UA’s Sandra Soto politicizes at commencement

If you think education is expensive, try indoctrination. This is Professor Sandra Soto opining on the evils of SB 1070.


Hat tip to Katie P. who I met today at the Flagstaff Republican Women’s luncheon. Katie just graduated from the UA with a degree in Journalism. In case she sounds familiar, she has been a weekly contributor to the John Justice Show on 104.1 The Truth in Tucson as UofA Katie. Katie now heads off to work for where we can all be confident that she will contribute to the conservative cause and agenda. Congratulations Katie!


  1. The video illustrates why I am running for our high school board and am recruiting other constitutional conservatives to run for school boards in Pinal County.

  2. Old video is old. This has been posted on every other blog for at least a week or more. SA….behind the times, as always.

  3. LD17: Interesting approach to try to downplay or completely dismiss the nuttiness of Sandra Soto, “Old video is old.” So what!? Soto still said it whether it was yesterday or last month. She’s still a lefty nutcase. I thought commencement speakers were supposed to inspire their audience to do great things–not use the platform to spew hate and lies.

  4. Indoctrination is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I love it most when it comes from the angry mouths of young conservatives who were, it appears, far to smart to be “brainwashed” while everyone else were too stupid and were.

    What a crock. You can agree or disagree with her opinions..or time, place and manner but the indoctrination part is hysterical…like most conservative thought.

  5. LD 17 is just like the majority of slugs in the District, a tired old hack begging for crumbs off country club RINO tables!

    Dollars to doughuts he/she is a Bittersmith supporter!

  6. Stupid kramajales? How on earth would you every be able to tell? Better rev up that one liberal gray cell to keep up with us conservatives.

  7. Well if there is no way to tell then how can some of you claim indoctrination? What a crock. Its just more hypocritical railing on what you don’t like.

  8. Indoctrination occurs every day on our elementary, high school and college campuses with tax payer dollars. Indoctrination is when one thought is taught with superiority over another or no other viewpoint at all. This is not hard to figure out…global warming, evolution, capitalism being evil and wrong. I have no idea how anyone living in this country today could not be aware of indoctrination. The worst part of indoctrination is that it must be done by adults who are completely aware of what they are doing to a group of eager children and young adults. It is the responsibility of those who are able to see both sides to inform those who can no longer see. Kramajales my friend you are apparently one of those. Just look around you…where are the people blaming Obama or Biden for “blowing up” oil wells? There will not be any. Intellectually honest people do not have to make up stories and “indoctrinate” others. Good luck with your delusions.

  9. If you want to see indoctrination look at the left come unhinged at Texas returning their textbooks to historical accuracy and undoing the “new history” fabricated by liberals. Good news is that that change should help here. Way to go Texas!

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