UFW on the March!

Compare this to the nearly 6,000 Arizonans who took the time out of their work day to drive down to the capitol, make their own signs and gather in opposition to the federal power grab…


  1. OK.

    How’s this for starters:

    The head of UFW gets to meet with the President to discuss their concerns.

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    And the un-president is more interested in the concerns of non-citizens than of taxpaying Americans.

  3. I know the Arizona Territory was technically part of the Confederacy, but these days farm workers earn wages, and thus pay taxes (payroll taxes, and if they make enough, income taxes).

  4. Um Klute– If you even wiggle an inch you’re gonna drop from that limb you’re on. What are you TALKING about?

    The protest is fine and maybe valid from their perspective. So why isn’t the tea party as valid?

    Frankly, the lack of coverage is HELPING solidify the movement so I’m good. Gonna make nachos now and watch the fit hit the shan.

  5. Exactly where did I say the Tea Parties weren’t valid, Rightwoman? I was there, and I was impressed by the turnout. I interviewed Michelle Dallacroce from Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, Jim Pinkerman from the John Birch Society, and others. I got a sense of where the protesters were coming from.

    I disagree with the point of view and saw a lot of hypocrisy, but it was a “valid” protest, just as the UFW protest was valid.

    And I don’t know what you’re talking about, “lack of coverage”. Every news agency in the Valley was there, as well as dozens of citizen journalists – as I said in the previous post, you’re upset they didn’t give you the Fox Nation treatment.

  6. Klute,

    Please tell me you don’t believe that Michelle Dallacroce and Jim Pinkerman represent the 5,998 other Arizonans who were at the Phoenix Tea Party.

  7. Bree,

    I don’t know. When Governor Rick Perry talks secession and Michelle Bachamann talks armed insurrection and Ron Paul says secession is as American as apple pie (and heck, here GOP Boomer Gal refers to him as “the un-president”)… Just sayin’.

    (oh, the movie – not where I got my stage name from)

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