Universities Gone Wild!

Dr. Amy Gutmann

This is a great illustration why you should NOT send your child to a secularized, liberal, taxpayer-funded university. This is a photo of Dr. Amy Gutmann, President of The University of Pennsylvania. The story tied to this photo reads as follows:

“University of Pennsylvania president Dr. Amy Gutmann is seen standing with engineering student Saad Saadi at the annual Halloween costume party held at the president’s home.”

This is a major reason why I chose to send my daughter to Biola University in California.

When the president of a major national university poses with someone dressed as an Islamo-Facist, what kind of message do you think this sends? Imagine if a major conservative educational leader posed with a person dressed up like Adolf Hitler? What kind of reaction would there be?

For any parent preparing their son or daughter for a good college education, I ask you to consider one of the top conservative, faith-based colleges in the U.S. such as Biola.

This reminds me of a bumpersticker that was put out by the teacher’s union years ago. Only this time done with a conservativeĀ variation on a theme: “If you thing education is expensive, try indoctrination.”

Thank God for universities like Biola!


  1. PLEASE, don’t let us become the party of political correctness.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Here is another reason to not send your children to a secular university. This incident goes beyond political correctness.

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    It ain’t PC… He staged mock executions while quoting from the Koran… Real passages, not fake play stuff…

    She’s likely an idiot who wasn’t thinking when she posed, but he’s a real headcase…

  4. I’m glad that my parents, as conservative as they are, allowed me the freedom to choose what university I wanted to attend and allowed me the decision concerning my future.

  5. Iā€™m glad that my daughter, as conservative as she is, chose the university she wanted to attend giving her mother and I peace in the decision concerning her future.


    I went to your link. This is really sick stuff. It is pretty sad that these young kids would want to join a fraternity so bad and exercise so little good judgment that they would so thoroughly debase themselves [and risk alcohol poisoning].

  7. Oro Valley Dad says


    It is very sad.

  8. I go to an equally conservative, Christian college as Biola and I saw a couple of conservative ROTC students dressed as a Islamo-fascist for Halloween. It’s not a matter of being indoctrinated but of bad taste. By the way, what’s the point of college if you agree with every opinion professors say? College is where you learn to discern for yourself fact from opinion and formulate your own opinions.

    PS- I’d much rather say my child was at Penn than Biola.

  9. Like I said, if you think education is expensive, try indoctrination…

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