Tucson’s Planned Parenthood Breaking the Law!

The Honorary “Margaret Sanger” Planned Parenthood located in Tucson has been caught on film violating Arizona State Law by failing to report an incident of statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl by a 27-year-old male. An organization called Live Action Films caught the incident on tape and has revealed it to the world. Here is that video:


I have to applaud the individuals who captured this on tape. The Margaret Sanger clinic is one of the most brazen abortuaries in Arizona and it took tremendous courage to go into this den of vipers! Authorities should immediately shut down this clinic!

Just some quick stats. The video reveals that Planned Parenthood was charging $425 for both surgical and medical abortions. According to the last statistics available through the Arizona Department of Vital Statistics, there were 10,486 abortions performed in Arizona on Arizona residents. Of those 10,486 women, 142 were under the age of 15 and 576 were between the age of 15 and 17 for a total of 718 Arizona girls under the age of 18. A rough estimate of the revenue generated by the abortion industry here in Arizona comes to about $4.5 Million!

Here are the statistics as they were reported to the Arizona Department of Vital Statistics in 2007 (latest data):


  1. Exactly why are you surprised that they break the law? ALL laws are only meant to be adhered to by conservatives, Christians, the poor, the middle class and driver’s with licenses. All the rest are exempt, at least partially.

    And when did they last pay their taxes…FULLY? Anyone who turns in scofflaws to the IRS is up for a 15% finder’s fee.



  3. 10,486 in one year? Goodness gracious.

  4. …which equals about 30 a day.

  5. One final thought.

    The age catagory 20-24 is most troubling. I’m wondering how many U of A students visit this death mill every year. Makes me want to have my kids live at home when they go to college!!!

  6. Gotta say, “abortuary (ies)” is awesome new word. But “aborcentration camp” would set the bar for a whole new level of crazy.

  7. Howard Dean 1/20/13 says

    Eph, Did you request this be posted?

    If so, thanks!

  8. Dr. Nicholas Hagen says

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. After reviewing the state birth certificate records for several years I came to the conclusion that yearly there were a minimum of 30 girls under 15 who were impregnated by men over 21. Since the Maricopa County Attorney was not interested in pursuing these cases I tried in vain to get the state legislature to increase the penalities but to no avail. I used similar legislation recently passed by Massachusetts and California (no hotbeds of conservatism). One Republican State Senator who was opposed to the bill even remarked to me that 14 and 15 year old girls know what they are doing.

  9. This is an isolated incident, just like when a Catholic priest molests an alter boy.

    The truth of the matter is that an abortion clinic is still a legally allowable medical facility, not a death mill. While you may not agree with it, it’s still legal, and many have tried to change that, but to no avail.

    As an American I must ask you this, why is your opinion on the subject of abortion any stronger than mine?

  10. “Rowe”, the question to ask is, why is your ability to voice your opinion of abortion stronger than the life that was not allowed to even have a voice?

  11. James Davidson says


    An abortion clinic is a death mill, regardless of whether it is legal to kill the unborn baby.

    What else happens there? other than death of the unborn child?

  12. I am new to this. Will add to bookmarks for further viewing. TY

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