Unanimous Resolution of Legislative District 11, Pima County Republican Party Opposing the Governor’s Expansion of Medicaid (AHCCCS)

Governor Jan Brewer demanded the Republican Party leadership from across Arizona, including County and LD Chairmen, support her expansion of Medicaid. She said that if she did not accept the Medicaid funds for Arizona, other states could claim those federal dollars and create jobs that otherwise would be created in Arizona. Therefore, Medicaid expansion is a necessity.

Necessity is not a fact but an interpretation. Brewer’s false assumption that necessity equates to socially accepted norms leads to “an ends justifies the means” reasoning. But even actual necessity does not justify violating ethical values.  Governor Brewer’s demand is nothing less than a violation of Republican values, and a blatant endorsement of Obamacare in exchange for a blundering acceptance of short-term federal dollars.

Whereas, The Voters of Arizona clearly expressed their will to reject implementation of ObamaCare when they voted to amend the Arizona Constitution via Proposition 106 in 2010;

Whereas, The “assessment” on hospitals is in reality just a tax – and worse yet a hidden tax – that will ultimately be passed on to all hospital patients in higher costs; and a tax increase requires super-majority approval in the legislature: labeling it as an “assessment” is a disingenuous attempt to skirt this voting requirement;

Whereas, No government entitlement program has ever effectively been scaled back, or eliminated, or held within its initial cost projections;

Whereas, The long term and evolving costs of the ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion will bankrupt Arizona just as surely as ObamaCare will bankrupt the United States;

Whereas, The US Supreme Court explicitly ruled that each State is free to reject implementation of the ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion and Insurance Exchanges, and these two programs are the cornerstones of the Affordable Care Act;

Whereas, Without implementation of these programs ObamaCare collapses as a practical functioning program; and, ergo, the fastest and most efficient means to end ObamaCare is simply for each State to refuse to do the Feds’ job for them and allow them to fail;

Whereas, Governor Brewer touts AHCCCS as the conservative model for Medicaid and encourages us to expand the program to show the other states how to do it right, we disagree and believe there is no such thing as a conservative model for expanding socialism;

And Whereas, Supporting the big government takeover of our health care system, even for a short-term gift of federal funds, does NOT reflect the values of the Republican Party or the interests of the taxpayers of Arizona;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, That We, the Precinct Committeemen and Precinct Committeewomen of Legislative District 11, Pima County Republican Party, unanimously affirm and declare our opposition to the Governor’s plan to expand Medicaid in support of ObamaCare.

                                                                                    Richard D. Brinkley,  Chairman, LD 11      


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