Unions, Democrat Activists Up to Dirty Tricks!

Reports are coming in that Janet Contreras signs are being vandalized as quick as they go up in the Congressional District 4 race.

Could Democrats be in that much trouble that they are now resorting to attacking their Republican opponent’s signs and property?

We see it happening in CD-5 where a Harry Mitchell supporter and Democrat activist was arrested for criminal damage. We’re seeing the same thing happen in Southern Arizona where Raul Grijalva’s people are also doing the same to Ruth McClung’s signs.

Now they’re hard at work in CD-4 destroying and removing Janet Contreras’ signs.

If anyone sees anything suspicious going on please take a photo with your camera phone, call the police, and then contact the respective campaign. We will catch these thugs and make sure everyone knows whose behind it!

Please send your photos to sonoranalliance@gmail.com and we’ll post them here!


  1. Iris Lynch says

    Jesse Kelly’s signs disappeared over a one week period as Gifford’s signs appeared! I believe we need to offer $$$ for anyone who can point to the culprits and have them prosecuted and the signs returned. I assure you that the Dems will turn on themselves for a little dough.

  2. And someone has been going after Republican Eric West for State Rep. signs in LD 11 – cutting a hugh “donut hole” to take away all the wording on his signs.
    The same thing happened just before the primary election – with 30 destroyed (and he still won the primary).
    I am offering a $500 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the sign maniac going after Eric West signs.

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