Tuttle elected new Chairman of LD4 GOP

The long soap opera in LD4 appears to be over, as former LD4 Chairman Lyle Tuttle won election to a two-year term, once again as chairman of LD4.  Outgoing Chairman Bob Burges was also a candidate, but the race was won by a comfortable margin by Tuttle.

The Organizational Meeting went off without a hitch and the crowd of nearly 70 people seemed pleased at the pace and organization of the meeting itself.  Credit goes to MCRC Chairman Tom Husband and his crew for the job they did.

Self-declared Chairman Phil Corbell did not make an appearance, but several of Corbell’s “officers” did, and they participated in the process without objection.  There has been no public objection or rejection by Corbell of the evening’s results, so all appears to finally be quiet in LD4, at least until February, when they will meet to elect the rest of their officers.


  1. Politics101 says

    Looks like Lyle finally got what he really wanted. Next time take the direct approach, it takes less time and is more honest.

  2. 101, If you know Tuttle at all, you know he pulls no punches and is as honest and direct as it gets. Unsubtle Tuttle, I think the nickname is.

    I would really like to know Phil’s take on things. Another of Tuttle’s qualities is loyalty. He wouldn’t abandon Phil after agreeing Phil had a point in the first place. I assume whatever course Tuttle took had Phil’s agreement.

  3. Goodyear GOP says

    I’d agree with Lyle Tuttle being direct and not subtle. Not sure I’d agree on the honest part. He’s been known to play with the truth to achieve his desired outcomes. Although I’m sure he always felt the outcome justified the actions, there are a lot of folks who feel that a lie is a lie, no matter how “noble” the cause might be.

  4. Goodyear, I’m not buying it. You anonymously challenge Tuttle’s honesty. I’ve stood with Lyle through many struggles and have never seen him even bend the truth. Bring something forth if you have it or drop your accusations. We could really use another 100 Lyle Tuttle’s in this county.

  5. Honestly, Tuttle is a jerk, no common sense, there are times it’s better to keep your mouth shut then to say something and prove that you are stupid. 100 Lyle Tuttle’s in this county and it’s time to move.

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  7. Well, count me in as those who aren’t big Tuttle fans. He’s a good conservative, by and large, but its his tactics that seem to be at issue here. Ask folks who served on the EGC when he was chairman and they’ll largely support the complaints. Sometimes he lied. Its a big deal to some and not to others.

  8. no lyle for me says

    Lyle is a Liar, a joke and a jerk!

  9. You won’t be trying Lyle here. Obviously, he’s brought some cohesiveness to LD4 and was elected by the majority LD4 PCs. I would have voted for him too. And I would vote for him again for County Chair.

  10. Goodyear GOP says

    Whoever had won would have the same claim to the majority of PCs and to cohesiveness. Just claiming it doesn’t make it so. Lyle said a lot of ugly things about the outgoing Chairman and he burned a lot of bridges getting back to where he is. Will it be worth it? I guess time will tell. I’m sure it was worth it to Lyle.

  11. I listened to a radio talk show one evening and Lyle Tuttle was speaking about the Neo-Nazi PC, J.T. Ready, and his propaganda stunt at an MCRC meeting.

    Tuttle said that there was “NO PROOF” that J.T. Ready was the one who had passed out the Neo-Nazi pamphlets. Tuttle had the audacity to say this despite many people who pointed him out and several MCRC officials who saw him placing flyers on empty chairs and “asked” him to stop.

    Sounds like Tuttle is a snake oil salesman AND a good conservative. Which came first…the chicken or the egg?

  12. Goodyear: First of all, Lyle won the LD4 chairmanship handily — a landslide, in fact: 72 to 40. Also, I NEVER heard Lyle say anything about the former chairman that could be deemed “ugly” and that he would not say directly to Burges. Lyle was very gracious in his acceptance speech and praised Burges for his past work. So stop with the contentious statements and move on with getting LD4 back on track.

    Lyle is a straight shooter — honest, intelligent and a true conservative. Some folks in the Corbell camp ASKED Lyle to run for LD4 chair because they felt he would be a cohesive factor, he’s a leader, he knows how to run a meeting, and will encourage (with all LD4 PC’s help) people to run for office in order to get true conservatives in office. This is not something he sought. He was asked over and over again before he finally agreed to run — at the last minute. So before criticizing Lyle, why not give him a chance to mend the schism that exists in our district. Is that so much to ask?

    For those who so easily criticize people who put themselves out there and run for office — why didn’t you run.

    G.I.Jane: Follow your own advice. Your callous comment begs the question — who is the jerk here.

    EGC: What was the “lie” that Tuttle allegedly told? Explain — so Lyle has an opportunity to respond.

  13. Sherlock Homie says

    There is one difference between reading about this LD4 episode and the reading about the history of western Europe: the body count.

  14. Tuttle is OK, he is just stuck on stupid.

  15. Well that seems like an improved meeting from the last one – what a mess.

    LD4 Rs are lucky that they have the registration numbers… they come across as less organized compared to LD4 Dems

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