Two Men Trapped in One Candidate – Who is Mitt Romney?

Two Men Trapped in One Candidate  The “Bob Dole” of 2012…

Tonight the Faux News Network reported that he “did what he had to do” in order to be elected in a Blue State.   Does that mean he’ll do whatever he has to do in order to win the White House?  Isn’t that what we don’t like about Obama?  Seriously why have so many of Arizona’s political class endorsed him in the Primary so early?

Had a Democrat done this many flips and flops the GOP would be all over them like a ill-fitting suit.   What I’m reading and hearing is that the voters want a clear vision and a leader to move us forward, not more McBlandness.

Here’s my forecast:  Gingrich wins New Hampshire by +3% over Romney and Herman Cain takes Iowa.  That leaves Florida and South Carolina and the game changes.


  1. Poor Herman. Never thought he would be a candidate for Pres 13 years ago and let his ‘natural’ proclivities take over. Everyone knows they need to wait until AFTER they are elected to indulge. Iowa now goes to Bachman.

  2. True True Conservative American says

    And both True Conservative and Conservative American are the same Liberal Republican poser.

  3. V V – was your Cain wins Iowa prediction before or after the “what two consenting adults do is their business” comment by Cain’s attorney.

    Jeeez the Bimbo eruptions just don’t seem to go away.

    Does anyone else think Calista (#3) Gingrich looks a lot like Cindy McCain?

  4. Mike Triggs says

    Two words….”Family Values”

  5. It is true that Mitt Romney has not demonstrated the courage of his convictions. But all of the examples on this video are not the good examples. Creating an exchange in Massachusetts does not constitute support for Obama Care for example. Compulsory enrollment in health care coverage DOES constitute support for many of the principles of ObamaCare. The illegal immigrant example of his lawn care company getting nailed was weak. The pro-choice/pro-life examples are weak. This is a weak effort to describe a real problem. In fact, I think this probably helps Mitt because it is so weak.

  6. Mike Triggs says

    Jack,Jack,Jack – since when has weak arguments ever stopped people on Snoran Alliance?

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