Under pressure, State Bar decides not to add sexual orientation language

We broke the story here first, and now Arizona’s News Platoon is reporting the Bar is backing off. Thanks to those of you who contacted the State Bar and protested. Other than one newspaper article which came out a few days after the controversy surfaced, this was a protest effort completely organized by the blogs and new media. According to Arizona News Platoon, the AZ Supreme Court instructed the State Bar not to add the language. This was a wise decision. Limiting the free speech rights of Arizona’s attorneys in the name of political correctness would have been challenged and overthrown by the courts – and the cost of such a silly decision would be unfairly borne by Arizona’s attorneys.


  1. Arizona Attorney says

    Sources at the bar tell me that this is the kind of stuff Bar President Ed Novak has been pulling for years. He’s a far left criminal defense attorney who worked for Terry Goddard and is always trying to insert far left radical requirements and agenda into the bar. He should move back to Massachusetts or wherever he came from, I’m sure their bar associations are already full of that kind of crap. WE don’t want it here in Arizona.

  2. Well, we have this language in other states (where I am a member of the Bar). If Arizona chooses to be backward, fine. People will take their business elsewhere.

    The Cactus State is indeed a legal backwater despite giving the nation Justice O’Connor.

  3. And conservatives never seem concerned with the first amendment when it’s gay people’s free speech that is being abridged by right-wing legislators:

  4. Jim Kaucher says

    Thanks for covering this issue. Although I knew there was a movement afoot to tinker with the oath, I did not know about the specific language until you broke the story. After I read your story, the proposed oath, and the eloquent letter protesting it, I joined the opposition.

    This was not the first, and will not be the last, attempt by the “activists” in the bar to pull us farther to the left. It did not work this time. But they will keep trying. That’s why we need to keep a close eye on the Bar’s leadership.

    -Jim Kaucher
    Member of the Bar
    1st Vice Chairman, Pima County Republican Party

  5. Richard,

    Which states have similar language? Have any links?

  6. Is Kris Mayes part of this?
    I saw her with a woman a few months back and she is gay. She is playing with fire if she thinks she can get away with hiding from her life. She is not honest and trustworthy and not a good republican!

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