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Uniting the Party

Uniting the Party

SA received an interesting email today from a confidential source that may reveal the machinations of the GOP over the next 90 days. We’re not willing to jump to conclusions and even agree about the unification of social and fiscal conservatives. That’s how you win elections and not by excluding social conservatives. What is most interesting is who the email was sent to AND who it was NOT sent to. And yes, the writer of the email is the same person who launched a barrage of personal attacks on Russell Pearce.

From: Nathan Sproul
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 12:07 PM
To: ‘Tim J. Casey’; ‘Hugh Hallman’; ‘Sean Noble’; ‘Mike Haller’; ‘Kirk Adams’; ‘Lisa James’; ‘Andrew C. Pacheco’; ‘Jose Esparza’; ‘Jason LeVecke‘; ‘Cathi Herrod’; ‘Steve Voeller’; ‘Kevin Demenna’
Subject: Party Leadership


I have spoken to or emailed many of you privately about my concerns for the future of our Party. Specifically, how does our Party in Arizona become a party that unites fiscal and social conservatives to put forward an agenda that moves Arizona in the right direction.

One of the most important aspects of this is electing a State Party Chairman who unites all factions of the Republican Party. I know this is extremely late notice, but I would like to invite each of you to join me for lunch at Monti’s on the corner of Rio Salado and Mill to discuss the future of our Party. I am paying for lunch, but as they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Please let me know if your schedule permits you to attend. Thank you.

Nathan Sproul

Lincoln Strategy Group
80 East Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 814
Tempe, Arizona 85281


  1. Death to Traitors says

    Any party chairman candidate supported by Sproul is dead on arival with rank and file state committeemen. We will not soon forget his attack on Russell Pearce.
    In reality, he just wants his party consulting work back from CQ.

  2. I say take the free lunch, run home and shower, and then don’t return his calls.

  3. Sproul got to be kidding. I hope he isn’t trying to advance himself for party chairman, he was a horrible state party executive director. Look at some of the names on that list, Prop. 202 Chairman Andrew Pacheco, Wake Up Arizona Coalition members Lisa James and Jason LeVecke. I Know Kirk Adams was just chosen by the House Republican Caucus for speaker but he was also on that infamous host committee for a reception for Tony Bouie, along with Wake Up Arizona Coalition members; Mac Magruder, Jason LeVecke, Jim Click, and Gordon & Lisa James.

    It looks to me like the cheap illegal immigrant labor people are planning an attempt to take over the party.

    Someone should inform Mr. Spraul that we have a good state party chairman and his help is longer wanted by the GOP. I thought Spraul went as low as he could go with the character assassination attempt of Russell Pearce and direction of the Prop. 202 employer amnesty initiative, but now I see he can go even lower and orchestrate an attempted coup of the Arizona Republican party for the benefit of the greedy employers opposed to employer sanctions. What won’t these greedy bums not do to keep their cheap, illegal alien, labor? Maybe they would be satisfied if we brought back the ultimate in cheap labor, slavery.

    Spraul, LeVecke, Magruder, Gordon & Lisa James, Jim Click and Pacheco can all go the h—, the Arizona Republican party is not for sale.

    LD 6

  4. Why is Cathi Herrod on that list? Is CAP a major partisan player now?

  5. Glendale GOP says

    Why is Jose Esparza on that list? Everybody else on that list has done something, somewhere (except maybe Pacheco). But Esparza? Who is he to be on that list?

  6. Cathi Herrod says

    FYI…I am not attending this lunch.

    Cathi Herrod

  7. Is it a crime ? says

    Gee no good deed goes unpunished.

    Why is it so awful for anyone (including Nathan Sproul) to invite people to have a discussion about the future of the party ? No matter how you doth protest these conversations are going on everywhere right now in our counties, in our state and in our nation. It is time to get our house in order. I find it more telling that many of you seem to assume any discussion about the party would result in a kabal bent on replacing Pullen.

  8. I have to agree with “Is it a crime.” It is not a crime to associate with others and discuss politics. I’m surprised that there are no other meetings being held to plan for the upcoming state meeting and leadership.

  9. Glendale GOP says

    Great job on Prop 102 Cathi!

  10. Pullen represents the grassroots of this party and that’s who has to be represented if we ever want to be the party in power again. Sproul is just looking for some country club, establishment Republican for state chairman, who will not be in-touch with the people, and that will only cause friction within the party. Political parties are not corporations, they can’t be run from the top down, control has to come from the bottom up. Randy Pullen become chairman at one of the parties most difficult times and got us through. He is a good chairman in my book and I say keep him as chairman.

    LD 6

  11. I’m no fan of Sproul’s by any means but Pullen is the worst chairman in the world. He has been in charge as this divisiveness has torn the party the party apart. Also, how is it that we get wiped out on the Corporate Commission!!! Unacceptable.

  12. Wooden Teeth says

    If separate branches are good for government, then separate parties are good for government. And if separate parties are good for government, then factions within the parties are good for government.

  13. I think it is poor taste that Sonoran Alliance would post this e-mail. Who was the “insider” that forwarded this? What pettiness! If we want to get our party back in the right direction we need real conservative leadership, not childish stunts like this. I am glad to see that Nathan is doing all he can to build more unity. I am even more happy to see that Russell Pearce and JT Ready were not invited to this lunch. We need more leaders like Jeff Flake and Jon Kyl who aren’t one dimensional, but stand firm on all conservative issues.
    We need leaders that can rally the grass roots. How did the 3 D’s sweep the CC election? Easy, they worked as a team, were all over the airwaves and their idea of yellow signs and solar team resonated very well with the average voter that doesn’t read SA or Espresso Pundit, etc. I received several robo calls promoting the “Solar Team” and to vote for all 3, but never received one such reminder to vote for all 3 of the GOP’s on the ticket. As a matter of fact my mother got only 1 robo call for the GOP about the CC election and it told her to vote for just 2 of the republicans!! Sandra Kennedy??? Try working with her!! Can you say nightmare!! Than you have Newman. What was he caught with in a government car on the border a few years ago? Who bears the burden of losing to them? It certainly is not Nathan Sproul.
    How did we lose CD1 and not get back at least 1 seat from CD5 or 8? We picked up seats in the State House and Senate, so it wasn’t the political climate. Arizona is prime for those conservatives that can practice what they preach. Any ideas?

  14. nightcrawler says

    The 50/50 State Committeman split is no longer the issue here. Demographics have caught up with the AZGOP. Once again, District 11 laid another egg and gave up a Legislative seat to a Dem. The Corporation Commission candidates were sitting on the bench as precious AZGOP time and resources were spent on a X rated Saban hit pieces in a race that never materialized.

    It really doesn’t matter what order you hold the cards in a poker hand, it is still the same hand ! Same organization, same result.

    The truth is that there isn’t one magical person out there that can make everyone happy and unite the party, to search for such a person is a fool’s errand.

    We need to recognize the differences in the composition of our party and work within our means rather than try to convert the “unwashed”.

  15. You might want to check your facts Chris. Sproul worked for the GOP candidate in CD 8 so ask him how a Republican lost there again.

  16. Conservative says

    If the GOP want to win these CD seats back, their candidates need to stay away from the Chris Bakers’ and Nathan Sprouls’. These political hacks can’t seem to win any big races but are making a whole lot of money.

  17. Glendale GOP says

    Don’t blame the State GOP for the ACC losses. Blame the three listless candidates who ran no race at all. The State GOP did a great job all across the state, even picking up wins in Dem Counties like Pinal. Folks who want to bash Pullen will do so anyway, regardless of the facts, but the fact is the State GOP built a strong grassroots and delivered wins.

  18. The state GOP does not deserve credit for delivering the big Republican wins this election cycle with the exception maybe of Montenegro in LD17…and any the affiliations of the state GOP “grassroots” army and their work in LD6. But that was all in the primary.

    the wins in the general were more a factor of John McCain’s coattails and Prop 102 than anything.

    Rob Haney is now 0-2 in his recruits.

  19. Please offer some support for the fine work of Mr. Pullen. Not generalities or more cliche’s. Real stuff….

    How did the state party help anybody?

    What grassroots effort?

    How much money was raised?

    How many more registered voters?

    How did that early ballot campaign go….oh sorry, I forgot ….they couldn’t run one. No money or organization to pull it off.

    But hey, that Saban ad was classy!

  20. Glendale GOP says

    State, try as you might, ignoring the RINOs in LD11 who continue to suck up energy and funds in their endless PC battles does the truth a disservice. So long as they divide the party, its going to be tough to get that other seat back.

    Now, its not that you don’t know what you’re talking about, but take it from us on the West side, Montenegro won in LD12, not 17.

  21. Glendale GOP says

    Relax Big Sis, like most Democrats, you think money is the measure of success. Well the Dems had the money and Pullen won the races. Its remarkable that with victory actually delivered, you’re still trying to convince folks that the GOP failed, then you ask for proof of their success? Nuts. 35 or 36 seats in the House and 18 in the Senate in this atmosphere? That IS success.

  22. Montenegro is in 12, he won because Weiers and Nelson carried him on their mailers and signs and the R turnout for McCain gave him extra push.

  23. Big Sister says

    Ah, give it a rest….we both know Pullen had nothing to do with the wins. Hard work by good candidates and the heavy R turnout gave us a victory. Success, for sure but it was in spite of and not because of any state party effort.

    Money is part of successful party leadership. Nice try at deflecting the attention away from any accounting of actual Pullen accomplishments. Calling me a Dem is par for the course and very Obamaesque. Make it about me being “bad” rather than show evidence of any actual success attributable to your exalted leader.
    Pathetic but all too prevalent.

  24. Sarah,

    Chris is not wrong.

    The DCCC outspent Sydney, David and Tim by 10:1. The State Party’s job is to help fund federal candidates first and then help at the state level.

    They couldn’t do either and what they could do, wasn’t enough.

    Blaming Nathan or any other political consultant is irrational.

    The donors were not there. Arizona Republicans needs a party leader that can raise money. And, we need leadership that will excite the voters again.

  25. Glendale GOP says

    Read it again Big Sissy, no one called you a Dem, so quit playing the victim. Its pathetic.

  26. Big Sister says

    Now that we’ve cleared that up, how about that accounting of Pullen’s accomplishments? No generalities, please.

  27. Glendale GOP says

    Read the scoreboard. Gains in both houses of the legislature and in counties like Pinal? Good stuff. The delegation wanted nothing to do with the State Party? Fine, they got their butts beat. Now maybe they’ll remember that its the little guys on the ground that make the difference.

  28. Folks,
    The Dems and their union buddies hit us with everything they has and we picked up seats in the Legislature. In the worst political climate for Republicans we have ever seen.
    CD1 is a tough district for a republican. CD5 and CD8 have incumbents in place, tough to beat an incumbent. The DCCC had a ton of money and used it.
    When we point a finger at someone else, we have 3 still pointing back at us. Did we donate our time and money? Did we go door to door for our candidates? Did we make all the phone calls we could have to get out the vote?
    Rather than doing the work and talking to the voters, I bet most of us sat at our computers hassling each other. I think some of us have forgotten the “personal responsibility” plank of our party.

  29. Some of you will never forgive Nathan for questioning God, aka Russell Pearce. Before you spend too much time patting yourselves on the back, remember that the Democrats retained four U.S. House seats and picked up one more.

  30. I’m sorry, but the comment “The State Party’s job is to help fund federal candidates first and then help at the state level.” is just flat wrong. The NRCC is responsible for our congressional candidates, and they have been inept and in the case of two years ago, destructive. I can see why a lot of Arizonans don’t want to write a check to them.

    As far as specifics of what the state party has done, look at the Northwest office opened in 26. We got Vic Williams to replace Hershberger, and just about got Marilyn in as well. I suspect had she not been delayed by the long vote counting process in the primaries or the death of her husband, she would have won the seat back.

    Oh and Al Melvin won, something “moderates” said was impossible. The Northwest office had a lot to do with that.

    Additionally, the state was very effective in recruiting and training good candidates, even in areas that we wouldn’t traditionally contest. I would suspect that those complaining the most about Pullen never set foot in any of these new offices to volunteer, so I guess they wouldn’t know.

    Randy Pullen isn’t perfect, but to not give him credit for the state legislative races, but hold him accountable for the corporation commission races is idiotic.

    And as far as Constantine vs. Nathan, there is no contest. Constantine wins and Nathan constantly gets beat like a rented mule. I know, was a victim. Let Nathan win something someday, then start picking our leadership and strategy.

  31. losing 3 CC seats.
    Dan Saban Ads.
    Case closed.

    By the way- had matching funds been restricted this would have been a bloodbath. The Party had very little to do with the State wins.

  32. Roger,

    Dems would trade all 3 CC seats for even one majority in either chamber in a second. They lost ground.

    Spending had little to do with it as well. Democrats dropped just shy of 2 million. another 2 million would not have made the difference. The message was wrong, the candidates were wrong, and the strategy was wrong. Republicans had better candidates and better strategy.

    I just showed you how the party helped in 26, there is more, but I am not inclined to share it, as it will be useful again in two years.

  33. hahaha. Who is Constantine? I think that CQ is writing in under a bunch of names to promote his name ID

  34. Framer has wisdom that is being shared here

  35. Randy Pullen for Arizona Democratic Party Chair! Pullen has helped win more races for the Democrats due to his own pettiness and lack of strategic focus.

    Saban Ads for an incumbant who is 20 points up with ads that make any family blush? Check.

    Doing nothing to help retain Republican held CD-1? Check.

    Fighting against the ‘business elite’ and then calling them and begging them for money? Check. (sorry, you can’t publicly bash your donors and expect them to give).

    Saying you oppose McCain venemently and call him a traitor before wearing the sash of support? Check.

    Losing three Arizona Corporation Commission seats (that have been historically held by Republicans)? Check.

    Having a 1/4 full (I was volunteering) phone bank on Election Day? Double check!

  36. The party did nothing to help the ACC candidates. Nothing. Zero. Maybe because two of them are considered “RINOs”? You think?

  37. That’s no excuse Susan S. None.

  38. Susan you sum it up perfectly. Let’s give three seats to Dems running on a “solar team” ticket because two of them don’t drink the same kool-aid.

  39. Vic & Al were relentless in D 26 and their victories were well earned.

  40. I find it very interesting how these comments have gone from being about Nathan’s invite, to a discussion about what the State Party did or didn’t do.

    I believe that we all want to make the party better but the problem has more to do with the Republican Party becoming what we object to in the Democrats.

    We have now become the party of big spenders, we have become the party of criminals, and we have become the party of big government.

    We need to go back to following the constitution, and getting back to the principals that made us great.

    When we went to the center and skewed our ideas with theirs we lost. Not because one candidate was better than another but because people saw no difference. They voted for the best orr irater

    There was no McCain coattails for anybody in this state to ride on. McCain didn’t spend time or money.

    He abandoned the state that elected him to office, which aloud him to run for President just like he is abandoning Sarah Palin now.

  41. Mesan…Well said!

    Don’t forget a large grassroots that has been knocking on your door. Many many Ron Paul supporters want to help the Republican Party get back to it’s roots. But we have been shut out time and time again. However, we are still here offering help. Will you take it?

    When you believe in Party over principle, you lose every time.

  42. regardless says

    Regardless of what has happened with the party, i know one thing for certain – Sproul is not the guy to get us out of this mess. Has ever even won a race?

  43. Oh, and it appears that Good Guy Bob Stump has pulled ahead of Solar George. So that Democratic Sweep thing may be a little premature.

    If everyone was so ready to blame Pullen over a Stump loss, will you give him credit for a win?

    I’m sure there is a Republican Constable somewhere in Pinal county that got defeated. Perhaps we should castigate the state party over that as well.

  44. I’ve had about enough of Nathan’s memos.

    There’s much more I’d like to say about this but I’m going to sink to his level.

  45. Update. Stump won. He came back and beat Sam George!!!

  46. Casual Observer says

    I have yet to hear anything but a political party affiliation to describe anything the state party did to help anyone. If being a figurehead is all it takes to be considered a success…then hey, we have had a long line of very successful chairman.

    Gotta give Framer props for having some post mortem class, he knows better than to appear whining and petulant. Next time might be better and you don’t want to alienate the powers that be.

    I’m laughing out loud that it is considered a sign of solid action that an ACC candidate with a good resume’ squeaked by a guy who had to change his name to avoid being associated with a lurid past….and the other 2 seats went D.

  47. I’d like to hear from the candidates on whether or not the state party helped them. Melvin? Stump? Anyone out there who can give us a clue?

  48. Wooden Teeth says

    Here’s a partial list: The party provides access to the Voter Vault, which can do more harm than good, as it’s full of old data. The party gives candidates a few hours of training. They will hang a candidate’s sign inside HQ. They will let candidates use their phone banks. They will say nice things about them in emails in the general election. They will give them a list of PC’s mailing addresses for $10.

    Can anyone else add to this list?

  49. Glendale GOP says

    You’re an idiot Wood. Add that to your list. GOP candidates won in the face of a massive headwind and massive Dem spending. You would have us believe the State Party’s efforts for the last years in terms of recruiting, training, IEs, etc. had nothing to do with that success. That makes you an idiot.

  50. Wooden Teeth says

    I would have you and other SA readers believe what I wrote, but I did ask, idiot that I am, for others to add to the list.

    To GGOP’s more important point, can anyone name one winning R legislative candidate that was recruited by the state GOP in the last two years, meaning they’d never run for office before?

    I would like to hear from the R winners, or better, from the R losers, whether the party helped them at all, and with what. Don’t take my word for it, let’s hear from them.

    If the party did what it was supposed to do, people like Nathan would be out of work.

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