Unsung hero behind AZ conservative primary sweep: CQ

It’s been amusing watching the left wing media (The Arizona Republic, Horizon’s Journalists’ Roundtable) try to explain why conservatives swept the primaries Tuesday. The driving force behind most of the tightest races between conservative and liberal Republicans? Behind the scenes humble political campaign consultant Constantin Querard, known to friends as “CQ.” Long known for working on conservative campaigns (CQ will not work for pro-abortion candidates), CQ ran 9 legislative races this primary – most of them the highest profile legislative races in the state – and won ALL 9.*

His secret? The best campaign flyers in the state. Not only were they timed to hit early voters’ mailboxes the day their ballots arrived in the mail, but they were hard-hitting and he sent out several in each race, not just a a couple. Even Chris Baker, who did an outstanding job for David Schweikert in the CD5 race, leading him to victory over Susan Bittersmith, was no match for CQ’s mailers he sent on behalf of Carl Seel in the LD6 House race. Baker was the consultant for Seel’s competitor Tony Bouie.

Thank U CQ! Conservatives running for office in the future should keep him in mind when it comes to hiring a campaign consultant. The local liberal media can fawn all over and promote Democrat bigmouth Emily Bitter Rose all they want, but it’s the behind the scenes guys like CQ they refuse to even acknowledge who are calling the shots.

1. LD4 Senate – JACK HARPER over liberal Republican Jack Zerby. Zerby was backed by labor unions and the open borders business lobby, and right up until the election some on the left, including some lazy, out-of-touch left wing journalists, were predicting he might be able to beat Harper. Harper crushed him, 69.3% to 30.7%.

2. LD6 House – CARL SEEL over Tony Bouie. Seel had a lot to overcome, having a reputation as a losing candidate in the past, but CQ sent out a flurry of flyers portraying Bouie as a fake Republican, and Seel easily beat him (along with incumbent Sam Crump, who ended up running as a team with Seel).

3 & 4. LD12 House – JERRY WEIERS (brother of Speaker Weiers) and newcomer STEVE MONTENEGRO over sitting Senator Robert Blendu. Perhaps the biggest upset of the primary. Conservative hispanic Steve Montenegro entered the race thinking there would be an open seat, but moderate Republican Sen. Robert Blendu decided to run for the House. No one thought Montenegro had a chance, but with some strong campaign literature, including teaming up with Jerry Weiers, he was able to beat Blendu, who’d been President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

5. LD18 House – newcomer CECIL ASH, beating out two other challengers. Ash beat everyone else by a considerable margin, with 38.5% of the vote. The next closest vote-getter, who won the other seat, was Steve Court with 25.1% of the vote.

6. LD22 Senate – THAYER VERSCHOOR over Eddie Farnsworth. Although Eddie has been a fairly reliable conservative vote, Verschoor has the better record.

7. LD26 Senate – newcomer AL MELVIN over liberal Republican Pete Hershberger. Hershberger is so liberal his rating from the Pachyderm Coalition is worse than the average Democrat in the legislature! Melvin won by a healthy margin, 53.2% to 46.8%, notwithstanding the illegal signs that unions put up with a GOP elephant on them supporting Hershberger.

8. LD30 House – newcomer DAVID GOWAN won the highest percentage of the vote, 31.6%, well over the other winner, Antenori at 24%, and beating out two other challengers. Gowan ran on a platform emphasizing stopping illegal immigration.

9. LD26 House – MARILYN ZERULL over Trent Humphries. (*note to Kraj below – we’re still trying to confirm if the race has been officially called for Zerull – she is ahead by 42 votes with 100% of precincts reporting according to the SOS site)


  1. “Here Ye, Here Ye”…….

    I am NOT Bob Haran and would NEVER try to impersonate or even affiliate with that windbag. Seriously, what moron ran with that conspiracy? Don’t flatter yourselvesm Wacky Pachys – we’ll let you like-minded cousins stick together while we keep our distance.

    Maybe B. Haran needed some more “press” or maybe he just likes to type. Maybe he wanted to see his name in lights. Try Broadway back in NYC Bob. I checked him out at Bob-Haran.info and……drink some coffee before any SA readers go there, please! He’s a frequent angry poster at azcentral.com and an LD6 PC. I also understand that he’s an illegal immigrant hunter and a RINO hunter – he has places to go and people to see.

    Leave me alone, BH. I have lived in Deer Valley many, many more years than you. I was here first and I’ll be here long after you’re gone.

    (I know that 99.9% of the SA readers did not need this disclaimer but for that one WACKO that tried to convince Bob Haran that he had an impersonator…….drink another glass of Kool-Aid brother. The effects must be wearing off.)

  2. Elected LD-6 PC says

    John 49

    My amazement is – that my taxpayer money was used for this campaign. The other 2 contenders for this race were funded by their friends and supporters.

    How many of the other candidates that you listed are using taxpayer funding.

  3. Take a look at Carl Seel’s brand new CCEC report, just submitted last night.

    Either he or his campaign tresurer (his wife) bought a GPS system ($256.93) and laptop ‘batteries'($248.79) on ELECTION DAY!! Those two things cost over $500 of taxpayer $$$.

    In 2006, Carl Seel used CCEC $$$ and bought a laptop computer, laptop parts, a new tower computer, a new monitor, a new digital camera AND he spent over $3000 of CCEC on ELECTION DAY to fly a banner over Deer Valley that read, “SEEL the Border”.

    Happy reading at the CCEC website.

  4. Oh, I almost forgot to say…….he hardly paid poor, poor Constantin Querard anything. I don’t know how Constantin and his family can still have a roof over their heads and food in their tummies.

    Even in quanity over quality, Constantin’s consulting is only $150 per month. Wow!! My electric bill is a lot more than that. Even with 8+ candidates – those tiny consulting fees don’t begin to cover a mortgage payment.

    At this rate, Sam Crump cost more $$ per hour than Constantin Querard does for a MONTH !!!????!!! Is Constantin really a part of the “Cheap Labor Crowd” in disguise?

  5. Elected,

    If you must ask, John McCain is spending $84 Million of taxpayer money on his race and both McCain and Obama are spending millions of taxpayer dollars on their security etc. You are not amazed.

    I actually think it would be more amazing that someone would raise and spend money (including their own) in the sum of $50k for a $24k job than someone spending that much that wasn’t their own. Seel got the money and he could spend it or return it. Since he’s trying to win, why wouldn’t he spend it? That’s not amazing.

    Oh yes, and the Dem candidates for ACC each spent more than $250k for their primary for an $85k job.

    Yet you’re amazed at Seel. Uh huh.

  6. AmusedGOPer says

    You people are aware that “Pat” is CQ’s pseudonymn, right? Self-promotion rocks!

  7. Amused,

    After browsing through the postings by “Pat” – I’ve got to give you a High-5.

    Thanks for turning on the light bulb. I always figured Pat was short for Patriot – since that’s a term that only a select, few, angry Wacky Pachys call each other.

  8. Glendale GOP says

    Hey Jack, looks like you can crown him! His folks cleaned up on Election Day.

  9. I wanted to comment and thank the author, good stuff


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