    I am struck by the unusual position that you think it is somehow more abhorrent to send a private e-mail (giving you the fact that it exists although it has never seen the light of day) to someone that may have been harsh than a personal and public castigation in the paper and in open letters to hundreds if not thousands of people. You seem so logical at times that this disconnect amazes me.

    On the Haney picture at the protest, the thing that I found most offensive was the fact that the Sprouls originally stated that Rob was carrying the sign with Kyl’s picture on it. Only when they were confronted with the fact that Rob’s sign was wider than tall and that the offensive sign was taller than wide and that – conveniently the latte sign did not show who was carrying it did they stop the charges. By the way, if you have ever been to any protest of anything that was passionate, I am sure there were people there who were so strong that you felt it inappropriate and stayed in an area somewhat removed while continuing your protest. One is not responsible for the actions of everyone in any public action. If a riot breaks out at a ballgame you are attending are you responsible and accused of rioting? I think not.

    As to the Salmon/Pullen comparison, the Gordon James, Sproul, Lisa James, etc letters to the editor and public rebukes were concentrated at Haney and the EGC. Selective outrage, for sure

    As to McCaffrey, have you talked with him in person with the intent of clearing up the situation? I did not know him, and as I said, our first conversation became somewhat heated from my position, yet we found common ground and discovered how to work for the best.

    Lastly, you think that Voeller hoping that the Party will fail so it can be thoroughly cleansed being published in the public arena that has the possibility of doing a great deal of damage to the Party gets an “out of line” while a private e-mail that no one knows the content is such a problem that you use it to spew dozens of paragraphs about it disparaging our Party Chairman.

    Is there a disconnect in your thought process that prevents you from recognizing which is potentially more damaging and the one to be more upset about? Where is your demand for an apology from Voeller and his “friends for decades” Sproul?

    I agree with Tim, if you can’t put things like this in relational perspective your credibility as a person (possibly even an actual underling) who does not have a personal agenda fed by the Sproul/Voeller/James/Kyl crowd is damaged beyond repair. It is up to you.

  34. 1) If the email was between private individuals in a private setting, no problem. But it was within the role as ED that the message was sent and with specific purpose and direction. I do not belong to the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, am not in any way affiliated with that organization, and have no interest in its success or demise and therefore have no place to call for anything. I can dislike it, I can disagree with it, I can make my feelings known to the directors, but I have no say in the daily operations; but I am a member of the AZ GOP and have a vested interest in how it is represented and how that, in turn could represent my affiliation.

    2) The disconnect here is in the idea that you can watch something, be a part of something, not as a casual observer but a willing participant, and not carry any guilt by association. That Mr. Haney so sought the opportunity to protest that he didn’t consider the company he was in speaks volumes. Did he not care that he would be “clumped” with the other sign carriers as they marched in unison? I have not heard the Rob Haney carrying the finger story, but I did see the picture of him with his “deport McCain” sign in the crowd. When it was apparent the level of dignity with which the others would portray themselves, he should have gone home, made calls, written letters, but do not embarrass yourself and the party by being in that group. Being at a ball game is not a close comparison at all with a concerted effort to all achieve the same message of protest and join in what was intended to be an event to make clear the unhappiness with Sen. Kyl. Same purpose, same place, same actions, one of a few different signs, same message.

    No, I have not met with the new administration. I have called and left messages with my concerns. I have also written, directing them to the ED and Communications Director. I have never received a return call or a reply message.

    Who is friends with whom, who lunches with whom, who reads whose blog and supports their statements…all of it may or may not be of relevance to this issue. Mr. Voeller has a board of directors and membership he must answer to, if there is a concern they will ultimately be held responsible. It could be they agree with him and have a perspective that is different than yours; maybe they are just as “disconnected” as me. Oh yes, they are probably RINO’s…..that explains it all!

    Your willingness to read and seek to understand without the purpose of formulating an objection is up to you. You do not know me and have no ability to ordain my credibility as irreparable or tarnished just because I do not hold your opinions as the only truth. You, sir, do not have a sole proprietorship on the right to voice your perspective and opinions and do not have the right to discount others who disagree by labeling them. Such actions are only necessary as a last resort when the truth itself cannot stand the light of day.

  35. Ann,

    It was a private email between two individuals regardless of the position or title held by both. It was not run out in the public domain until you chose to do so to grind your axe.

    Free assembly is one of the big 10. Rov did not represent himself as an officer of the Party in his protest. I hope you do not get in a position where you believe that everyone should give up their rights as citizens to act as citizens in public debate. RIDICULOUS. You are the one “clumping” so why not show some integrity and stop it.

    I was and am unhappy with Kyl and you are on the same website as a lot of other people who are even more angry than I am, so I guess you should be “clumped” with the most outrageous person who has ever contributed to the site, using your judgmental process.

    Again, you have not asked for a private meeting with them, so all else is balderdash. You and your friends sure want to connect them when they want to show that Pullen is wrong because he is going to lose their money for not doing what they want. Are the only connected when we want to make a point and not connected when we don’t want to make them accountable?

    Are you showing your real bias by bringing the word RINO into the discussion. I haven’t seen the term RINO used in this blog in the previous 33 threads. A little sensitive, aren’t we?

    Were you ever angry at hearing that term at an EGC meeting? Did you protest too much even when the term was not used to describe you? Are you embarassed to let people know how insecure you are because of it? No one calls Sproul or Voeller RINOS, just high paid snakes of the power brokers in the state.

    To your last paragraph, I have the right to discount whomever I wish, Ma’am. That is a valid right for me to formulate in my own mind for considering the importance of the input. I never said I had the sole right to voice my perspective and opinions, however, I do have the right to define for myself what value to give to the perspective and opinions of others.

    To paraphrase your huffy response, YOU, MA’AM DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO ESTABLISH MY EVALUATIONS.

    Voeller was out of line and Lisa James was out of line, and Gordon James was out of line, and Nathan Sproul was out of line and Jon Kyl is out of line and out of touch and has lost the support of his base. Since he will never run for elective office again, I don’t suppose he cares, but I, for the first time, hope he never gets the name Justice attached to his name. It would be an oxymoron.

  36. As is yor right to believe and act upon.

  37. Ann, GOPpk, et al.

    I keep seeing that ‘Sproul’s name is thrown out in conjunction with how much money he received as a vendor to the party. I did a quick search on opensecrets.org and discovered that he and his wife Tiffani have given close to $30k+ to the Arizona Republican Party over the past 3 years. Frankly, I’d venture to guess that they are probably relieved about not having to open their pocketbooks for the AZGOP this cycle.

    Regardless of whether or not you necessarily like him (and this blog doesn’t seem to be in high favor of him)- he was a vendor with a service- I surely doubt that he was a vendor to pad his pockets- if that were the case- then he wouldn’t have to donate.

    Surely there are other vendors that perform services for the party as well? What is their status? Are they still involved?

    CHANDLER,AZ 85224
    Arizona Republican Party

    GILBERT,AZ 85296
    Arizona Republican Party

    GILBERT,AZ 85296
    Arizona Republican Party

    GILBERT,AZ 85296
    Arizona Republican Party

    CHANDLER,AZ 85224
    Arizona Republican Party

    TEMPE,AZ 85282
    Arizona Republican Party

    CHANDLER,AZ 85224
    Arizona Republican Party

    GILBERT,AZ 85296
    Arizona Republican Party

    GILBERT,AZ 85296
    Arizona Republican Party

  38. He sure didn’t volunteer his services, but received $8.4 mil from the Republican Party last year alone. Thirty thousand is chump change as a percentage of $8.4 million. He also received hundreds of thousands in side jobs and he has been consistent in working against the grass roots PC’s and SC’s in the state.

    Those are facts and your conclusion as to the overall perception of him is accurate. Even many who volunteered hundreds of hours on the Marriage Amendment while he was getting paid and managed to turn that into the first loss of a bill like that in America.

  39. GOP PK,

    Do you really think that Sproul pocketed $8.4 million, without doing anything? Who would give someone $8.4 million without some sort of service attached to it? Someone could call him (I think he’s even posted his phone # on this blog before in the past).

    Last year was 2006- who paid him $8.4 million? and why? The Arizona State GOP? I can’t find that kind of sum anywhere.

  40. PartyGuy says

    The RNC paid the $8.4 mil, and of course he had costs. No one is likely claiming that he netted $8.4 mil. But putting $30,000 back into the party so that your name ends up on the top lines of the “sponsor” lists for the big parties is hardly charitable giving.

  41. Party HQ says

    Hey Ann:

    Give Sean McCaffrey a call at 602-957-7770. He is the Executive Director of the State GOP and he would like to speak with you today.

  42. I responded to this on another thread… will do so as soon as I can.

  43. Ann,

    It looks like you just got called to the principal’s office…That will teach for having a different opinion.

  44. Steven

    Is it true that even the Principal doesn’t want to talk to you?

  45. Steven just can’t resist trying to stir the pot can he? Its been said before, but its worth repeating. What a yutz!

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