Uh, Meghan McCain, where have you been?

Meghan McCain has written an article complaining about Republicans’ lack of internet savvy. Not sure what she’s talking about, since an entire conservative internet revolution has been taking place over the past few months under the moniker #dontgo – move over, moveon.org.  Check out tcotreport.com for more info. Sadly, neither are mentioned in her article.


  1. Great point. I’m impressed with the ease and great insight from joining twitter. You’re right too about the #TCOT report as it’s useful.

  2. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing about the pseudo-Drudge style website that Conservatives seem to love that attracts that many young people. Thats primarily Meghan’s point – that conservatives aren’t using the internet in a way that attracts young people, not that we’re not using the internet at all. Its all very reactionary, and just not that appealing to people in their twenties. She has a good point.

  3. JB,

    Drudge is one of the most popular websites on the internet, even liberals read it, rated the 731 most popular website in the world by alexa.com. Are you trying to tell me that those are all old people visiting that website? I don’t think so. Old folks still haven’t taken to the internet like younger people have. You’re also predicting that Sonoran Alliance’s Political AZ site is going to be a flop with younger conservatives too?

  4. Don’t listen to Meghen, Chewie. Republicans are using the internets just fine. Don’t change a thing.

  5. The Republicans are actually more active on Twitter than Democrats, so perhaps McCain isn’t up on the latest developments.

  6. Yes, the Republicans are geniuses at using twitter.

  7. Never underestimate imperceptible sarcasm!

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