Uniquely New Flu Strain, some facts

I’ve heard some pretty amazingly dumb statements about the economy, finances and stuff like that in general made by the media, but this takes the cake:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. economy, which was showing tentative early signs of a recovery…

FACTBOX: New flu strain is a genetic mix

I’m posting these two links because, in filtering so much of the data out there on this health emergency, its difficult to get some solid facts.  I was struck by one of the opening lines of the AP story, the piece however goes on to provide some excellent information.  The second link is from Reuters UK and contains excellent information.

Should the border be closed?  I don’t think that’ll have a positive impact on the issue.  In fact, it would be a knee jerk reaction that might set off a disastrous domino effect further adding to the problems and not helping.

What may be lost in this explosion of data coming from all directions, is solid information.  I hope these two articles provide some.

And, to wrap it up neatly with a bow?  Should it prove out that the United States is fully prepared to handle this pandemic and comes through it with little side effects, we can thank the administration of George W. Bush.  It may be his greatest legacy to the future, and I for one am thankful we are so prepared… I lived through a regional epidemic of dengue fever where all the local government could do is suggest taking tylenol – if you could find any.


  1. PhoenixSon says

    Here’s a recent advisory from DHS Secretary Napolitano:


    Whether or not we liked her as a governor, I’m satisfied to read that she has an understanding of how to respond to the 2009 H1N1 virus.

    And make sure those you know are aware of the distinction between vaccines (taken beforehand to build up immunity), antiviral medications (taken to mitigate symptoms), and antibiotics (taken for bacterial infections). I know too many people whose first inclination is to try to find every “treatment” regardless of efficacy.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    no argument here … I’m impressed with the front end prep under the Bush administration and the deployment on the back end via the Obama administration. I’ve said it before, I think we’re as prepared as we can get.

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